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Syrian Turkmen call on Turkey to expand military operations in Syria

By Rudaw 28/8/2016
Jarablus after the entry of Turkish forces.
Jarablus after the entry of Turkish forces.
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region - As Turkish military operations continue inside Syria, the Turkmen minority there is calling for an expansion of the offensive until northern Aleppo and Manbij are completely in control of the Turkish army and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) that it backs.

“We want the area to become completely stable and for civilians to return home. We want Jarablus and its surroundings cleared of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and we want stability to return to the region,” said Amir Bozoghlian, head of the Syrian Turkmen council.

Rudaw correspondent Shawkat Harki reported from Jarablus that about 300 Turkish Special Forces and 40 tanks passed through Jarablus, and that teams are working on defusing IEDs planted by the Islamic State (ISIS).

“Our demands are for a return to stability in the region and reconstruction of the area,” a member of the Syrian Turkmen council told Rudaw.

“We do not want the Syrian people to become refugees and drown in the seas,” said the statement, referring to the hordes of refugees from Syria and Iraq who have died trying to get to Europe in rickety boats. ”We want the area to be stable so that people stay on this land and do not go to Europe or to Turkey and other countries,” the council member told Rudaw.

He said the Turkmen minority feels threatened both by ISIS and the Syrian Kurdish People’s Defense Units (PYD).

“There are Turkmen in the mountain areas of Tel-abyad and Latakia, therefore we want the Turkish operation to be continued until the protection of all Turkmen rights,” another member said. “ISIS and PYD cannot establish a state in Syria as long as there is a Turkmen left.”

The Rudaw correspondent reported that from time to time the Turkish army is shelling the surroundings of Jarablus in order to block the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) from making advances toward the town.

The Syrian Turkmen council is part of the Syrian opposition and is backed by Turkey. It was established in 2012 under the name of the Syrian Turkmen Platform and has its  brigades.

The second Syrian Turkmen assembly took place in Ankara in 2013, which Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and former Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu had attended.


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Non kurd | 28/8/2016
Turkey co-opted Russia and USA in order to take control of northern Syria. Assad cant do anything except mope like the cowardly bitch that he is.HAHAHA
JOHN CLANCY | 28/8/2016
regnis | 28/8/2016
These Turkmen make me ferrous. I am myself a Muslim and after leaving Islam and afterwards studying it, i CHOOSE Islam and became a Muslim. When you talk to Turks by the majority they say they are Muslim, but their actions is showing that they are AGAINST Islam. Are Kurds ¨kafir(unbelievers)¨? I mean as far as i know they are about 90% Muslims, so how come Turks are killing Kurds who are also Muslim? I have tried to use Qur´an and ahadith to show them that what they are doing is oppression and is NOT permitted in Islam. But it is as if you are talking to a brick wall. To this day i have met ONLY 2 Turks that i seriously can call BROTHERS. They both hang out with not only Turks. Because of this, they have not been brainwashed and know that this whole ¨Turkish nationalism¨ thing divides people in the Middle East instead of uniting it. So if talking does not work, then by force is sadly the ONLY way out. Kurds in Bakur also need to wake up. Many STILL think Erdogan is their friend. He says PKK are ¨terrorists¨ and criminals. In the past they indeed have done bad things, but you cannot keep your attitude like that is kind of dumb if you ask me. Erdogan like many Turks say we hate PKK because they kill people and are communists. But just a few years ago, Erdogan himself said, we made a BIG mistake by not acting and because of this KRG (Kurdistan Regional Government) has become a fact. What has KRG to do with PKK? Or with communism? Or with killing of innocent people. This confirmed to me that it has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with PKK or killing of innocent people or communism. The only thing that Kurds in Bakur and Kurds in Bashur have in common, is that they BOTH are Kurds. So logically you can conclude it is just unbelievable hate against Kurds in general. They hate our guts and as long as they do not want to listen and ponder about what we say, then they are to me even a BIGGER enemy then any other warmonger on this earth. US now has abonded Kurds in Rojava. Russia also is looking the other way. Iran and Assad have also agreed with Turkey to go and kill Kurds in Rojava. Now slowly going to work with each other. This leaves one other option open. That is Saudi. They hate Iran so badly but if Turkey as we Kurds already KNOW, being hypocrites and opportunists without principles, go and create closer ties with Iran, should make Kurds go and be closer to each other. Saudi has a lot of weapons. Biggest arms importer since 2014. So what will Saudi do, still listen to US? (Although US has also shown to them, they do not care about Saudi, with shale-oil and having talks with Iran). Will Saudi finally open their eyes and see that their NATURAL allies can ONLY be Kurds?
HATE TURKEY | 28/8/2016
kurdish natinalist | 28/8/2016
Deport all crminell trorrist people grupp Turkman from kurditan they are like cat and dogs and dont Exiet like Human blive me manye of this dogs turksman are with isis and should all of this people dogs turkman buren Alive I would with pleaure do it free like Hittler did agin Juws I would do sama agin this teorrist turkam people who have race of donky.

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Kurdo Bakur | 4/24/2019 5:24:25 PM
Thank you Germany. And I hope this will make other coalition countries to help the Syrian Kurdish forces to treat their wounded.
Germany inaugurates new Peshmerga Hospital in Erbil
| yesterday at 02:02 | (1)
Kurdo | 4/24/2019 12:13:16 PM
This regime is done and it was all a game to keep Iran and the region backwards. Islam and christianity is bad and do not belong in Iran or Kurdistan.
Hama | 4/24/2019 4:30:01 PM
What Trump is doing is clearly working. Iran is feeling the pressure big-time and it's only going to get worse. Even though the Ayatollah-regime...
Iran will only negotiate if US lifts pressure, apologizes: Rouhani
| yesterday at 12:50 | (2)
Hama | 4/24/2019 4:08:18 PM
What a disgusting people and system. Imagine blaming a widow and even children because of something you think they're father did. To deny a child...
Thousands of Iraqi families bear the burden of ISIS legacy
| 22 hours ago | (1)
Hama | 4/24/2019 3:41:57 PM
What a brave a woman. The things she and numerous other New Generation members are describing are beyond sickening. Ofcourse Shaswar Abdulwahid will...
John Bird | 4/24/2019 3:43:10 PM
The only scandalous thing here is the surprise that some people show. The guy is a shadowy businessman, established a media that no one knows how he...
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