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Peshmerga murdered execution style in latest ISIS video

By RÛDAW 23/3/2015
A photo from the video released by ISIS.
A photo from the video released by ISIS.
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region - A Peshmerga soldier dressed in a yellow jumpsuit was murdered execution-style with a shot to the back of the head, in an ISIS video posted online Monday, just days after a similar posting before Newroz showed three captive Kurdish soldiers beheaded by the militants.

The 24-minute video -- entirely in Kurdish -- showed the Peshmerga soldier sitting cross-legged on dirt ground in a forest,  in front of a gunman with a pistol and a dozen black-clad riflemen around. 

"I am from the town of Bamarni in Duhok province,” the Kurdish soldier said, expressionless and steely in the face of death. “Now I am in the hands of the Islamic State (ISIS),” he added, before going on to attack Kurdish authorities with words and phrases often found in ISIS propaganda.

“Many people have misunderstood the Islamic State,” he added. “Until now, no one has come forth for a hostage exchange. The Islamic State urged the KRG for an exchange but they never answered,” he said.

“You all know what is the punishment of anyone who fights the Islamic State, it is death,” declared a young, unmasked gunman with a pistol before shooting the Kurdish soldier from behind.

On Thursday, just before the Newroz feast that Kurds celebrate as their New Year, another ISIS video showed three Peshmerga beheaded by the militants.

That shocking video, again showing Kurdish-speaking ISIS members, prompted Barham Salih, former prime minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), to declare last  Saturday's annual Newroz celebration as "Newroz of defiance."


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Danish | 23/3/2015
ISIL is the synonime for cowardish loser.
Kurdistan is greater than your pedophile prophet! | 23/3/2015
Traitor muslims jash kurds love this. RIP you brave kurdish hero! Shame on you muslim traitor jashes, shame shame! And fuck your pedophile for a prophet!
Long Live Peshmerga | 23/3/2015
Our peshmerga are our proud.Peshmerga will exterminate our enemies.Long live peshmerga.Long live Kurds and Kurdishness in a free Kurdish State.
John Robert Smith | 23/3/2015
Were they speaking Kurmanji or Sorani?
Ralph | 23/3/2015
Kurdish mothers, daughters, grandfathers, aunts, uncles are dying. Kurds are on the front line against a terrorist army who has very much so declared war on the United States and instead of giving us weapons to defend yourselves, what does America give the Kurds? A tap on the back and a "good job". Listen Kurds, you can't be gullible. America is not a saint. Just because America has enemies, it doesn't make it our enemies. Ask the Russians to arm you guys. Russia likes kurds because Kurds are not crazy.

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Artush | 2/14/2019 10:34:43 PM
Its really sad and pity to see the russian flag along side the pirate turkish flag and mullah flag.
Israeli | 2/15/2019 5:21:56 AM
What a picture 3 criminals , 3 killers together .
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