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Some Kurds angered at Turkish attacks on PKK, accuse US of betrayal

By Yerevan Saeed 30/7/2015
AFP photo
AFP photo

WASHINGTON DC - Kurds took to social media to express their frustrations at Turkish air strikes on its Kurdish opposition, with many accusing Washington of giving Ankara the green light for attacks in return for use of a strategic air base.

In online postings, Kurds accused US President Barack Obama of allow Turkey to bomb the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in return for use of the Incirlik airbase in Adana for the war against the Islamic State (ISIS) group.

Rudaw posted a question on its Facebook page on Tuesday, asking if there is a connection between the PKK bombardment that Turkey has carried out since Friday, and permission to the US to use Incirlik. The question generated nearly 200 responses from Kurds and Americans who believe Obama betrayed the Kurds, while the Americans apologized on behalf of their country to the Kurds.

Miran Ali Jaff wrote online that, “Absolutely, the US gave green light to Turkish regime in order to strike ISIS also PKK too.”

Haveen Taher posted: “For everyone, we Kurds have no friends!” Meanwhile, Kava Rostami urged Kurds to unite in the face of the challenges. “We all Kurds should know we don't have friends and this is the time we should all unite together and be one,” he wrote.

Following a phone conversation between the US president and his Turkish counterpart on Saturday, Turkey started striking PKK bases in the Kurdistan Region. The move raised the ire of Kurds, who see this as a Turkish attempt to  reverse Kurdish gains in the Middle East.

Aso Kurdman said the US had sold out the Kurds in Bakur, or Turkey Kurdistan and in Rojava, or Syrian Kurdistan, where the PKK-affiliate YPG has been fighting against the Islamic State (ISIS) group.

“Any fool knows the US sold out the Kurds in Bakur and Rojava, not in return for the airbases but for something else. Not only they attack the PKK, but Turkish army has already shelled YPG controlled villages in Rojava,” Kurdman said.

“Shame on Turkish government and US government coz pkk and other Kurdish army (are) the only troops on ground to against Isis,” posted Ako Sabir.

Some Americans offered apologies to Kurds, saying that the position of their government does not represent the position of the American people.

“Kurds, please know that the American people do not support this,” said Alex Mendez-Whitehurst, from Los Angeles, California.

Jamal Sala believes this is a miscalculation by the Obama administration, and that allowing Ankara to bomb the PKK could lead to a civil war.

“It will create a big civil war in Turkey and kill the peace process. The Turkish government wants to use these attacks on Kurds for an early election and form their government. Turkish action is a big help to ISIS and all jihadi groups in Rojava and Bashur Kurdistan, Turkish aggression is against all Kurds not just PKK,” said Sala.

Another American respondent viewed Washington’s step as an appeasement policy toward Turks.

“The Obama team has been failing in Iraq, and will continue to fail as long as it humors Turkey's claims to be the USA's reliable ally,” said Ted Carr, adding that US has turned a blind eye to Turkish support for ISIS.

“The allegations against Turkey of secretly assisting ISIL have been ignored by the Obama administration, which is a mistake. The USA would be wiser to demand better proofs of reliable friendship than mere words, and demand actions that make it perfectly clear that Turkey does not covertly assist ISIL,” said Carr.

Khaled Silevani said that the international community has stabbed Kurds in back because Kurdish forces have been fighting ISIS on behalf of the world.

“PKK is defending the humanity with their lives, Kurds have paid a lot and this is how the world thank us,” Silevani wrote.

The PKK has been among the most effective Kurdish forces against ISIS. They have pushed back the militants in Iraq and Syria.  The PKK’s Syrian affiliate, the People’s Protection Units (YPG), continues to defeat ISIS in Rojava.

US officials have hailed the YPG and the Kurdistan Region’s Peshmerga forces as the most effective fighting forces on the ground against ISIS.


