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Abdullah Gul: We Made Mistakes Against the Kurds

By Deniz Serinci 19/3/2014
Turkish President Abdullah Gul. Photo: AFP
Turkish President Abdullah Gul. Photo: AFP

COPENHAGEN, Denmark – Speaking Kurdish and any expression of Kurdish culture was completely banned in Turkey until 1991. Now, Turkish President Abdullah Gul is distancing himself from his country’s past Kurdish policy.

"I'm brave enough to admit past mistakes," Gul told the Danish newspaper Politiken on Saturday.

In addition, the Turkish president predicts that, if the state gives the Kurds "democratic rights," there will be no reason for guerrillas of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) to "fight anymore".

"The Kurdish question is about the democratic level. If you raise it, then the problems will fix themselves. If you take away all the reasons to fight, it is clear that the people will be with you," he told Politiken.

In the interview, Gul stressed the "very good relations with" the Iraqi Kurds.

"The Kurds are our relatives and they are not much different from us. We have no allergy to the Kurds. Today, the Kurdish region is developed by Turkish experts and engineers. If you go there, you will be impressed by how active Turks in Erbil and Sulaimani and other Kurdish areas of Iraq are."

Many journalists, especially from the pro-Kurdish media, have been arrested in Turkey. The Turkish president admits problems with the press, while stressing that the press must be “free.”

“Everyone in this country is free to write and publish, criticize or write their opinions freely. Even those with the toughest positions can freely publish and express their opinions."

Recently, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatened to ban Facebook and YouTube, something that Gul had rejected.

"It is technically impossible, and it is completely excluded. You cannot take a decision to shut down Facebook, YouTube or other channels," he told Politiken.

According to Daniella Kuzmanovic, associate professor and Turkey expert at University of Copenhagen, Gul’s statements represent a break with Turkey's official position, held until the 1990s, that the Kurdish problem was not caused by democratic problems, but socio-economic factors.

"Before, Turkish politicians used to say that the problem would be solved by improving the economy. Now, Gul is emphasizing that the Kurdish issue is solved with more democracy,” she told Rudaw.

According to Sardar Sharif, a  PhD researcher in international relations at the University of Dohuk, Gul's statements must be understood in light of the forthcoming local elections in Turkey on March 30.

“Kurdish areas are on AKP (the ruling Justice and Development Party) focus, and Gul’s political statement at this time appears more as a political maneuver to capture Kurdish voters. Another issue is that AKP also now uses its political relations with the Kurdistan Region of Iraq in these elections, which is quite understandable,” he said.

In Turkey, the presidency is largely a ceremonial office. Yet, Gul’s statements are important, according to Kuzmanovic and Sharif.

"When Gul admits making mistakes against the Kurds, it is important because the head of state is of great importance to Turkey's international image. It is politically courageous and shows that you take a step forward to do better," Sharif said.

Kuzmanovic said that Gul has often disagreed with Prime Minister Erdogan, for example on banning social media. Turkish media have been speculating over Gul's political ambitions, with some suggesting he could become prime minister, as he was briefly in 2002.

"Gul’s opinions are important. The president of Turkey can veto a law and send them back to parliament for further work. And then, Gul is co-founder of the ruling Justice and Development Party, and is likely a political challenge to Prime Minister Erdogan." 


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sourr123 | 19/3/2014
Firstly Kurds are nothing like Turks, we Kurds don't kill people just because they speak different language or have different cultures. It's about time these Turks admit to their mistakes and compensate the Kurdish people in Turkey. Soon or later we will take north kurdistan back.
Riha | 19/3/2014
Democratic rights is not enough mister. Of course he says this only so Kurds vote for AKP. Autonomy and later independence is what we will achieve with the guidance from God Inshaallah.
Simko | 19/3/2014
He is absolutely right as he points to the key question by stating that: "If the Turkish state gives the Kurds their democratic rights then there will be no reason for the PKK to fight anymore".He says further:"The Kurdish question is about the democratic level.If you raise it,then the problems will fix themselves".Then he recognizes that the Turkish state has commited mistakes by denying the Kurds their rights and for lack of democracy.All this is true, and all we agree,but why this dilatory attitude from the Turkish side.Why do they do not give full democracy and solve this one century long bloody war,these atrocities and tragedy?.Surely this and other similar statements by Turkish leaders are motivated by the upcomming electios and they need the Kurdish vote,nevertheless we have to acknoledge that these declarations may herald a breakthrough.We look forwards to seeing good words are followed by good actions.The Kurdish issue must be handled with democracy which implies new laws and definitly a proper Kurdish status.
Galnas Herki | 19/3/2014
I am very excited what will happen after this. Being backstabbed from the flank again, like in the latest history or they finally realized its too hard to mess with people from all over Kurdistan. I hope for them it is the second.
Kurdem | 19/3/2014
First of all Kurds and Turks are definitely not relatives, we are not the same. Ethnically and culturally we are as different and distinct as can be. Gul is correct in that democratic rights is what the Kurds want, but its too little too late. This recent change of heart has not come about by the Turks good graces. Thousands of Kurds have shed their blood and sacrificed and it is only due this fact that Turkey has tired and slightly rethought its failed forceful approach. If Kurds had been given this kind freedom and rights from the get go there would be no issue. What gains Kurds have made have been through our own struggle, we have demanded, carved it out and taking it one piece at a time. Freedom and democracy is not some gift Turkey can give away. We have come too far to buy in to more rhetoric from Turks, we have to keep fighting politically and never lay downs our arms militarily, because in the end that is what has gotten us this far and ultimately it is our only guarantee that others will play fair.
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some kid from massachusetts | 6/21/2017 11:31:23 PM
Americans simply don't know about the Kurdish independence struggle. We think of Kurds as "those non-Arab people with chicks that fight the...
PLINY THE KURD | 6/22/2017 6:21:03 AM
The usual rhetoric of support to the unity of the four states partionning the country of the Kurds is immoral,shere cynism and is of utmost...
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Mohamedzzz | 6/21/2017 10:48:30 AM
Decency expects from international community to support an independent Kurdistan to 40+ million Kurds without a country of their own.
Independence | 6/22/2017 3:08:05 AM
All chwar parchy Kurdistan are supporting referendum and Independence Only Aytollah and Goran are strongly opposed. Bejit Xanaqin.
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pre-Boomer Marine brat | 6/21/2017 9:24:45 PM
Of course ISIS blew it up. Their leader filled it with hot air. Get enough hot air in something and that's what happens.
Telh | 6/22/2017 2:07:54 AM
Great outcome. More fruit of Islam for the world to evaluate.
UPDATE: ISIS blows up mosque in Mosul where it declared its caliphate
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Zerdest | 6/3/2017 4:20:42 AM
Kurds were zoroastrians like persians. Zoroastrianism is older than yezidism (mixture of islam, christianity, babylonian, Iranian religions)
KurdsAreZoroastrian | 6/22/2017 1:09:31 AM
What a nonsense, yezidism is a mix religion of all religions, not pure aryan religion like zoroastrianism, which is way older than yezidism.
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