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KRG official suggests tri-state solution for post-ISIS Iraq

By Rudaw 16/6/2016
Masrour Barzani, the head of the Kurdistan Regional Government's (KRG) Security Council. AFP photo.
Masrour Barzani, the head of the Kurdistan Regional Government's (KRG) Security Council. AFP photo.
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region - Iraq should be divided into three parts after the Islamic State (ISIS) militants are driven out of the country, said the head of the Kurdistan Regional Government's (KRG) Security Council in an interview.
Masrour Barzani, who is also the son of KRG President Masoud Barzani, told Reuters during an interview that the lack of trust between Shias, Sunnis and Kurds is so very big that in order to bring back stability and peace to Iraq, the three parts must split or coexist in a confederation system.  
"Federation hasn't worked, so it has to be either confederation or full separation," Barzani said. "If we have three confederated states, we will have equal three capitals, so one is not above the other."
Not only has violence in Iraq increased since the emergence of ISIS, the country has also been witnessing years of political deadlock, sectarian violence and high levels of corruption.
"What we are offering is a solution," Barzani said. "This doesn't mean they live under one roof but they can be good neighbors. Once they feel comfortable that they have a bright and secure future, they can start cooperating with each other."
His father, Masoud Barzani, has also stressed in the past years the rights of individual nations, noting that people have to be consulted whether they want to live within existing borders or separate.

"No resolution can be imposed and any new resolution now has to be made through referendum," which is a gesture of democracy, the president has said.
President Barzani has also declared that a referendum on the matter of an independent Kurdistan will happen before the American presidential election in November.


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Muraz Adzhoev | 16/6/2016
First full separation must be carried out and agreements concluded on demarkation of sovereign national borders of new independent states. Then the proposed issue on establishment of a federative economic, political and military union could become the subject that is to be approved during general referendums in new states. The issue on confederative union should not be considered by any side as a precondition for full separation and demarkation of sovereign borders. Only new sovereign states will be capable to discuss and approve independently self-determined decisions on establishment of a confederative union based on principles of peacefull co-existence, true partnership and stable co-operation. The referendum on independence and territorial reintegration of Southern Kurdistan must conducted as soon as possible this year without any hesitation, and the national willingness of the self-determined sovereign People implemented decisively whiteout any unreasonable and unjustified delay. Do not wait for arab-sunnies and arab-shiites. Decisions on their future and destiny are up to them only. The Kurdish people and all ethnocultural communities of Southern Kurdistan have nothing to do with them. 40 million Kurds all over the World have been waiting to see at last new sovereign, democratic, secular independent Kurdistan in order to hopefully provide appropriate and peaceful political and legal implementation of the Kurdish natiinal rights and freedoms in other parts of Greater Kurdistan.
nm | 16/6/2016
If you leave they won't take you back, you think you can run your own country but you'll see hehehe
K | 16/6/2016
Separation is the only answer and the sooner is the better. However a massive number of huge tasks in the way that needs to be resolved in preparation for separation and forming statehood. Here are a small number but highly important tasks. All political parties to unite ant put their weights behind the movement. Unify the Kurdish Peshmerga forces that fight for the new born state than protection particular party and ideology. Ensure all Kurdish historical borders are protected and no compromise with any group for ruling or governing an area or town. Win the heart and soul of the nation and win their trust by free democratic election. Sadly, none of those aforementioned are in place and so far I have only hear words and I am not sure if all that will be achieved in such a short time, i.e. before November. But I certainly hope that it will happen tomorrow. I haven't got much life left and I would love to live in that dream state of Kurdistan even for one hour.
Sluth | 17/6/2016
Is there any possibility of setting the ground work for a sustainable economic confederation? An economic confederation if independant states could of course include Rojava's various structures. For discussion ....
Eco warrior Brit | 20/6/2016
That is quite precisely the model that should be adopted for the future of Iraq after Daesh is beaten once and for all, then men. An independent and united Kurdistan in the north, a Shia Persian region to the southeast, and Sunnistan (Anbar to Syria) to the west, where as neighbours, they can govern themselves without any Western or Russian interferences, and they can work together, side by side, to bring about a new era of peace, stability, prosperity and grand unity in the Middle East for the foreseeable future, then folks. Baghdad could become the new central administrative centre of the Persian and Sunnistan regions, whilst Erbil is, of course, the capital of Kurdistan. Shia and Sunni unity sessions could be held in the two Arab areas, so they can be united in their common status as fellow Muslims, and they can both become proud neighbours and diplomatic partners of Kurdistan with trade and everything else that brings about peace etc. And of course, dismantle the spineless Sykes picot border and bring back the greater historic Assyrian region from the foundations of the Abrahamic faiths, which Sunnistan can be a part of alongside the Rojava region and other post-Assad Syrians. But of course, since this is democracy, it should be the Kurds and other areas that should decide their own futures without anyone making it up for them like the Sykes picot agreement. This is just my opinion too, but I feel that this KRG official has got it right in terms of a truly bright future for the Middle East, that fully-fledged Kurdistan and restoring greater Syria and Persia from the past is the really best solution for this crisis in the region, and will be the best way to stop Daesh and the other khawarijs from rising up again, as unity etc is what will beat them from ever terrorising us again, and all that stuff, then men. My final map for the future Middle East to cap things off, then folks: Syria (Damascus, Alawites, Rojava and Sunnistan), Persia (Iran, Shiitestan, Baghdad), Turkey, Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, and of course, dear old Kurdistan (Iraq, Turkey, Syria and Iran). I am indeed confident that this is how they will vote this time, and we shall truly replace chaos with peace through this Kurdish led diplomatic strategy of a future peace effort in the Middle East, for the forseeable future, anyway, then folks. Thanks a lot, then guys. Cheers too, then men. Please. Amen. From a Christian who sympathises with the peaceful Muslims.

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The Observer | 3/25/2017 7:30:25 AM
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Luigi.Palermo | 3/24/2017 6:13:40 PM
The Kurds have no say whatsoever on Turkish politics, as whoever may rule Turkey would suppress the Kurds and would deny their existence.The Kurds...
Kandil | 3/25/2017 6:31:35 AM
Nothing good can come out of Erdogan, Kurds should be careful not to be jaash!!!
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