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Lagal Ranj

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Lagal Ranj 15112018

The key figure of the show is the Presenter, Ranj, who invites key newsmaking figures and talks to
them about the issue of the week. It is a current affairs programme that sheds light on the issue of the
week and manages to be a news-making show through getting the newsmakers to say something new in
the show.
Guests can also come from all walks of life. Ranj could interview celebrities, politicians, authors and
entertainers, business leaders, scientists and philosophers.
The show will be publicized on digital first and teased for in radio and TV.
It would be first aired on TV with a live stream to radio and digital.
After the first hour on TV (ie. 48 minutes) the show continues on radio and on digital. The format is as
On TV: The main discussion is between the presenter and the guest(s). with the presenter baring in
mind that the show is also aired on Radio and on digital. The presenter should occasionally mention that the show is on all three platforms and refer to contributions from the audience in the digital
platform. The key task here is for the presenter to conclude the show with the guests by the end of the
48 minutes.
On Radio: Once the 48 minutes are over, the presenter takes the audience to Radio and gets people's
feedback and questions on what was said in the show. The discussion would continue with the same
guests if the show is live or it would be the presenter and the public in a 24min call in show after the
main show. This would be filmed and the video feed would be available on the digital platform.
On Digital: the show will have a page on the digital portal and social media platforms for audience
interaction and contribution to the show. Ranj will manage the page and will contact the audience


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