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SDF marching on Raqqa is mix of ethnicities, religions, genders

By Rudaw 7/11/2016
An infographic published by the Syrian Democratic Forces.
An infographic published by the Syrian Democratic Forces.
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – The coalition of brigades taking part in the Syrian Democratic Forces’ (SDF) ‘Wrath of Euphrates’ operation to retake Raqqa from ISIS is a mix of ethnicities, religions, and genders. 

The SDF published a list of nine forces partaking in the military offensive to oust the extremist group from its de facto capital in Syria. Many of the brigades are from Raqqa.

The Raqqa Falcons Brigade is a Sunni Arab fighters’ brigade that are from Raqqa.

The Ahrar al-Raqqa Brigade is another Arab force from the area that was originally formed to fight against the Syrian regime during the Arab Spring. In March 2016 they joined the SDF.

The Liberation Brigade, Raqqa Martyrs Brigade and Tal Abyad Revolutionaries are three other Arab brigades that are taking part in the operation.

The two Kurdish forces, the People’s Defense Units (YPG) and the Women’s Defense Units (YPJ), which are considered the backbone of the SDF, will be key forces in retaking Raqqa as well.

The Hamam Turkmen Martyrs Brigade, whose fighters are from Raqqa, is joining the Arab and Kurdish forces. It takes its name from Hamam, a Turkmen village north of Raqqa, close to the border with Turkey.

Though the majority of Raqqa’s population is Muslim, the city has a long Christian history and members of the city’s Christian community, both men and women, have joined the military offensive. 
“As Syriac-Assyrian Christians we work with our Kurdish and Arab allies in the Syrian Democratic Forces to liberate Raqqa,” the Syriac Military Council and Bethnahrin Women Protection Forces said in a statement on Monday.  

“The fight against terrorism is the fight for existence of our Syriac–Assyrian people and we cannot rest until this fight is won,” the statement continues.
“At the same moment this war against ISIS is a war for all civilization against utter evil. We ask therefore the international community to support us and all Syrian Democratic Forces. Together we fight for freedom and dignity of all peoples.”

“We men and women who protect the oldest Christian community on earth ask the global Christian community to stand up for us and give us political, practical and moral support,” the statement added.

A female SDF commander said on Sunday that the goal of the operation was to evict ISIS from Raqqa.  Eighty percent of the 30,000-strong force is made up of locals from Raqqa, the commanders said. 

“We in the general command of the Syrian Democratic Forces give you the good news of the launch of our big military offensive to liberate the city of Raqqa and its suburbs from the clutches of the terror forces of the dark world, represented by Daesh [ISIS] which made the city the capital of its self-styled caliphate,” a female commander of the SDF said in a televised statement announcing the launch of the offensive on Sunday.


WhatIsTheSizeOfYPG | 8/11/2016
So, let's do a basic math. 80% of SDF forces attacking Raqqa, which is about 30.000, is non-Kurdish. Previously, it was also said that 80% of entire SDF is Kurdish. That means, again roughly speaking, 120.000 Kurdish forces in SDF?? YPG has 120.000 soldiers????
The answer | 8/11/2016
If you want to find out that how many fighters are Ypg,, it would be much better and easy way to look at Kurdish population. Because all of us are ypg,pêshmerge and hpg.
Peter hoping roshakethe new world/old world order | 9/11/2016
fxxk you turkey SDF will be the backbone of a western kurdistan federal region that reaches to the sea Trump i think will back that
master4life | 12/11/2016
@WhatIsTheSizeOfYPG YPG/YPJ itself is around 30.000~ units. But there are also other unit parts like, Asahys(Police), HXC(CIvilan Battalion), HAT(Anti-Terror forces), and many other connections. So around 50.000 units are possible to mobolize very quick, but as we have seen in kobane, if rojava in threat there is a higher chance that the numbers can increase very quick.

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K H | 1/17/2019 3:34:52 AM
How can the USA say they will protect the Kurds when, under Obama, they signed an agreement with Turkey which allowed Turkey to go on the offensive...
Gulen Turk | 1/17/2019 5:11:12 AM
they should politely ask Turkey to stop helping ISIS ...
Masrour Barzani discusses protection of Syrian Kurds with US general
| 22 hours ago | (4)
Outsider | 1/16/2019 10:22:15 PM
The best is.... UN forces to control and administer the area... insuring the rights of all ethnic groups and political views (not just YPG/PYD)......
Russian | 1/17/2019 5:08:48 AM
This guy is a perfect picture of hypocrisy , he is full of dishonesty , he is a product of a bankrupt country ....
Assad must take control of northern Syria: Russian FM
| yesterday at 01:05 | (6)
pre-Boomer Marine brat | 1/17/2019 1:24:10 AM
Trump, Pence and their political company are making the mistake of thinking of ISIS as a political-military organization which sees itself as...
Tracy | 1/17/2019 5:04:55 AM
If you want to destroy ISIS ..destroy Turkey first , Turkey is keeping ISIS alive ...God bless the USA
US stays committed to ‘destruction’ of terrorism: Pentagon
| 17 hours ago | (3)
UK | 1/17/2019 5:01:18 AM
Why ISIS is still alive ? Turkey is their main supporter ....
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| 18 hours ago | (1)

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