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Fierce Peshmerga Offensives in Shangal, Zumar Against IS

By Rudaw 3/8/2014
Peshmerga tanks heading for the frontlines. Photo:
Peshmerga tanks heading for the frontlines. Photo:

SHANGAL – Kurdish Peshmerga forces launched fierce offensives against the Islamic State (IS/ISIS) army in Shangal and Zumar in Nineveh province on Sunday, after the towns fell to the jihadi fighters in overnight fighting.

Intense battles were reported in Shangal where the Kurdish forces launched a four-pronged attack against the militants, with fears for the town’s majority Yezidi population who are considered infidels by the religious zealots.

Residents inside Shangal told Rudaw that two municipality employees were executed by the militants, who have taken several civilians hostage -- among them underage residents – with fears they will also be killed.

Scores of Peshmerga forces were rushed into battle, and more reinforcements were reported on the way, according to the Kurdistan Regional Government’s (KRG) defense ministry.

The fighting escalated as new advanced weapons arrived at Erbil airport on Sunday, with Peshmerga officials saying they were awaiting orders to change their defensive tactics and go on the offensive against the IS.

In an important development not verified by the KRG, the Syrian Kurdish Peoples Protection Units (YPG) said its forces have arrived at the site to aid the Kurdistan Region’s Peshmergas in their fight.

Fazil Mirani, a Zumar native and strongman of the Kurdistan Region’s dominant Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), was deployed to the area to coordinate the counterattacks on IS militants, who captured the strategic city of Mosul in a surprise attack in June.

Yezidi residents of the area held a meeting on Sunday – the third in two days – to organize a defense of their town, said Said Misto, a prominent local figure among the Yezidi community.

“Most of the youngsters here are ready to go to the frontline and take on ISIS,” Misto said.

Rudaw has learned that the neighboring areas around Shangal became frontlines against the IS, as the local population battled the militants during the night.

Eyewitnesses said that fierce clashes took place between local gunmen and the assaulting militant Islamists who eventually captured the area as the locals fled to the safety of surrounding mountains.

The Yezidis, who are Kurds by ethnicity, have long been a target of car bombs and attacks from militant groups because of their different religious beliefs.



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aNgrYbiRd | 3/8/2014
Shaman | 3/8/2014
The aim of the Kurdish Peshmerga shouldn't only be to defend its territories, but they should also aim to kill as many Muslims as possible. Anyone who believes in Allah or shouts Allahu Akbar or carries a Koran should be shot in the head. Our problem is with Islam, with the religion of violence and beheading. Islam is worse than ebola virus, than HIV. They should burn the Koran to cook their food. And Peshmergas who are killed in battle shouldn't be called Shahid, it is a dirty Islamic word.
Gerdi | 3/8/2014
I see some complain about the news, asking what kind of weapons we've received, where have IS attacked, where are forces are now etc, these things can not be revealed because it will give the enemy tactical advantage, yes the situation seems chaotic but people need to have more faith in our armed forces.
Schkak | 3/8/2014
May God bless the Kurds whereever they are.Let's call for one United Kurdish Army.Victory with the Kurds.
kurdkurdo | 3/8/2014
Fazil merani! great man

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I'm a retired member of the US military and totally support the Kurds in Northern Iraq. Hopefully the Kurds get it right this round. The Kurds need...
GrinOlsson | 10/16/2017 1:46:23 PM
I find it outrageous that the Kurds take a defensive stand "after" the attack, when at that moment should have engaged in a double pincer blitzkrieg...
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dfpokzdp | 10/16/2017 12:22:28 PM
PERISH all enemies of Kurds.
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Help the Ezidis | 10/16/2017 5:42:49 AM
The Americans are in Iraq to help the fighting against Daesh. They are not fighting against Kurdistan. Your spy and barbaric friend Qassem is...
Saeed | 10/16/2017 11:44:35 AM
You can not igonre the game's rules and expect no reaction from the other sides. Kurdistan got advantage of IS crisis in Iraq and OCCUPIED land. And...
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Noor Muhammed | 9/29/2017 9:24:08 PM
Kirkuk. Erbil, sulemaniyah, Mosel, dihook and others are part of Iraq in fact Kingdom of Iraq. You Iraqis Kurds and Arabs, plus turkuman be wise and...
SS | 10/16/2017 11:23:20 AM
I hope the Kurds make Kirkuk a Stalingrad for the invading Arabs who abandoned it without a fight to ISIS in 2014. Kurdistan was there long before...
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