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Iraqi forces attacked near where western Mosul civilians had been executed

By Rudaw 13/4/2017
MOSUL, Iraq — Iraqi security forces have faced a counter-attack for most of Thursday in central areas of western Mosul near the Bab al-Baid neighborhood, according to a Rudaw correspondent in Mosul, where people are believed to have been executed for fleeing.

Rudaw’s Sidad Lashkri reported from the Bab al-Baid neighborhood near the Mosque of Zaywani in western Mosul saying that heavy clashes have been underway since early in the morning as ISIS militants have launched a counter-attack against the advancing Iraqi troops.

Lashkri added that Iraqi forces have been intensely repelling the counterattack, killing 13 militants, including an emir of Saudi origin.

Bab al-Baid civilians had allegedly been executed as they were trying to flee the area. 

"On Sunday, April 2, Al Qayara hospital handed over 22 bodies, including women and children, who were evacuated by Iraqi Forces," the Iraqi Observatory for Human Rights’ (IOHR) stated Wathiq Al-Hamdani, the police chief of Nineveh province, had said in a phone conversation.

"Most of them appeared to have sustained severe impact, as they were killed by ISIS booby traps and improvised explosive devices, gunfire or mortar shells as they were trying to escape from areas under ISIS control in Bab Al-Toub, Raas Al-Jadah and Bab Al-Baid areas in the center of Mosul.”

Also on Thursday, Iraqi fighter jets have been shelling ISIS locations where militants are resisting and failing in their attempts to recapture any area lost to the Iraqi army. 

On Wednesday the spokesman for the US-led coalition to defeat ISIS said Iraqi security forces are continuing to make "incremental progress" in western Mosul.

"The Iraqi security forces do continue to advance. We knew it was going to be very difficult," US Air Force Col. John Dorrian said. "We have been saying for months that the enemy has had an opportunity to dig elaborate defenses..."

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What You Say

Stewee Guy
Stewee Guy | 4/21/2018 12:02:54 PM
Turkey is the #1 enemy of all Kurds not just in Turkey. Shame on every Islam brainwashed Kurd who vote for Erdogan.
Jamal | 4/21/2018 3:17:10 PM
Turkey didnt killed any civillians during clashes with PKK....It was PKK used civillians as live shields and cannon powders...All Kurds were witness...
Turkey jails Kurdish teacher with baby on terror charge
| 22 hours ago | (2)
Dutchman | 4/21/2018 1:08:25 PM
The current Iraqi people cannot be held responsible for Saddam Husseins wars. They suffered the most from these wars. The guilty counrty should pay,...
Iraq resumes Gulf War reparation payments to Kuwait
| 23 hours ago | (1)
trinity | 4/20/2018 8:19:14 PM
since those f16s cant land in nomansland the irakies cant surrender and run away.
Real Kurd | 4/21/2018 11:56:06 AM
Am sure they stick the Iraqi flag to the plane, neither the plane or the pilot is Iraqi, it belongs to US or UK forces there or may be Saudis! Iraq...
Iraqi war planes strike ISIS positions in Syria
| 19/4/2018 | (3)
Muraz Adzhoev | 4/21/2018 11:29:15 AM
What do Kurdistan, the Kurdish people and the Kurdish nation mean to Ala Talabani and all the others who have committed treason-betrayal in Kirkuk,...
Sully | 4/21/2018 11:30:33 AM
dispicable xain tffff!!!
Ex-head of PUK in Baghdad running for re-election on Arab list
| 20 hours ago | (3)

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