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Rafi | 30/7/2015
Rudaw, not only did obama betray us, but the KRG needs to stop working with Turkey. Shame on the KRG. Kurds, blow that oil pipeline up to cut supply. Focus on Rojava. Attach her to Northern Iraq and build a pipeline running from Kirkuk through Rojava all the way to the mediterranean sea. Cmon kurds, don't be scared. Stop listening to America. We have a large enough sample to determine America is a laughing stock when it comes to Middle East and especially towards the Kurds. Kurds, claim independence. Isn't this our end game here? This is how nations are built. I want our kids to read about this in the kurdish classroom in history class: It was the 4 year war...a terrorist army invaded our land...they killed many of our people...we Kurds stood up, United, and formed a strong powerful country with many allies and a civilized society called Kurdistan. THIS IS A MESSAGE TO THE LEADERS OF KURDISTAN: GET YOUR HEADS OUT OF YOUR BEHIND AND HELP YOUR PEOPLE!!! STOP THIS FOOLISHNESS. KURDISH BLOOD IS KURDISH BLOOD. I DON'T CARE WHAT TYPE OF KURD YOU ARE. YOUR MY BROTHER BECAUSE WE ARE ONE KURD!
Remo K
Remo K | 30/7/2015
Finally, Caliph Baghdadi's prayers have been answered. A new front has been opened up against the Kurds. Game theory suggests that Kurds should consolidate their gains, go into defensive mode and let the Turks shed some blood and tears whilst fighting the IS. Unless US acts as a fair broker, there should be no more cooperation.
Kalhorboy | 30/7/2015
Unite Kurds! Unite
George Ihlefeldt | 30/7/2015
Since airstrikes without ground troops are useless, this can't be the last word on US policy towards the Kurds (stabbing Kurdistan in the back so the Turks will let them use the airbases). Maybe the deal is to get to use the airbases by helping Erdogan through the next election cycle...
kurt basar | 30/7/2015
Simple Geopolitic, USA hadn't sold the Kurds but as a NATO alliance they need Turkey more than ever, who has Nato's second largest army for incoming war against the Russians. Americans & Europeans aren't happy about Russian aggression toward the Ukraine, Georgia as well as Baltic states, because of that they would like to see strong Turkey at the southern borders of the Russia. But what NATO alliance don't understand is? Turkey without kurds would be burden for them not the asset and Turkey isn't going to fight for them, because zealot Arab/ Muslim Mr. Erdogan & his cult already flirting with the Russia as well as China. If USA truly would like to have a friend at the Middle East other than Israel, they must help & create an independent sovereign Kurdistan with located the USA airbases , which will be strategically located for the Middle East as well as central Asia and I hope they have enough vision for to do that. But time will tell us, because time is most wisest by discovering everything.

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Hama | 4/18/2019 3:36:48 PM
Let's not talk about this. Let's talk about Fortnite corrupting our youth instead. This is the mentality of brain-dead parliamentarians in Iraq...
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Hama | 4/18/2019 1:00:22 PM
Shia savages torturing sunnis into false confessions. Nothing new and this is just the tip of the iceberg. This is why Kurdish groups and authorities...
pre-Boomer Marine brat | 4/18/2019 1:02:53 PM
Where was HRW when ISIS was burning people to death?
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Kurd | 4/18/2019 5:28:55 AM
Another episode of enemies of Kurdis unting against them, but Kurds seem to never united in the face of the multitude of enemies.
TakeACue | 4/18/2019 12:49:07 PM
What is so wrong about neighboring countries visiting and collaborating? It is stupid to assume that just cause some other power wants them to be at...
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kop | 4/17/2019 10:12:31 PM
as an Iranian Kurd, I should tell more Iraqis distance themselves from iran, the better. Iran is a poor bully. and only interested in Iraqi USD...
Jay | 4/18/2019 10:55:39 AM
What is it with Abdul, just visiting rogue states and dictators, what happened to other Iraqi friends!
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