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Why Do Some Western Muslims Radicalize?

By Namo Abdulla 22/1/2015

Washington DC - Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula has published a video claiming responsibility for the attack on the satirical newspaper in Paris. It says it was to avenge Prophet Muhammed who had been ridiculed by the paper. 

That bloody attack, which resulted in deaths of a dozen journalists, has led to the rise of many questions: was the attack on the newspaper merely a reaction to the cartoons depicting the Prophet of Islam? Or is there a bigger context that we should examine in order to understand what makes two French citizens, born and raised in Paris, espouse radical Islamism? 

In this edition of Inside America, I would like to host an in-depth discussion on what the underlying causes of radicalization of Muslims are in Western societies. 

To discuss this subject, no one knows better than three very distinguished experts who are joining our program today:

- Farah Pandith, an adjunct Senior Fellow at Council on Foreign Relations. Farah was the first ever Special Representative to Muslim Communities for the United States Department of State. She was appointed to this position in 2009 by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

- Michael Ryan, a senior Fellow at The Jamestown Foundation for security and terrorism studies. Michael also held senior positions in the Departments of State and Defense. He is author of Decoding Al-Qaeda’s Strategy: The Deep Battle against America.

- James Jay Carafano, the director of the Douglas and Sarah Allison Center for Foreign Policy Studies and the deputy director of the Kathryn and Shelby Cullom Davis Institute for International Studies at The Heritage Foundation. He is a historian and a recognized expert on national security affairs. Carafano has authored a number of books, including Private Sector/Public Wars: Contracting in Combat-Iraq, Afghanistan and Future Conflicts.


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Kurdish God | 22/1/2015
Dear Namo here is why they get radicalize: 1. The MSM (main stream media) of this world paint Muslims and Middle Easterners as “bad” people and they know their religion been attacked daily and been hijacked by western powers 2. They have been discriminated by when they look for jobs, therefore there is high unemployment rate a among them. 3. If they go to pubs or bars to pick women, as soon as they say they are Muslims that girl or woman never goes out with them and of course in hundreds of other social interactions. This been happening to me hundreds of times just because I am from “Iran”.3. You hear all kind of negative things from the sheeple about immigrants taking their jobs and hurting their economy. 4. Racism is systemic tool used against people with different skin tone, meaning the government of western societies purposely isolate these people from the white “native” populations by putting them in ghettos. 5. creating hoax crises so that the West justifies military attack on their formal country in Middle East and Africa. In conclusion this is a war against all Muslims by the globalists who want ONE world government. This war has also been waging on Christianity as well, but they too blame the “Muslims” because again the whole world is victimizing those people.
Kawan | 22/1/2015
Western Muslims? Oh my God, where Islam ia people can get radical. Look into our society. How many Molla Krekar we have. Nietzsche sad "God is a fist rough answer, a undelicate against us thinkers - in fact even a fist rough ban - you shall not think."
LLK | 22/1/2015
Muslims are hypocrites. Whar on earth are you doing in the West in the first instance? West = Democracy ......ISLAM = Oppression & Surpression
n | 22/1/2015
there must be many reasons. since it is a regular marketing campaign. they will draw in mentally ill, quixotic, zealots, fascists, and also just rational people who respond to a job offer. it's not really that complicated they use various tactics to get the same "Radical" violent labor
Nav | 22/1/2015
@Kurdish God, you can always move back to your country Iran or another country if it's that bad. Look in order to be successful in your new country you need to put a lot of effort to integrate yourself, and integration is as much your responsibility as the country that took you in, I'm talking from experience here. I've seen many immigrants put in 10-30% effort the first few years they arrive and expect every door to be opened for them, sorry that will not cut it. Asians, south Americans and none muslim Africans also are discriminated against in the same way, why don't they turn radical or violent?. Did you get a relevant education in your new country? did you work on your new language so you don't sound like you just came of the boat even when you've lived there 10-20-30 years? have you really tried to read and study the new culture you live in? have you tried to make friends from your new country? (sorry going to bars is not what I mean) do you participate in any cultural or national activities like the natives?.
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