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Student in Turkey accused of terror propaganda for speaking Kurdish

By Rudaw 14/5/2016
Pinar Cetinkaya, 20, has been dismissed from her hostel at Adnan Menderes University for speaking in Kurdish
Pinar Cetinkaya, 20, has been dismissed from her hostel at Adnan Menderes University for speaking in Kurdish
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region - A Kurdish college student was kicked out of her hostel, lost her scholarship, and was questioned by the police on terrorism charges after being heard speaking in Kurdish on the phone. 

Twenty-year old Pinar Cetinkaya, a student at Adnan Menderes University in the Turkish city of Aydin, was speaking on the phone in Kurdish with her parents, who are from Hakkari province.

Three of her roommates overheard and filed a complaint against Cetinkaya with the hostel managers, accusing her of terror propaganda. 

"My parents don't speak in Turkish, therefore I spoke with them in Kurdish," Turkey’s Dogan Agency quoted Cetinkaya as saying.

Shortly after being dismissed from the hostel, Cetinkaya was arrested and questioned by Turkish police. 

Three days later, she tried to return to the dormitory to collect her belongings but was not allowed to enter and was accused of wearing an explosives vest. 

“How can we be sure that you are not a suicide bomber?” they asked her. 

Cetinkaya was angry for her dismissal from her accommodation. “My roommates in the dormitory were looking at me like I was a terrorist because I had to speak with my family in Kurdish.”

"They did everything to me, there is nothing left to say," she added.

Cetinkaya has also had her scholarship cut.

The Provincial Director of the dormitory has declined to comment on the matter, citing confidentiality. 

Cetinkaya's persecution for speaking in Kurdish comes in the same week President Recep Tayyip Erdogan claimed some universities in Turkey are hotbeds of terrorism.  

“Some universities have become separatist terrorist organization camps,” Erdogan said when receiving an honourary doctorate from Kocaeli University on Friday. “Do not tolerate these organizations using force.”


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Luis Garcia
Luis Garcia | 14/5/2016
If Turks are so intolerant towards Kurds and are scared of them for speaking Kurdish then they should leave kurdistan let the Kurds in turkey have there own state. Then they don't have to worry about Kurds anymore. It think that is common sense.
blend | 14/5/2016
Another Kurdish construction worker was stabbed in the neck in a public park for speaking Kurdish on the phone a couple if weeks ago. These cases are many and the ones who make it to the media are only tip of the iceberg. Turkish pundits and leaders keep repeating their lies about Kurds having 'the exact same rights' as Turks, how many Turks have been lynched for speaking in Turkish? Turkey is not a country for it's Kurdish citizens, never was and never will be.
Patience | 14/5/2016
Turks should distance themself from Kurds if they keep so much emphasis on this distinction as they are doing for 100 years.I mean whats wrong with them, let Kurds have "their" country in southeast. Then lovely students like her can go to Kurdish areas and escape stigmitization.
K | 14/5/2016
This matter must be taken to the Human Rights Court and bring those Turkish criminals headed by Erdogan to justice. As long as our Kurdish authorities and political parties are having ties with these criminal regimes, this kind of treatments in the hand of these terrorist states remains our daily routine. Getting our nation united and fighting our enemies in a full scale war is the only answer. We may lose many lives and lose many battles but at the end we will win the war
Linda | 14/5/2016
She's lucky they didn't kill her like that poor guy in Izmir, a foreigner can move there and talk his or her language without problem but millions of their own people can't, I'm starting to understand why the Kurds have taken up arms against such racism and fascism.
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Its really sad and pity to see the russian flag along side the pirate turkish flag and mullah flag.
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What a picture 3 criminals , 3 killers together .
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