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Yezidi Fighter: We Must Stay and Defend our Lands

Qasim Shesho: ‘I truly believe if you have 500 warriors with sufficient weaponry you can recapture every bit of Shingal in 48 hours.’ Photo: Rudaw
Qasim Shesho: ‘I truly believe if you have 500 warriors with sufficient weaponry you can recapture every bit of Shingal in 48 hours.’ Photo: Rudaw

By Obed Rashavayi

NEAR MOUNT SHINGAL - Qasim Shesho, a veteran Yezidi fighter who together with 2,000 other combatants is defending Yezidi towns and villages from the Islamic State (IS/formerly ISIS) armies, firmly believe his community should stay put and defend their lands.

“Those who urge Yezidis to leave for Europe have no integrity or conviction. We ask these people (who have left) to come and defend their land and return to Shingal,” he told Rudaw in an interview. ”I have German citizenship and could leave today, but it would be a disgrace to abandon my land,” he added.

 “At the start we were around 500 fighters,” he explained. “Now I could say that we are more than 2,000 fighters, scattered over a number of places around Shingal.”

Shesho said that IS gunmen have stayed away from areas in Bork and Doholla, and that the Dugre locality was recaptured in a joint operation with Kurdish Peshmerga forces and guerrilla fighters of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).

Forces from the PKK in Turkey and its affiliate in Syria, the Peoples Protection Units (YPG), are currently positioned on Mount Shingal. But Shesho said he has no information how long those forces plan to stay.  He said the area remain “very much in the hands of Peshmerga and people.”

He called on all Kurds to come together and liberate Shingal.

“That’s the real issue. For your information, as we speak, 300 families are in the Shingal Mountains who have sworn to stay there to the last breath,” he said.

Shesho added that his group of fighters has been attacked six times by IS militants.

He said his men had better weapons, thanks to two arms deliveries by the Peshmerga, who provided heavy weapons to ward away the Islamic fighters from the mountain and Yezidi holy places, such as the shine of Sharafaddin, a 13th century saint.

According to Shesho, the capture of Shingal by the IS and the devastation brought upon the Yezidi community there was “a plot.”

“The (Kurdish) military and intelligence forces here in the area failed to do their job well,” he said, adding that military commanders who were in charge of defending the area “should be hanged.”

In his assessment, the tragedy of the Yezidis in the Shingal area will end soon.

“I truly believe if you have 500 warriors with sufficient weaponry you can recapture every bit of Shingal in 48 hours,” he said.

Iraq’s Yezidis and Christians have been the two communities most persecuted by IS militants, who have declared their own Islamic State since capturing Mosul in June.

Tens of thousands of Yezidis remained trapped on Mount Shingal after they were driven from their homes by the IS armies, who regard the non-Muslim Yezidis as “unbelievers.”

In the end it was the plight of the Yezidis fleeing Islamic IS and dying in their dozens of hunger and thirst on the arid Shingal mountain that galvanized the international support behind the Peshmerga forces.

The US started military strikes against IS positions earlier this month, after news of the unfolding tragedy on the mountain resounded around the world.


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independence coming soon | 21/8/2014
Fight on brothers. Those running away should be tried in court.
Kurd u Kurdistan | 21/8/2014
I completely agreement with Qasim. All Kurds should go fight the dirty Isis Arabs. And Kurds should all move to their original religion which is Yezidism and Zoroadism. We Thank USA , Europe for their support to Kurds. Long live all the Kurds, USA, Europe and Israël.
Hersh | 21/8/2014
The disgraceful commanders in charge of those are arrested, it's good to hear that our Ezidi brothers have taken up arm to join the fight, it seems this disaster have brought something good with it as well, it has ignited the Kurdish spirit amongst our Ezidi brothers, Her Biji Qasim Shesho and all other Ezidi Peshmerga!
Anas brwari.Chicago.US | 21/8/2014
Kurdish Yazidis should not leave their land all .kurdish nation must give a full support to their Yazidis brother. organized them and encourage them to back to shingal's mountain and start from their ,whom will defeat Is terrorist gang and declear city of Shangal have to be by shangal's son and dughter.
JustMe | 21/8/2014
I agree...your land and your heritage are always worth fighting for no matter where one is in the world. I support you and will be praying for the Yezidis and my fellow Christians to defend their beloved homelands.

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waveshaper | 10/16/2017 1:29:33 PM
I'm a retired member of the US military and totally support the Kurds in Northern Iraq. Hopefully the Kurds get it right this round. The Kurds need...
GrinOlsson | 10/16/2017 1:46:23 PM
I find it outrageous that the Kurds take a defensive stand "after" the attack, when at that moment should have engaged in a double pincer blitzkrieg...
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Hazhir Teimourian | 10/16/2017 11:56:05 AM
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dfpokzdp | 10/16/2017 12:22:28 PM
PERISH all enemies of Kurds.
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Help the Ezidis | 10/16/2017 5:42:49 AM
The Americans are in Iraq to help the fighting against Daesh. They are not fighting against Kurdistan. Your spy and barbaric friend Qassem is...
Saeed | 10/16/2017 11:44:35 AM
You can not igonre the game's rules and expect no reaction from the other sides. Kurdistan got advantage of IS crisis in Iraq and OCCUPIED land. And...
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Noor Muhammed | 9/29/2017 9:24:08 PM
Kirkuk. Erbil, sulemaniyah, Mosel, dihook and others are part of Iraq in fact Kingdom of Iraq. You Iraqis Kurds and Arabs, plus turkuman be wise and...
SS | 10/16/2017 11:23:20 AM
I hope the Kurds make Kirkuk a Stalingrad for the invading Arabs who abandoned it without a fight to ISIS in 2014. Kurdistan was there long before...
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