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US military: Turkish airstrikes too close to US training sites

By Yerevan Saeed 11/8/2015
Turkish warplane. Photo: AFP
Turkish warplane. Photo: AFP

WASHINGTON DC—The United States has sent a diplomatic note to Turkey, protesting that some Turkish airstrikes against the Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK) bases in the Kurdistan Region were too close to where US personnel are training Kurdish forces against the Islamic State.

“We had U.S. Special Forces not far from where the Turks were bombing, training Kurdish Peshmerga fighters,” Fox News quoted a US military source as saying on Monday.

Turkish warplanes launched an extensive air campaign against PKK bases in Kurdistan Region’s Qandil mountains last month, killing many guerrilla fighters and several civilians.

According to officials at the Combined Air and Space Operations Center, Ankara had given the coalition forces only a 10-minute notice before starting its bombing of the PKK across the border.

“We had no idea who the Turkish fighters were, their call signs, what frequencies they were using, their altitude or what they were squawking [to identify the jets on radar],” the US military source told Fox News.

Since the start of the airstrikes attacks against Turkey’s security forces have increased where on Monday four police officers and a soldier were killed by suspected Kurdish militants.

“We continue to advocate for a political process here between the PKK and Turkey,” said US State Department Spokesperson John Kirby. “And we’ve made it clear that our expectation is that Turkey is going to take the necessary steps to prevent any civilian casualties and to act in accordance with international humanitarian law.” 


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Jamal | 11/8/2015
A junk news by Fox TV. Not only US, also Turkish military officers training Peshmargas in that area too...meanwhile, Turkish airforce more sensitive than US airforce about civil casualties....US air and drone strikes killed thousands civilians in Pakistan and Syria during the campaigns againist Taliban and ISIS....
God bless Kurds God bless USA | 11/8/2015
Turkey wants to take only and only on Kurds and they love to kill as much Kurds as possible; not on the main enemy in region ISIS. This is the image what they have gave to the world. They are so racist toward their on kurdish minority in Turkey and beyond. They don't recognize the existence of Kurds at all; they think or they want to think "they are Turks not Kurds".
kurt basar | 11/8/2015
The Turkish republic under their present Muslim cult leaders is more dangerous than even the ISIL savage criminals, their president the Mr. Erdogan who is graduate of the zealot Muslim religion school and staunch supporter of the ISIL, al Nusra, Hamas, Muslim brotherhood inc, recently made a statement and provoke the Muslim nations against the west at the indonesia & he said "the Islam, Islam is our only concern". Today every nation of the civilized world know that Turkey is the main supporters of the ISIL savages with the Saudis and Qataris, but they are some unknown reason letting the Turks slaughters the Kurds, who are secular, pro West & USA and best fighters against the ISIL criminals. Sometimes you have to wonder, if they know what are they doing? I hope one of these days, they will understand that not the Kurd's but Turks are the problem as the masters of the ISIL criminals and by hosting all of those Muslim terrorists orgs.
A Message To America | 11/8/2015
The American administration ignores with whom it is dealing as Turkey is treacherous and inhuman.In first place the Americans should know that Turkey has extensively infiltrated into the PKK and it is manipulating and inducing it to commit some insignificant violent acts with the aim to provide Turkey with the necessary pretext to kill Kurds at will.The PKK is actually serving Turkey and not the Kurds. True the PKK has a fighting strength which is Kurdish,but due to the lack of democracy in the organization and the Turkish manipulation the PKK has become a complex and puzzling heterogeneous organization which is confusing every body nowadays.Explicitly PKK says it is not a Kurdish organization and it does say that it opposes the emerging of the Kurdish State.
zk | 11/8/2015
What is the US special ops forces doing with the PKK forces? What is the real goal and interest of the US in this region? Are the Kurds again being used as cheap labor to do the bidding for the West? KRG and HDP should stay miles away form the PKK and the YPG.

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A Kurd | 11/20/2018 3:17:30 AM
This is a complete lie and fabrication. It is a made up propaganda by the mullahs. There is NO, absolutely no sanctions on any type of drug or food;...
Tigran Hakopian | 11/20/2018 8:04:02 PM
See the comments of these so called opressed people: Hate and anger towards Iranian children, Iranian mothers and citizens of Iran. Poor Assyrians...
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SAVE THE KURDS | 11/20/2018 7:51:07 PM
President Trump has always recognized the bravery of the Kurds and he consistently describes them as his allies and has most recently said that he...
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FAUthman | 11/19/2018 5:03:25 AM
This is a very useful report by Rudaw with a lot of very important quotes here. T.U.
FAUthman | 11/20/2018 5:00:51 PM
A key quote from the US side: “That’s what we’re here to do and once we feel that’s complete ( ISIS defeat ) and our partners (SDF) are taken care...
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pre-Boomer Marine brat | 11/20/2018 3:58:49 PM
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