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Rojava official says world has double standards

By Rudaw 17/4/2018
Aldar Khalil, co-president of the ruling coalition in Rojava (TEV-DEM). Photo: PYD
Aldar Khalil, co-president of the ruling coalition in Rojava (TEV-DEM). Photo: PYD

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — A senior Kurdish official from Rojava accused the world of having double standards as is evident by their response to Turkey’s military takeover of Afrin and the Skripal case. 

"In Afrin also chemical weapons were used, but everyone remained silent. But when an agent from Britain was poisoned by Russia, 20 countries cut their diplomatic relations with Russia instantly. This behavior shows us double standards,” Aldar Khalil, co-president of the ruling coalition in Rojava (TEV-DEM), told Firat News Agency (ANF).
Turkey launched its Operation Olive Branch on January 20, framing it as a counter-terror offensive against the Kurdish YPG forces that controlled Afrin. Ankara considers the YPG and the political party PYD branches of the PKK, a named terror organization. The Kurdish groups deny the charge. 

After two months of military operations, Turkey and its allied Syrian militias announced they were in full control of the canton. 

More than 137,000 civilians remain displaced from Afrin. 

The global response to the military offensive was tepid – most countries said they understood Turkey’s security concerns but urged Ankara to limit its operation, protect civilians, and not detract from the war against ISIS. 
"When the invasion attacks against Afrin began, international institutions, especially the United Nations, remained silent in the face of the behavior of Russia and Turkey and did not have a stance. It became clear to everyone that it has become a symbolic institution,” Khalil said.
It is widely believed by Rojava officials that Russia gave Turkey the green light to use Syrian airspace freely in its attack on Afrin.
"Unfortunately, those speaking about human rights and international law see the tragedy of Afrin without making a move. Our resistance will push them to open their eyes and we will make them hear our voices,” said Khalil.
Khalil said that through their diplomatic efforts, many representatives of social groups and countries have expressed their disapproval of Turkey’s operation in Afrin, "but unfortunately the deals at the expense of Afrin were far from these words."
Khalil vowed that their resistance will continue and will change the political equations on the ground in Afrin.
The YPG launched a guerrilla-style campaign against Turkish forces and Syria militias in Afrin, accusing them of an “occupation.” Ankara has repeatedly denied that occupation is a goal. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said they will hand the canton over to its real owners.


Guest | 17/4/2018
It's not that the world has double standards but about relationships and expectations between nations who are linked together in a lot of different ways. Those nations who expelled Russian ambassadors from their countries after Russia used a nerve agent in an assassination attempt are linked together by more than just their social beliefs but also economically, militarily, and a whole host of other ways that have evolved over a long period of time. Most of those nations are European nations, members of NATO, as well as internationally recognized nations, which, Rojava hasn't declared itself as a sovereign nation separate from Syria. Rojava does have a lot going for it though in terms of international recognition. It does have support from some of the most influential nations in the world. What Afrin did not have going for it was that it was supposedly being policed by the Russian military who ended up withdrawing and allowing it to be attacked by Turkey, a member of NATO. The international community recognizes that the Assad regime is not really a legitimate government representing the people of Syria. The only reason Assad continues to hold power is because of the support it receives from Russia, a major nuclear power with a seaport in Syria. A majority of the Syrian people will come together though at some point and elect a legitimate government under a system of law that is fair to all Syrians. At that point, the military backing Assad will abandon him along with the Russians who want to keep their seaport. But it will take the Syrian people coming together regardless of their different ethnic backgrounds, religions, or whatever and be unified as a people.
Outsider | 18/4/2018
(a) Mr Khalil is not a Senior Kurdish official...he is a senior PYD official...talking to a PKK news outlet...simultaneously claiming they have no links to PKK...this is a joke... (b) YPG lost in Afrin...there is no talking around this...hence learn from this experience and start genuinely negotiating with Turkey...separate from PKK...sent PKK leaders within the TEV-DEM back to will see how quickly Turkey will become your supporter...
Kurorsh Al Pe KE Ke | 23/4/2018
Rojava had already separated itself as a seperate nation from Syria, the PKK is only labeled a terrorist organization because they fight jihadist turkey whom in the past slaughtered the Armenians and promptly took an ass kocking from Dashnak forces. Biji Partiya Me Sersala Partiya Me. Terrorists will have no place to run from Kahremene guerilla tactics.

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