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Steal it or burn it: What ISIS left behind of Iraq's oil wells

By Ayub Nuri 25/11/2016

Muayad, 39 years old, who has been brought by the North Oil Company in Kirkuk to help put out this fire in an oil well in Qayyara, 60km south of Mosul.


Muayad says he has been working around Qayyara for 15 days and he has been doing this kind of job for 19 years now.


They have so far put out three burning oil wells in Qayyara. ISIS militants blew up the capped well when they were under attack from the Iraqi army and coalition jets in August. They hoped to escape air strikes under the cover of the black smoke.


Now the damage is immense. Tons of crude oil is burning every day and with it the ground, farms, homes and trees have turned black and most likely dead for good.


Despite the hazardous job of dealing with fire and toxic smoke from dawn to dusk, Muayad says the fear of ISIS attacks at night is also another menace. When the night falls he and his teammates fear for their lives. Their living quarters are some tents with armed guards.


During his short breaks, Muayad and his friends walk away from the burning oil well and sit down for a smoke.


Mohamedzzz | 25/11/2016
Kurds should liquidate as much ISIS members as they can, otherwise they will escape and go back home to Turkey

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What You Say

Jiyan | 8/19/2018 4:49:15 AM
This story should have stayed secret until the ISIS and his gang were behind bars. Now they will go into hiding. Congratulations Rudaw.
Kurdistan | 8/19/2018 7:49:19 AM
Its such a shame that so many Yezedi girls had been abducted, raped or killed and they are not safe in Europe as well, many years after they were...
Yezidi girls will leave Germany if ISIS stalkers walk free, survivor warns Merkel
| yesterday at 07:27 | (7)
hansipansi | 8/18/2018 12:37:36 PM
Big mistake. Turkish regime is fasicst one that wants to oppress anywhere they occupy. The US should now better!
KRG failed | 8/19/2018 4:25:52 AM
What trump said he do it he will leave iraq and syria this or next year. Just those who did not used the time and oppurtunity to build a self...
US, Turkish forces will start joint training for Manbij ‘very soon’
| 17/8/2018 | (4)
Hama | 8/18/2018 6:40:59 PM
I understand why some kurdish parties would question PUK and accuse them of fraud based on results in Selemanai. But why accuse KDP? KDP's results...
KRG | 8/19/2018 2:56:59 AM
KDP always begs to Bagdad but claims other parties are working for Iraq. This is the strategy of all dictatorships calling all opposition traitors...
KDP to visit Kurdish parties for unified agenda ahead of Baghdad talks
| yesterday at 11:23 | (3)
What is PKK | 8/18/2018 9:44:08 PM
The PKK is the secret Turkish army tasked with the destruction of Kurdistan. The PKK calls on Turkey to occupy Kurdistan and kill Kurds everywhere....
walter | 8/19/2018 1:39:06 AM
"Wannabe empire" vs "shouldn't be" empire. When will they ever learn?
‘We will defy you’ Erdogan tells US amid tariffs dispute
| yesterday at 09:07 | (3)

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