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ISIS destroys Mosul museum, smashing ancient statues

By Rudaw 26/2/2015

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region—The Islamic State (ISIS) has demolished the Mosul museum and smashed its ancient items, according to a video released by the militant group Thursday.

A group of undisguised militants appear in the video smashing the museum’s histrorical artifacts dating back to 7th century BC.

“These statues are idols of the ancient people and they worshiped them against Allah,” says one militant in the opening of the video.

Mosul’s exiled governor Athil Nujaifi said that the objects destroyed by ISIS were replicas, but some were original and excavated in Mosul.

“Thankfully, the original objects of the Mosul museum were taken to Baghdad and replicas left in their place,” Nujaifi told Rudaw.

“But we noticed from the video that some original items were missing and that means ISIS must have smuggled them out,” he added.

In the video that it is believed to have been filmed last week, militants walk through the museum carrying sledgehammers and beating at the ancient statues and busts, saying, “Allah ordered us to eliminate these idols without worry even if they are worth millions of dollars,”

In some places the militants struggle with the heavy stonework, undented by their sledgehammers. They use electric drills to reduce them to pieces.

The video shows two militants joining hands in order to push the statues to the ground.

The Mosul museum was built in 1952 and it contained some of the oldest cultural, religious artifacts of the Chaldean and Assyrian civilizations who lived in Nineveh.

Since its takeover of Mosul last June, ISIS has destroyed many ancient Christian sites and religious shrines of both Shiite and Sunni faith.


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noor | 26/2/2015
Isis will crumble just like these ancient artefacts.
nishtiman | 26/2/2015
Even the Flinstones were more civilized than these idiots
Moslems are really really retarded. | 26/2/2015
Damn Mohammed and allah every day. Damn you bastards!
Khasraw Koyi | 26/2/2015
ISIS are uncivilized and inslaved-minded barbarians who are instinctively hateful and intolerant and who love nothing but violence and brutality. They are the biggest insult to Allah who is described in Quran to be the most compationate being and against injustice and brutality. Why ISIS recruits don't think about truth and reality before they fall victims to the fabricated lies of ISIS; and why they don't choose to prefer humanism versus barbarism. It is the duty of all the Muslim parents to teach their children the truth about ISIS and do whatever is possible to prevent them from being fooled by ISIS lies. Not doing so, they only betray their children and stop them from killing others and being killed themselves. The authorities of all the civilized nations must question such irresponsible parents and hold them responsble for the wrong choices of their young children who choose to join ISIS barbarians.
I can not believe this | 26/2/2015
What the hell is this? The west must revise their policy about religious education. Most of these brain-damaged jihadî goods are from the west. How do and did the west educate these monkeys? To jihadis: if your god asked you to get yourself f...ed, would you do that too? I'll tell you go and f..ed yourself your god has just told me so. I have taken a note of it in a notebook and he has revealed to me that I am the last profit. Don't you believe me, ask your god he will confirm it?? Ooo how are you going to contact him? Read your holly book, is it not in there? It is no. Hhhh then it needs updating. I am the new prophet and my book will come out soon endorsed by your gods circular argument. O also when Ibrahim broke them he made a rational argument about 3500 years ago what is your argument? Your good ordered the destruction? You are destroying human history you monkeys, my history, go and get yourself f..ed, God has just revealed it to me. Biji Kurdistana azad
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