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‘No YPG forces’ in Syria safe zone with Turkey: US

By Rudaw 25/3/2019
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Washington is working with Turkey to establish a safe zone along the border of northern Syria which excludes the Syrian Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG), US Syria envoy James Jeffrey told a press briefing Monday. 

Commenting on the latest developments in the US-led coalition strategy in Syria following the defeat of the Islamic State group (ISIS) in Baghouz, northeast Syria on Saturday, the US special representative for Syria engagement said this is what US President Donald Trump had agreed with his Turkish counterpart. 

“In terms of the Kurds, what we are working with is with Turkey to have a safe zone of some length along the Turkish border where there would be no YPG forces because Turkey feels very nervous about the YPG and their ties to the PKK. We understand that President Trump has made that clear to President Erdogan,” Jeffrey said. 

“But we also do not want anyone mishandling our SDF partners, some of whom are Kurds, so therefore we are working for a solution that will meet everybody’s needs,” he added. 

Although the US will maintain a residual force in northeast Syria, Jeffrey said the role of the coalition is to ensure the lasting defeat of ISIS – not to operate safe zones.  

“We’re not really looking at a coalition to be peacekeepers or anything like that. We’re asking coalition personal to continue to contribute and to up their contribution to our de-ISIS operations in Syria, and we’re getting a pretty good response initially. But the mission is de-ISIS, defeat of ISIS, it’s not to operate in any safe zone,” he said.

SDF fighters take a selfie in the village of Baghouz, northeast Syria, March 24, 2019. Photo: Delil Souleiman / AFP 

The YPG makes up the backbone of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which led the ground war against ISIS across northern Syria. However, Ankara views the YPG as an offshoot of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), an armed group fighting for greater Kurdish political and cultural rights in Turkey. Both groups deny the link. 

Turkey has repeatedly threatened to invade Kurdish-held northeast Syria, expanding its 2018 ‘Olive Branch’ operation which saw Turkish forces and their Syrian proxies seize Afrin from the YPG. 

The presence of US-led coalition forces helped shield this fledgling autonomous administration from attack.

Now ISIS has been defeated in northeast Syria, SDF commanders fear the international coalition will withdraw, leaving them exposed to attack.

Jeffrey insisted the US mission in northeast Syria is not over, despite the ongoing drawdown. 

“This is not the end of the fight against ISIS. That will go on, but it will be a different kind of fight,” Jeffrey said.

“ISIS has lost much of its capability to project terrorist power and to have a recruiting base in an area that it controls. So it’s a very, very important development.”

“Our forces will stay on in very limited numbers in the northeast to continue our clearing operations and stability operations against ISIS for a period of time not to be determined at this point,” he added.

Jeffrey said the withdrawal began “right after the President announced it in December, first with priority on equipment but now beginning on forces being withdrawn.”

“We had to reinforce initially to bring in more combat power and now we’re going back down towards what the final number will be,” he added.

'We do not tolerate threats'

Redur Khalil, an SDF spokesperson, told Rudaw the SDF does not want another war in the region, but will resist if attacked.

“If the geography that is liberated with war and under our control is under threat, we will not remain silent. We will use channels to protect our rights and we do not tolerate threats posed to our nation in this geography,” Khalil said, speaking at a ceremony to mark the territorial defeat of ISIS on Saturday. 

“We paid with thousands of martyrs not for a fresh invasion of our territory or to allow their authority over us,” Khalil said.

“As the SDF, we will protect this land to the end.”

Updated 11.17 p.m.


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Dutchman | 25/3/2019
So this is what Trump agreed on with ER-dog. And this is why Mattis resigned. Trump is a stupid man. And ER-dog is stupid too. The YPG will just put on other uniforms near the Turkish border. Despite this stupid president the USA is still not like Russia. The USA will not betray Rojava like Russia betrayed Afrin.
Mannoo | 26/3/2019
Her biji SDF May God be with you and may you have the needed power against those that keep on trying to do bad to Kurdish Lands. In Erbil the Fake Kurds should care about Kirkuk and other areas that they lost for iranies and Iraquies. But they work for isis erdogan and hate their brothers and sisters from other Kurdish regions. For those in Erbil its not about Kurdistan and all Kurdish Lands its about themself and erdoisis hate. PKK must take the fault of everything and they just use the word PKK to fuck all Kurdistan and not to be united.
pre-Boomer Marine brat | 26/3/2019
Jeffries is living proof that one does not have to be female in order to be a whore ... He will say whatever it takes to save his boss' tush.
Sayjee | 26/3/2019
Lets not blame all turks for these comments, but the biggest threat to "safety" since the crusaders has been turkish and tatar mamluks.
Stop killing Kurds | 26/3/2019
America and the world used and abused the Kurds as sacrificial animals : 11000 Kurds killed, other 22000 wounded suffering without health care in the atrocious war against the I.S. They are being now abandoned in face of the Turkish invasion which aims to kill every Kurd and destroy their homes and occupy their land. It is about an internatilnally agreed Kurdish genocide. America is treasonous,dishonest and cruel with the Kurds.
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TheFuture911 | 3/19/2019 12:31:21 PM
The game getting more and more exciting between Syria regime and Russia! Will Russia help Kurds as they help them back in 1950!
money | 4/25/2019 3:18:34 PM
Give it time, when the US leaves the turds oops I mean kurds empty handed and lets Erdogan eliminate the traitors. Then we'll see who comes crawling...
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Muraz Adzhoev | 4/25/2019 1:56:22 PM
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Impex | 4/25/2019 4:11:46 AM
Imperial Persia with twelve thousand years of history can not be stopped by anyone
Baaz | 4/25/2019 12:39:06 PM
No one has understood ayatolah regime better than trump. He has placed a 200000 KG pillow on the mouth of regime and regime is about to be...
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Renas | 4/25/2019 9:24:53 AM
Not Sulaimani police, PUk police. I don't know very much about NG, but the corruption in Kurdistan is really absurd. It is a bit ridicilous when...
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