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How can Kurdistan become a second Israel?

By Arif Qurbany 11/7/2018
Some regional countries hostile to the Kurdish question used the expression ‘the second Israel’ to define the Kurdistan Region after the referendum on Kurdistan’s independence was announced last year. In doing so, they wanted to manipulate public opinion, their policy makers, and to rally the Islamic world against the Kurds and their rightful cause.

The Arab and Islamic world view Israel as being non-believers and that is why those countries want to characterize the Kurdistan Region as the second Israel. This kind of characterization is specifically intended to draw anti-Israel forces against the Kurds. This shows the reality of a dangerous plot against the Kurdistan Region, and the Kurds should therefore look for a mechanism to protect themselves in order to survive.

In the past, countries occupying Kurdistan’s land have accused the supporters and leaders of Kurdish uprisings and revolutions of destabilizing the Middle East on the orders of Israel. Back then, they characterized only Kurdish leaders or a specific party or movement as allies of Israel. Now they characterize all Kurds as Jews and Kurdistan as Israel. 

But the Kurds have consistently dismissed all these accusations by reassuring the provocateurs that Kurdistan is distant from Israel in terms of connections, and Kurds have never acted on the equation that ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend.’

In order to dispel the doubts of these countries, the Kurds have at times even opposed Israel and shown compassion to Palestinians. But this has been in vain. Invaders have treated the Kurds worse than Israel treats Palestinians. But Kurds have never wondered what would happen if we were really friends with Israel. Would they treat us worse? Would we have been such an easy prey?

The problem is that even we the Kurds have seen Israel from an Arabic and Islamic standpoint: We are obligated to get along with invaders of the Kurdish land, but have not been allowed to deal with ‘invaders of the Arab land,’ as instigators put it.

The Kurds are currently characterized as allies of Israel without them being part of the Israeli agenda. But if the Kurds were really allies of Israel or part of the Israeli agenda, none of these countries would dare to oppress them to this extent, just as they don’t dare to do anything against Israel itself.

If that is the case, why would the Kurds not become friends with Israel? How could the Kurds become the second Israel?

It is the United States that has mainly enabled the State of Israel to stand on its feet and remain strong, despite the United States losing more than it has gained from this alliance with Israel. Israel’s oppression of Palestinians has been the source of Arab and Islamic antagonism toward the United States.

If the United States were to ally with the Kurds, only the four neighboring countries of Kurdistan would have opposed the United States (in the worst-case scenario). However, those countries are currently hostile to US interests in the region anyway.

If that was the case, the Kurds could do a lot more for the United States than what Israel has done. The Kurds could help the US even more in protecting its interests in the region.

Since the State of Israel was established, the United States has prioritized its protection. Because of this, tens of regional and world countries have turned against the United States and tens of Islamist and jihadist organizations have been founded to hurt United States interests.

The United States has had to bring its own forces to the region to protect is interests. Despite US support to Israel, the Israeli government didn’t provide direct support to the United States in the Gulf, Afghanistan and war on terrorism, under the pretext that doing so would further complicate the situation.

As an example of how Kurds can positively impact US policy and actions in the region, the Kurdistan Region cooperated extensively with the coalition in Operation Iraqi Freedom, whereas Turkey refused to allow the United States to use its territory in the Iraq war. Had Kurdish land not been used by the United States, the war would have been even tougher for the United States. Regional equations require for the Kurds and the United States to rethink strategic relations.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the position of Rudaw.


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The Kurdish Friend | 11/7/2018
An excelent conclusion based on the correct analysis of the realities on the ground, in striking contrast to erroneous American policies. Israel and the U.S administations should read this excellent column.
A Friend | 11/7/2018
Great opinion. Clear and concise reflection of the feelings of the majority of the Kurdish nation. The question i snot Why not to be Israel's friend as Israel has been the only true friend if the Kurdish people. Because the Kurdish people are the true friend of Israel and all the other freedom loving communities round the world. The question is how to get the rid of the weak disillusioned leaders and puppet political parties created or supported by your enemy who are obstructing such friendship with Israel flourish to full. The true Kurdish leader must realise that friendship with Israel is the only way for the Kurdish nation to survive. October 17 was the ultimate test for the Kurds to realise who is friend and who is foe.
RAFEH | 11/7/2018
This is yet another nonsensical article whose author manipulate words to fit his agenda. Israel is not rejected because they are infidel. It is because they dispossess the Palestinian people whose majority continue to be exiled. Supporting Israel will not be in the interest of Kurds. In the contrary, it will make Kurds a bigger target and put them at the wrong side of history - a victim allying with a victimizer! And no, Israel cannot and will not be able to help the Kurds. Ask theirs allies in Lebanon (next door) if they were able to help! Indeed how they sold them down the drain when the going got rough!
Naif Kapar | 11/7/2018
Personally I like your writings. As you know Israel was exist before 3000 years. Our land occupied by four countries all these countries what they ask for Arabs in Israel why they do not ask for Kurdish people. They say Kurdistan is second Israel with this idea they want to create an opposition against Kurdistan but unfortunately is not going to work all four colonialist countries has got some kind of their own problems and is very deep. We Kurds should learn how to unite under one flag and state. Kind regards, Naif Kapar
Kurdo | 11/7/2018
KRG waved israeli flags they dont help you maybe KRG should kiss Israeli feets this time they could help. Why you never ask how Kurdistan could become more self rellying or more independent? Instead you still ask how it could more beg and rely on others.

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