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THE FIGHT FOR MOSUL: Live updates day 18

By Rudaw 3/11/2016



Number of IDPs in Khazir camp doubles overnight 

The number of displaced persons (IDPs) in Khazir camp has doubled overnight, the Iraqi minister for migration, Darbza Rasul, told reporters Thursday. 

"From the launch of the operation until yesterday, there were nearly 3,000 people in this camp, and today it is some 6,000 people," Rasul said.

He added that they are expecting some 100,000 people to flee from Mosul to Duhok and Erbil.







Saudi Arabia warns against ‘sectarian militia’ in Mosul offensive

Saudi Arabia is concerned about the use of “sectarian slogans” being used by some forces involved in the Mosul operation, believing that they are not good for peace and security in Mosul and the region.

The Saudi ambassador to the United Nations, Abdallah Al-Mouallimi, told reporters in New York that his country calls on the Iraqi government to limit the operation to Iraq’s official forces, reasserting that they do not want the involvement of the “sectarian militia.”

Saudi Arabia, a mainly Sunni country, has opposed the involvement of the Shiite militia, backed by Iran, a mainly Shiite country, in the liberation of the predominantly Sunni city of Mosul.






Daily progress report from Iraqi Joint Operations Command


Over the last four days, Iraqi forces liberated areas of Mosul, one sub-district, and 19 villages on several different fronts, according to the Iraqi Joint Operations Command’s daily summary statement for Thursday, published by the Iraqi War Media Cell.



On the Gwer Front, southeast of Mosul, Iraq’s 7th armoured division liberated the villages of Khuwaytilah, Shahrazad, Sayyid Aamad, al-Dhibaniyah, Jaraf, and Khurta on November 1st. 



The forces from this front continue their advance towards the Intisar neighbourhood of eastern Mosul, to the west of the liberated village of Khuwaytilah. 



On the Mosul Dam front, northwest of Mosul, the Iraqi 16th division liberated Najmuk, and Tall Yabis, about five kilometers to the southwest of Tel Kef. 



On the eastern edge of Mosul, Iraqi counterterrorism forces have fully cleared Gogjali and the Mosul TV building, and continue to advance to the left bank of the city.



On the Qayyara front, south of Mosul, the Nineveh Operations Command liberated the villages of Khafsan, Katba, and Munirah on Wednesday. 



The Iraqi federal police, south of Mosul, liberated the sub-district of al-Shura and the villages of Qahira, Kharar, Minkar, Bazzunah, Ayn Shahlub, Nazaza, Bu Ghalawin, and Albu Hamad. 



See the Rudaw map for details: 



See full screen


Map legend:



Dark green - under Peshmerga control


Light green - encircled/battling by Peshmerga


Red - under Iraqi control


Pink - encircled/battling by Iraqi forces


Yellow - under Hashd al-Shaabi control


Orange - encircled/battling by Hashd al-Shaabi






Inside Mosul today

Rudaw obtained video footage shot inside Mosul today.




Rudaw reporter: Iraqi Migration Ministry begins distributing humanitarian assistance to Gogjali displaced persons.


-Sporadic gunfire heard inside Gogjali 



US presidential envoy against ISIS Brett McGurk says about Mosul offensive, "Ways to go but ahead of schedule."


Iraqi forces liberate more Mosul villages


Iraqi forces on Thursday liberated the villages of Sayyid Ahmadm al-Dhibaniyah and al-Khurtah on Mosul’s southwestern front, the Iraqi Army’s Nineveh Operations command said.


The Shiite Hashd al-Shaabi meanwhile continues its advance in the west of Mosul towards the Turkmen town of Tal Afar. 


It claimed it has cut highway between Tal Afar and Mosul, and as the result it has cut all the supply lines between both places. 


This comes as the militia has announced the liberation of Tall Zalat, “after a three hour fight” with ISIS west of Mosul. Other villages it claimed it has liberated are Al Masayyid, Ayn al-Jahsh al-Gharbi, and TallShihab in the same front. 



