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Mr. Abadi, be a wise leader and let Kurdistan go

By Ayub Nuri 20/9/2017
Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi. File photo: AFP
Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi. File photo: AFP
Mr. Haider al-Abadi, I hope you will be different from all other Iraqi leaders, and think about the wellbeing of your people. Maliki and Saddam Hussein and others before them brought Iraq to the situation it is in now by spending all their money and resources on the military and on talking tough. They treated and handled every issue in the country from a security perspective and with a soldier’s mentality.
Now that the Kurds are voting for independence and want to separate from Iraq, don't make the same mistake and begin issuing threats. I say this not for the sake of the Kurds, but for the sake of the Iraqi people.
If the Kurds separate from Iraq, your country will save billions of dollars in expenditure and budget that is Kurdistan’s share. You will not need to maintain a huge army and spend billions of dollars to rule the Kurdish north or keep the country together by force. Your provinces in the south are desperate for that money. 
Countless wars under Saddam Hussein and years of sectarian violence since his fall, daily car bombs and explosions, and ISIS have destroyed Iraq and it will take many years to give it a respectable facelift. Please focus Iraq’s money and manpower and resources on rebuilding the country instead of taking the same path as other leaders who are willing to sacrifice the lives of thousands of young men just to prove their own leadership.
If you want to win the hearts and minds of Iraqis and be remembered forever, then instead of talking tough against the Kurds, be the first leader to overhaul your country’s education system, build good roads and bridges and hospitals. Fighting the Kurds or trying to prevent them from separation will not do anyone any good. But letting them go in an amicable way and concentrating your attention on making Iraq a modern state with good public services will be good for all. And you’ll be the first wise Iraqi leader.
It has been years since I was in Najaf, Karbala, Basra and other southern provinces, but I doubt much has changed since then. I still see pictures on social media of garbage piles in the street, broken sewers, collapsed bridges, dangerous roads and flooded homes. Those are what most ordinary Iraqis want fixed. That is their main concern, not whether the Kurdish region stays with Iraq or separates.
Think about it economically. Keeping Kurdistan with Iraq wins you or your people nothing. Baghdad has to give the Kurds 17 percent of its budget, medical supplies, employment opportunities and arms, etc. With the Kurds gone you’ll get to keep all that. And if Iraq is thinking about using the military to prevent a Kurdish separation, then please don’t. From the days of Saddam Hussein until now, young men have been dying in different wars. It is time someone said no more war and that someone could be you. Iraqi families don’t want their sons killed anymore. Don’t listen to religious clerics or political leaders who thrive on conflict and bloodshed.
Threats, wars and the military will solve nothing. If not today, a hundred years from now, the Kurds will still separate from Iraq. So why don’t you become the first Iraqi leader to admit this reality and make Kurdistan’s separation the start of a new era for Iraq. Iraq needs someone to put the brakes on people’s misery and suffering and lead them on a path of reconstruction, civil society and peace.



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Joe | 20/9/2017
Obviously no leader wants to give up any amount of territory. And equally obviously the Kurds will vote yes for independence and get divorced from Iraq. Abadi would be a very poor leader indeed if he did not reject that the country he is leading gets split up. But I am sure that even he knows it is inevitable, he is just doing his job.
Alan Saeed | 20/9/2017
Abadi must learn from Saddam's mistakes and avoid repeating them. Always remember that Saddam gave up Iraqi sovereignty over Shat al-Arab to Iran in return for the Shah's promise to stop his support for Barzani senior. He gave up Shat al-Arab just to get away from giving Kurds full autonomy, their legitimate demand. Then he spent eight grueling years in a very bloody and expensive war against Iran just to regain sovereignty over Shat al-Arab again! You really want to repeat that mistake?
M Gonzales | 20/9/2017
Don't think Baghdad Care's if the Kurds leave, they just won't be allowed too leave with anything of value
FAUthman | 20/9/2017
No way you can compare Abadi to Maliki and Saddam Hussein, non of them spoke a word of English and had almost no exposure to the West. Abadi and several of his people in Government are western educated, many including Abadi are dual nationals holding both Iraqi and UK nationality. Furthermore Abadi is a PhD. Although he cannot steer too far from his political base which is the Dawa Party, I am almost certain he is a new kind of Iraqi prime minister. He will not interfere with the referendum and then he will engage in serious talks with the Kurds about independence but he will offer the Kurds alternatives to independence to persuade them to remain in Iraq. Of course he has to balance all that with preparing to win the elections in the spring of next year.
Kurdish State | 20/9/2017
Some weeks ago Abadi said he would not go to war because of the referendum and he stated that he respected the right of the Kurds to.self-determination. We don' t know what has happened since then .

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Luigi | 9/20/2018 5:07:14 AM
Barham is pure ambition,opurtunism ,machiavilism and treason . He has betrayed both the PUK and the KDP. In the upkoming elections of September 30...
May God Save Kurdistan | 9/20/2018 5:21:20 AM
The chacal Barham Saleh has just retuned to where he belongs to : PUK, the den of traitors. PUK is sedition and treaon . Let's remind you the fact...
Twittersphere reacts with anger, hope, humour to Barham Salih news
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Baaez | 9/19/2018 10:11:45 PM
After 20 years the Iranians barely agreed to the nuclear deal, which mildly restricts their production of plutonium for a while (not research and...
US open to talks with Iran: envoy
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mark bishop | 9/19/2018 10:26:41 AM
Kirkuk's most loyal governor and supporter of Kurdistan, Najmaldin Karim of the PUK party, should rise up again and be selected as president of Iraq....
Kirkukly | 9/19/2018 5:33:09 PM
These two parties(PUK and KDP) brought no thing good for Kurds, but problems. No kurds voted for them and they cheated the election as usual. Iraqi...
KDP: No deal with PUK for presidency or Kirkuk governor due to constitution
| 18/9/2018 | (3)
Karwan | 9/19/2018 3:16:56 PM
This guy seems very desperate to obtain power. Jumping from one political party to another one. Why all that ego? How people can vote or trust him?
Dara | 9/19/2018 4:12:45 PM
So all the hotair about "a common kurdish stance" by KDP was empty talk as usual. I'm actually surprised that PUK nominated Saleh, he is a very good...
UPDATE: PUK nominates Barham Salih as sole candidate for Iraq presidency
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