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Has President Obama Overstepped His Authority?

By Namo Abdulla 2/12/2014
Washington, D.C. - These days, Republicans are furious at President Barack Obama. You might think their concern has something to do with the rise of the Islamic State (ISIS), which many believe, is partially a result of Obama's failure to act against President Bashar al-Assad in Syria. 

But it’s not inaction that has made Obama critics most concerned. Quite the opposite, Republicans believe the President has abused his executive power, overstepping the authority granted to him by the constitution. 

Some have accused him of being an “emperor,” rather than the president of a free and democratic nation. Others call for his impeachment.

What has the president really done? Has he abused his executive power? 

To discuss this subject, Rudaw’s Namo Abdulla talks to:

- Philip E. Wolgin,  a Senior Policy Analyst on the Immigration Policy team at American Progress.

John Gizzi,  Newsmax's chief political columnist and White House correspondent.


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M Gonzales
M Gonzales | 2/12/2014
In our form of government (U.S) the president is the head executive in charge of running the government and offices. He does not have the right to make laws or spend money without congress giving him money. Now the President can use "executive action" to sort of make laws or rule changes but these are not laws set in stone and a new president can overturn any executive action. In regards to you Kurds Obama has to ask congress for money for the War against ISIS and other matters such as funding the training of you Kurds and the Iraqi's. The problem with Obama is he HATE's the republicans and vice versa, has has recently asked for over 5 billion for the War on ISIS but when asked for exact details on how this money will be spent he wont say, hence the arguments and disagreements. Obama did NOT want to go back to Iraq for any reason so he's doing very little in the republicans point of view. If us Republicans had our way we would be bombing ISIS back to the stone age and have M1A1's sitting in Erbil with 20,000 marines. We have very differnt points of view on the military and world affairs.
KIM | 2/12/2014
Obamas Admin is anti-Kurd, anti-independence.
Robledal Pedregoso | 3/12/2014
President Obama as soon as he assumed office had a Republican (Taliban) congressional saboteur group a la Manchurian Candidate organized for the sole purpose of making the first black US president fail. Since then nothing but vile, venomous and racist comments and actions against Obama have been the attacks from the great Ignorantia base of the Tea Party and their Oligarch/Kleptocrat puppet masters. These are joined by Fascist Southerners, Anti-Immigrant and White Supremacists who are more deadly enemies of the US then Al Qaeda or the Putinistan Regime in Russia. The root cause is the Browning of America that they see as the eventual outcome by 2050. If the whites had not gone past the Mississipi River there would be millions more Native Americans and no (Illegal)Mexican problem. Also the Louisiana Territory was purchased from a French Monarch who did not own it and the Mexican War of 1846(like the Vietnam War) was illegal- see Abraham Lincoln's Spots Resolutions asking for actual casus belli justification for the war. If Mexico had not been dismembered there would have been no Zimmerman Note which guaranteed US entry into WW I(on the wrong side I might add) and thus no Sykes-Picot arbitrary mutilation of the ME which is THE core problem of the region as it led to the subsequent Anglo-US-Soviet dismemberment of Palestine. A word of advise to Kurdish media the US media are insular and myopic and the right wing media are not even wrong about the reality inside and outside the US and elsewhere. The US and Mexican governments are sitting on top of two volcanos and to set them off requires a little bit more oppressive classist racism from the respective ruling circles. The clock is ticking!
Rudi | 7/12/2014
I think that Obama is daring the Republicans to impeach him. It will make them look bad. But realistically Obama would never be impeached no matter what he does. His opponents know that it would just cause Joe Biden to become the new President. Biden is a sort of poison pill that keeps Obama safe in his position.
George | 17/12/2014
Obama probably will be justly impeached. He is not what He wants you to believe he is. His game is deception and race baiting. He is tearing up as much as he can. He told the Moslem Brotherhood in Egypt he was one of them. He supported Morsi.
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May Khode Allah exterminate terrorists
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