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Pro-Kurdish HDP: ‘They Attacked to Lynch, Destroy and Kill Us’

By Uzay Bulut 7/3/2014
Crowds first tried to attack the building and stoned a bus transporting the party’s activists. Photo: Hurriyet Daily
Crowds first tried to attack the building and stoned a bus transporting the party’s activists. Photo: Hurriyet Daily

ANKARA, Turkey – Crowds of hundreds attacked members of the pro-Kurdish and leftist Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) on Tuesday, hurling rocks at the party building and a bus carrying co-chairperson Sebahat Tuncel.

The attack, at an opening ceremony for the HDP’s district headquarters in the central Anatolian province of Aksaray, followed for two days.

Crowds first tried to attack the building and stoned a bus transporting the party’s activists, as well as Tuncel. The next day, about 5,000 returned and attempted to storm the HDP building in Aksaray. At least 30 people were reportedly injured in the violence. 

“We went to our party building to hold an opening ceremony two days ago. But I was shocked to see hundreds of people gathering in front of our party building within an hour and starting to attack us with whatever they could find,” Muhittin Yilmaz, the head of the HDP’s Aksaray branch, told Rudaw.

“The next day, there were thousands of them. We got stuck inside our party building. And today, we did not go to our office for security reasons,” he said, expressing fear for the safety of party members, in a city where tensions continue.

“For two days the police have been waiting in the street where our party building is located. We have received information that bigger attacks against us can take place,” Yilmaz said.

“The aggressors are making calls on the Internet. They say that they will gather again and try to remove our signboard.  None of our members is safe in this city. Three university students who wanted to support us were beaten and injured yesterday,” he added.

Yilmaz said that their problems started when they first tried to rent a building for their branch office: “We made deals with 18 people to rent their offices. We paid our rents but a few days later they decided not to let us rent their offices.”

Similar attacks took place in the Kadikoy town of Istanbul and Urla, and the Dikili and Karsiyaka towns of Izmir last month.

HDP buildings and buses in those towns were reportedly attacked by Turkish nationalists brandishing stones, sticks and iron bars. The aggressors reportedly broke the windows of buses carrying HDP members and tried to lynch those inside.

HDP is an umbrella party for the pro-Kurdish Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) and aims to collecting all leftist groups under its wing.

Selahattin Isik, BDP representative of the Aegean Region and council member of BDP, told Rudaw that the HDP is attacked not because it is a leftist party, but because it is a pro-Kurdish party.

“I think that the lynching attempts in Urla were organized by the police. The aggressors cooperated with the police. Even the governor of the province confessed that implicitly,” he claimed.

“They shouted slogans such as ‘Dirty Kurds, go back to your hometowns’ and ‘Down with the Kurds.’  Isik said.

“They attacked us with sharp objects. These attacks aim at driving Kurds out of the Aegean region. It was a miracle that none of our friends lost their lives during the attacks, which lasted for two days,” he said.

“They attacked us to lynch, destroy and kill us.” 


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Qaraman | 7/3/2014
These are the so called "secular's" the world media portray as the victims of Erdogan the corrupt, these are the "democratic" alternative to the AKP in Turkey. The leaders of these "secular" party's don't miss an opportunity to repeat that Kurds have "equal" rights in Turkey, that Kurds "are welcome" to demand ANYTHING through democratic means, yet every single year they organize their followers to lynch Kurds or any party that defends Kurdish rights! What did HDP do exactly? did they take up arms? did they incite hatred or violence? did they demand the partition of Turkey? WHAT??? They tried to hold a legal political rally! Even the PKK hasn't shot a bullet in over a year! when will these barbarians change mentality and become civilized! and when will the West call a spade a spade?
Gerdi | 7/3/2014
Well at least it is official, PKK, separatism, terrorism etc has absolutely nothing to do with why Turks have this burning hate for Kurds. HDP didn't do anything than other political Turkish parties are doing, nor did they demand anything special, yet still they got lynched like always. I read this article on Hurriyet Daily and it was a white wash, no mention of the racial slur's by these Turks for instance, or that the HDP people were trapped for two days! or that this happens to Kurds every single year.
yek K. | 7/3/2014
this message itself is bad but it reveals that we kurds are on the right way. stay united kurds!
Polla | 7/3/2014
Why can all minorities live in peace in Kurdistan but Kurds are under attack every day in fascist terrorist states like in turkey. God will punish such barbarians.
Ahmad Bajalan
Ahmad Bajalan | 7/3/2014
Following nearly a hundred years of anti Kurdish educational, political and legal system in what survived of the Ottoman State renamed " Turkey" in 1920 es, nobody should be surprised. Perhaps if it shows anything, it is showing what a mind field the present government of Turkey is treading in its walk towards reconciliation with Kurdish nation in north Kurdistan. Let us hope that these are minority people reflecting their frustration with progress.
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