See latest on the Rudaw Live Map:


See full screen


Map legend:


Dark green - under Peshmerga control


Light green - encircled/battling by Peshmerga


Red - under Iraqi control


Pink - encircled/battling by Iraqi forces


Yellow - under Hashd al-Shaabi control


Dark orange - encircled/battling by Hashd al-Shaabi




The Shiite-led Hashd al-Shaabi militia says its forces are 15 kilometers from Tal Afar, a Turkmen town that Turkey has warned the militia to stay clear of.




Rudaw reporter: Iraqi forces  clearing bombs and booby traps in Mosul’s Gogjali 


-Clashes ongoing between Iraqi army and ISIS at end limits of Gogjali


- Iraqi army has so far made no advance into Mosul’s al-Karama neighborhood


- Iraqi forces have liberated Khurta village in southwestern Mosul




Iraqi Army ready to control Mosul’s entire left bank, move on new neighborhood 


Iraqi forces hope to control the entire left bank of Mosul in a few days, an official from Iraq’s Golden Force told Rudaw. 


“Starting today, we will be gearing up to advance into Mosul. God willing, in a few days we will control the entire left side of the city,” said Brig. Maan Zaed Ibrahim, a commander of the Golden Force.


He added that advances were slow yesterday because their forces had to clear routes of bombs, inspect houses for booby traps and ensure there were no hiding ISIS militants lying in ambush in Mosul’s Gogjali neighborhood that is now under Iraqi Army control.


The Iraqi forces are now at the edge of Mosul’s al-Karama neighborhood, he said.





ISIS leader urges Iraqis to defend Mosul


ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi on Thursday called on residents in the city to fight the incoming Iraqi forces. 


“Holding your ground with honour is a thousand times easier than retreating in shame,” said a voice purported to be that of Baghdadi, in an audio recording released by ISIS. 


“Do not retreat, this total war and the great jihad only increased our firm belief, God willing, and our conviction that this is all a prelude to victory,” it added. 


The voice called on the people across Nineveh to fight against what it called the “enemies of God.” 




A bird's eye view of Hamdaniya, a village 25 km southeast of Mosul, after liberation 


eibu | 5/11/2016
These terrorists do not deserve any mercy but those captured should be tried.Leaders like Al-Baghdadi should be hanged.

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Jiyan | 8/19/2018 4:49:15 AM
This story should have stayed secret until the ISIS and his gang were behind bars. Now they will go into hiding. Congratulations Rudaw.
Kurdistan | 8/19/2018 7:49:19 AM
Its such a shame that so many Yezedi girls had been abducted, raped or killed and they are not safe in Europe as well, many years after they were...
Yezidi girls will leave Germany if ISIS stalkers walk free, survivor warns Merkel
| yesterday at 07:27 | (7)
hansipansi | 8/18/2018 12:37:36 PM
Big mistake. Turkish regime is fasicst one that wants to oppress anywhere they occupy. The US should now better!
KRG failed | 8/19/2018 4:25:52 AM
What trump said he do it he will leave iraq and syria this or next year. Just those who did not used the time and oppurtunity to build a self...
US, Turkish forces will start joint training for Manbij ‘very soon’
| 17/8/2018 | (4)
Hama | 8/18/2018 6:40:59 PM
I understand why some kurdish parties would question PUK and accuse them of fraud based on results in Selemanai. But why accuse KDP? KDP's results...
KRG | 8/19/2018 2:56:59 AM
KDP always begs to Bagdad but claims other parties are working for Iraq. This is the strategy of all dictatorships calling all opposition traitors...
KDP to visit Kurdish parties for unified agenda ahead of Baghdad talks
| yesterday at 11:23 | (3)
What is PKK | 8/18/2018 9:44:08 PM
The PKK is the secret Turkish army tasked with the destruction of Kurdistan. The PKK calls on Turkey to occupy Kurdistan and kill Kurds everywhere....
walter | 8/19/2018 1:39:06 AM
"Wannabe empire" vs "shouldn't be" empire. When will they ever learn?
‘We will defy you’ Erdogan tells US amid tariffs dispute
| yesterday at 09:07 | (3)

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