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Four Brits guilty of assaulting Kurdish teen face sentencing

By Rudaw 10/11/2017
Kurdish asylum seeker Reker Ahmed was left with “life-altering” injuries after a brutal beating in Croydon on March 31
Kurdish asylum seeker Reker Ahmed was left with “life-altering” injuries after a brutal beating in Croydon on March 31
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Three British men were found guilty of participating in a violent attack on Kurdish asylum seeker Reker Ahmed, while another pleaded guilty.

George Walder, 23, and Lliam Neylon, 19, were convicted of two counts of violent disorder, while Kurt Killick, 18, was also convicted of the same charge but acquitted of causing grievous bodily arm. The three reside and were judged by a jury on Thursday in Croydon, south of London where the beating took place.

James Neves, 23, pleaded guilty to violent disorder before the trial. 

Another three defendants were acquitted of two counts of violent disorder.

Sentencing will occur at a date yet to be set.

It was revealed in the trial that one of the attackers yelled at Ahmed during the assault: “You are asylum seekers, you are refugees, you have to go back to your country."

A passerby pleaded with the group to halt the beating, yelling: "Stop. You're killing him," The Guardian reported on the six-week trial.

Ahmed is a Kurd from Iran. He was 17 when the attack occurred in March and had been in the United Kingdom for less than a year. He was attending college.

Two friends, Dilshad Mohammed and Hamo Mustafa, escaped the attack which left Ahmed with "life-altering" injuries.

People around the world helped to raise £59,006 to offset his medical and other needs in an online crowd-funded campaign.

The attack occurred amidst a wave of anti-immigration rallies across the country after the March 22 terrorist attack on Westminster. 


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Anna UK | 10/11/2017
This is 4 vile people who do not represent the kindness of British people. What anti-immigration rallies? I live here and you report as though this is a regular event. What about this? Poor boy being attacked but immediately we set up a fund to raise money for him and we are mainly kind so do not report on this as if the Brits hate the Kurds you are not being fair.
I lived in the U.K. | 10/11/2017
I lived in the U.K. and loved it. The britopeople were kind and honest. They, like people, have a poor and violent group of people that are blaming everyone else for the problems that they themselves caused. But Britain is otherwise in my heart for ever!
Yioo | 10/11/2017
Hi, Anna while we know many Brits are good people and dont hate Kurds but unfortuanilty very very very large group of Brits they do hate Aryans especialy Kurds.They get this hate from their majority government leaders.I know many Kurds in Britain.When you say you are Kurdish from Kurdistan then Brits ask you from which part?turkey,armenia,iran,irak or syria?And if you say any of these countries other than turkey you get hated even more,they think you become less Kurd if you from turkey that is because turkey has better relations with your government and so has brainwashed your government even more than arabs has done.But of course Anna we are with you and peeople like you.I am just saying the hatred extremely high against Kurds in Britain and it is because the way your government and political people and people who work in these departments treat Kurds and brainwash good Brits.Something has to be done from bottom of the problem.
Concerened | 10/11/2017
to Anna UK, journalism in Kurdistan and the Iraq at large hasn't matured enough yet to have balanced reports. There are no journalism schools in the region, and people have learned it by trial. Investigative journalism requires proper education and depth in character and mission. I advise Rudaw and other news outlets to send their journalists to school or for workshops in the West.
Anna UK | 11/11/2017
Yioo some may hate any immigrants but you get that the world over and there are many reasons why the Brits are upset by huge numbers of immigrants. However I do not know many countries in the Middle East where I could go and carve out my own life in peace like many cultures do here. We have Kurdish Mosques, Synagogues, Temples and everyone lives in the most part in peace and we accept and tolerate each other.Any Kurds who are hated in Britain do not and will not integrate. We have many other nationalities who have settled here and involved themselves with us and our culture but Kurds keep themselves very separate! This country is too small to do this you have to mix with others. Most people here have no idea who the Kurds or where Kurdistan is. I have close friends who are Kurds and I adore them and their culture but they are not easy to meet and yet there lots of them. Tell your friends to open up and try to mix with other people it will help them gain acceptance.
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America doesn't have a President. It has a Twitter account.
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help the kurds | 2/21/2018 10:51:34 AM
Get out of Syria terrorist Turkey. You did not like the Kurds beating your partner ISIS. Only reason u r attacking innocent Kurds.
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