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Turkey Reacts to PYD Autonomy Plan in Syria

By Armando Cordoba 22/7/2013
Kurds in the city of Afrin gather to welcome Arab refugees from other parts of Syria. Photo: AFP
Kurds in the city of Afrin gather to welcome Arab refugees from other parts of Syria. Photo: AFP

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Turkey has placed its forces on the Syrian border on alert, following a call by the dominant Democratic Union Party (PYD) to declare an interim Kurdish state in Syria’s northern regions.

PYD officials announced their intention on Friday, claiming their main goal was “to set-up an independent council to run Kurdish regions.”

Salih Muslim, the head of the PYD, said in an interview with France 24, “This is not a call for a separation; it’s just that for a year now we have been on our own in our own territories and people have needs, they want some kind of administration to run their issues, they can’t be left like that.”

The plan was to establish autonomy on July 19 -- anniversary of the liberation of the first Kurdish city in Syria -- but the PYD has not yet announced whether it has been successful in completing the transition.

Turkey reacted to the announcement by beefing up troops on the Syrian border, and placing its forces on alert.

Ankara fears the move by the PYD -- an offshoot of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) -- could energize the militant PKK, which has been fighting for autonomy in Turkey since 1984 but is currently engaged in a landmark peace process.

The Turkish government believes “it has a parliamentary mandate to intervene in the Syrian territories if there is a serious risk,” according to a report by Shafaq News.

The Turkish military, which believes the PYD move is part of a much bigger plan for an independent Kurdish state, has vowed never to accept an autonomous Kurdish entity in Syria.

For the past year the PYD’s militia forces have clashed with the main opposition Free Syrian Army forces (FSA) and its offshoots, while denying repeated allegations of shady ties with the Damascus regime. The Kurds say they have so far remained neutral in the uprising against President Bashar al-Assad, which is in its third year and has claimed an estimated 100,000 lives.

The PYD has repeatedly expressed fears over the possibility of encroaching sectarian control from Sunni and Shiite factions, which have joined the fight and turned the Syrian civil war into what some have labeled as a holy crusade, or jihad.

Recently, the PYD seized and took control of Ras al-Ain, a Kurdish town in Syria on the Turkish border.

Nawak Khalil, a spokesman for the PYD, said in an interview with Reuters, “We fought hard to drive out the repressive regime and its army and we liberated the area from oppression.

“We will not allow either regime control or these Al-Qaeda linked groups. What is pushing them to fight is their antagonism against our autonomous rule in Kurdish areas,” he vowed.

The Syrian civil war has isolated the Syrian Kurds and caused a great humanitarian crisis in their areas, as major trade from Damascus and Turkey has slowed the shipment of food and commodities, causing prices for basic goods to skyrocket.


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PDK Kerkuk | 22/7/2013
Good to see that the YPG want to be the force of whole Rojava and not only of one party. Of course they are in real affiliated with the PYD, but still good to see that they call them as a force of the Supreme Kurdish Council. Rojava needs time, it must be freed completely from Baathists and Al Qaida scum and then the YPG can build a better structure where it is in real under the control of a new formed and elected government in Rojava. PYD should continue to declare their party as independent party and not affiliated with the PKK, because the PKK is blacklisted by the west, but not the PYD and as a independent party the PYD can have a relationship with the west, that will help Rojava to become recognized. Greetings to the Rojava uprising from a PDK member in Başûrê.
PDK Kerkuk | 22/7/2013
What I also wanted to say is, dont forget that Barzani and the KRG help Rojava very much. The Supreme Kurdish Council was formed because of Barzani, this Supreme Kurdish Council brought unity and stability to west Kurdistan. The situation is not 100% perfect, but compered to the rest of Syria, Rojava is very stable and have a strong force. The KRG also hosts over 150 thousand refugees and the number is increasing and the KRG also built 2 bridges to west Kurdistan to transport goods easier to Rojava to help the people. We Kurds must learn from our mistakes, now we need unity and no ideological fights.
hewa qaladzae | 23/7/2013
Its clear to the world that turkey would rather have al qaida on its boarders than a secular kurdish region, as we all know turkey laid the foundations for terrorist groups in syria, ignore turkey they've got it all wrong they are unhappy because kurdish forces kicked al qaida back into turkey where turkey has been training them provided them with all the necessary skills and weapons.
Rebaz Tahir Benjamin
Rebaz Tahir Benjamin | 23/7/2013
This is the best chance in recent history to gain true freedom. Rojava and Bashur must cooperate and join forces as soon as possible, to become stronger. PYD, PDK and PUK must leave all their interests behind at this very important stage and think about Kurdistan's best interests.
Riha | 23/7/2013
That is true, a Kurd from Rojava who recently came to Holland said the same thing to me. That Barzani was helping them alot and sending alot of goods to them.
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Argushi, USA | 10/19/2017 9:47:07 AM
Wow this young men has made history. this is why the world respect kurds. but unfortunately when when we need the world they are no where to be seen...
Atsiravla Ekroy | 10/19/2017 2:19:56 PM
At least he stands for something!
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