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Raqqa pleads for assistance for ailing health system

By Hunar Ahmed 4/11/2018

RAQQA, Syria — Three years of ISIS occupation followed by a four-month fierce bombardment of Raqqa by the US-led international anti-ISIS coalition has left the local health system in shambles.


“We lost our home, furniture, and our money. The situation is too bad, the health is too bad, the water is bad, the medicine is bad too. It takes two days to see a doctor. When you see the doctor, there is no medicine,” said Fathiya Adoon, a local of Mosul.


There were 3 hospitals and 39 health stations in Raqqa before the conflict. Now, there is only one hospital and 9 stations.


“I work 2-4 days, then I’m idle for another 10 days. I was working for a man for the sake of my children, but finally he told me to leave,” said Adnan Khalid, who has two children and was waiting in front of a hospital for his third.


1,500 babies are born in Raqqa every month.


Some non-governmental organizations are active in the city, but they aren’t able to fill the humanitarian gap.


“The aid given by the NGOs is inadequate. The aid did nothing for the people. You know the country is ruined and the city as well. According to all measures, the health care system is too bad and the aid provided is inadequate,” said SB Ali Badri, a local health official.


Rebuilding Raqqa and its infrastructure has been the task of the Raqqa Civil Council; although, they lack resources. As part of the council, the Raqa Reconstruction Committee is busy repairing basic infrastructure like power and water.



Security is provided by the Raqqa Military Council that is supported by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the coalition. 


“The situation is not good and we don’t have basic services. There is no health system here,” said Omer Ali, a local.


It has been 13 months since the city was liberated from ISIS. The Syrian regime maintains no presence and the international coalition has had limited success encouraging regional countries to contribute to the uncertain city’s coffers.


“You should have money. We’ve done a surgery today. It cost 150,000 Syrian pounds ($291). If someone doesn’t have this amount, where will he get it? Where will he go? What will he do?” posited Ali.


“The government hospitals have been closed. If someone has a patient, he’ll die in front of his eyes and he can do nothing,” he added.


thurgood bardico | 4/11/2018
Totally sad to see so much suffering
Hansi Oemerian | 4/11/2018
It is all Turkey's as well as Russia's fault. Not only they pressure Trump to not send monetary aid[Trump canceled 400million$ aid] but also Turkey put a blockade on the entire Democratic Federation of Northern Syria. So the federation is operating on a very little budget under intense political and economic pressure.
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Hhsh | 11/15/2018 7:23:15 AM
Wow great move turkey. NOT killing the PKK is one thing but targeting them and killing peshmerga even if by accident BIG MISTAKE!
Turkish airstrikes kill at least 3 people including Peshmerga in Amedi
| 17 hours ago | (1)
The Reader | 11/14/2018 10:34:54 PM
Who can explain why does the USA fear Erdogan? Turkey hates and humiliates the Americans while the US, fearful, bows to Turkey and behaves ...
Tahir Fatah | 11/15/2018 6:09:44 AM
Erdogan, Ottomanism and Turkish nationalism a century after WWI
| yesterday at 10:44 | (4)
Yassir Fekaiki
Yassir Fekaiki | 11/14/2018 3:37:53 PM
He should contact Bafel Talabany' and his Cunter Terrorists Group who own and use the real $500,000 ones for fun on London streets with Registration...
Saleha Bhayat | 11/15/2018 2:02:12 AM
Well Done on building your super car.
Kurdish chop shop builds homemade Lamborghini
| yesterday at 03:43 | (2)
JamKurd | 11/15/2018 12:43:11 AM
This Daesh SOB should be delivered to the Kurds to be executed with families of the Peshmarga martyred participate in tightening the noose around...
Senior ISIS leader confesses to capturing, parading Peshmerga
| yesterday at 07:14 | (1)

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