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Kurdish girl to Trump ahead of referendum: Is democracy wrong path?

By 19/9/2017
Tenth-grader Waran Hawrami. Photo: Provided
Tenth-grader Waran Hawrami. Photo: Provided
A letter to US President Donald Trump from a Kurdish student. 

Dear President Trump,

I am a young Kurdish girl who is madly in love with her homeland, but overwhelmed with questions about the future of her country. 

I witnessed a lot in my lifetime as a girl, but didn’t say anything. 

My mother is from Halabja – the city that endured the chemical attack. When I was a child, my mother told me about the sad story of the Halabja killings. I was deeply saddened. I still feel sad when she mentions its name. 

There was only one line that alleviated my grievances, and that was the last line of the story that my mother told me: “This is over. It won’t happen again.” 

We will one day get our reward and will have an independent country like other nations, she told me. 

Will the Iraqis allow this to happen? I asked her. 

They cannot stop us because democratic countries like the United States of America will support us, she replied. 

My father was always saying that democratic ways are the only ways through which this right and freedom, given to us by God, can be restored to us. 

He was always proudly saying: “In the world of democracy, the United States is above all.” He had no doubt that you will be the first country to support us because democracy is your purpose and way of life. 

Your message arrived yesterday: do not hold the referendum, democracy is bad. Do not think about your freedom. Freedom will cause you problems. 

You told us that people seeking democracy and freedom will face too many problems. You explained it very well that neither you nor other countries will support our democratic referendum. 

But we are stronger than problems. We have experienced every pain and endured the toughest problems.  

Your position has made me doubt the meaning of democracy. Were equality and justice not your purpose? 

If you tell us that democracy is not suitable for today, what or when is it suitable? Equality is not something to be given at a particular time. Equality and democracy are the rights that should be given at all times. 

In our region, our neighbors created a fundamentalist society that gave birth to ISIS. My nation was the only nation that stood against this and expressed a different opinion in this regard. 

We were the only people who fought against terrorism and told them that the dark and oppressive society they had created couldn’t survive. We were different. That is why they tried to silence and destroy us. 

We faced wars because of democracy. Yet you tell us: don’t be democratic; you will be responsible for whatever happens to you if you pursue democracy. 

Dear Trump, is democracy the wrong path? 

Waran Hawrami 
Tenth grader


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Malte | 19/9/2017
I love rudaw as an additional and relative reliable source. This is marked as opinion but it tastes like propaganda. Best wishes to the kurdish people anyway.
Bravo | 19/9/2017
Bravo , brave Kurdish girl .
Guest | 20/9/2017
Ms. Hawrami, The people of the United States will stand with you. Kurdistan has done a very good job building relations with other countries around the world and it's reputation is outstanding. It is a beacon of light to me in a world of darkness these last few years. President Barzani has been a great leader, someone I put in the ranks of Winston Churchill, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, George Washington, and Sam Houston. Kurdistan should move forward with the referendum and does need to be an independent nation. The people of Kurdistan, of all ethnic and religious backgrounds, deserve liberty. The government of Iraq has not provided this and there is no indication it will ever serve it's citizens in a manner that is unbiased from religion or ethnic background. Kurdistan is doing the right thing by having this referendum and declaring it's independence.
Skandinavian | 20/9/2017
It seems like sometimes the little girls are those who change the world. We all remember the young Pakistani girl, Malala Yousafzai. What is it in these teenage girls? I salute them! Go Waran, GO!!! :)
all-lies | 20/9/2017
I cheer for US not supporting Kurds (saying as a Kurd myself). Why? Because the thing that i believed ALL ALONG is finally being revealed in public for the sheep among us to see..which is democracy, freedom, human rights..ALL LIES. These words is another way of controlling people and giving them the illusion of freedom. Democracy is the modern dictatorship. So all fellow Kurds start paying attention to the world, because it is all crumbling as it's foundation is based on lies and corruption. So learn from what is going on, so that you might benefit from it and know to not play according to THEIR rules, but create your own game and play according to your own rules.

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What You Say

real ISIS | 3/21/2018 7:39:28 AM
this is real ISIS, Erdogan start showing his real face against kurds. he did in kobani than in afrin and now against kurds!!!
saiful haque | 3/21/2018 12:27:44 PM
Appeal to all muslims to excercise restrain and talk each other for peaceful ways. To Kurd Brothers/Sisters You have suffered hardship for atleast...
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pre-Boomer Marine brat | 3/21/2018 12:18:58 PM
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saiful haque | 3/21/2018 12:12:56 PM
To Kurd Brothers/Sisters You have suffered hardship for atleast last century. The reason is Europe/America wanted to punish Kurds for the courage...
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Jamaal | 3/21/2018 10:08:52 AM
Kurds of Afrin cursing PKK dictatorship, their cruelty and thanks Turkey for they have been rescued from PKK.
Robert | 3/21/2018 11:28:56 AM
Happy Newroz to all....Without the kurds unity with one leadership agreed upon from all.there will be no chance .Kurds got the best loyal friend...
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