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Why Somaliland split from Somalia, state-building and struggle for recognition

By Ayub Nuri 22/5/2017

Somaliland is a self-declared republic in the Horn of Africa. It broke away from Somalia on May 18, 1991 after Somalia’s civil war.

On his visit to the country for a special documentary, Rudaw’s Ayub Nuri conducted an interview with Somaliland’s Foreign Minister Saad Ali Shire who says that his country deserves international recognition as it is their right and also as appreciation for the stability and democracy they have achieved in the last 26 years.

Foreign Minister Shire says it is wrong to blame Somaliland for the breakup of Somalia as Somaliland only took back an independence they once had before voluntarily joining Somalia in 1960.

He and the majority of people in Somaliland cite crimes carried out against them by the former Somali regime in the 1980s as the reason for their separation and declaration of independence.

Somalilanders have been building a country without outside help for a quarter century, but they remain hopeful that the world will one day acknowledge them and give them the recognition they deserve.

If they have international recognition, they argue, they will be able to sign international agreements, trade deals and borrow money for public service projects.

Most recently they have signed deals with the UAE for the expansion of the Berbera port, a 250KM road to the Ethiopian border and the establishment of a UAE military base.

They hope this will be followed by the arrival of more countries in Somaliland for investment and ultimate official recognition.


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Hussain | 23/5/2017
Sir We rather use, Somaliland re-claimed back their own original independent from Great Britain. Back in 26.June 1960. Instead broke-away
Blue Merchant | 23/5/2017
It's preposterous that a bunch of rich mans club get to decide who deserves independence and who not according to their own interest. The UN is a bad joke that needs to be closed down immediately, independence is suppose to be a fundamental right every people has, what good are such principals if money interest of a few powerful wealthy countries are the deciding factor? The sad part is most of the "smaller" country's follow the bigger ones like sheep. Shame shame shame. Somaliland while not prefect is a thousand times better functioning than the failed state of Somalia, they're in the exact situation as Kurdistan with the failed British project called Iraq.
Hayd Mooge | 23/5/2017
Thanks for the effort to enhance the visibility of Somaliland and its achievement. Somaliland shares the same aspirations as the Kurds in achieving international recognition. I would welcome all efforts in opening diplomatic missions and deepening ties between kurdistan and Somaliland.
Nimco Warsame | 23/5/2017
Welcome to peaceful Republic of Somaliland.
Hander | 23/5/2017
Great interview, excellent and timely.
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toralf | 7/29/2018 7:59:32 PM
Your water problems seem to be political, not a result of a changing climate, which is also a political issue and not a proven fact.
Truthseeker | 8/14/2018 9:44:01 AM
the turks do it deliberatly this is always the way they defeated the local powers. read how they defeated the byzantinian empire its hilarous...
Up the creek without a creek: What’s causing the Middle East water crisis?
| 29/7/2018 | (2)
SuperJC | 8/14/2018 5:27:01 AM
Erdogan does all the things against Allah...then calls Allah to help him. Contradict one...two...and thee. Even Allah says bye-bye.
good guy | 8/14/2018 9:32:46 AM
guys short short short lira this a chance in a lifetime🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊💶💶💶💷💷💷💵💵💶🌁🌁💶🗼💷💵💴💴💶💷💷💷⛲️⛲️⛲️🚡🚡🚡🚡🚠🚠🚠
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| yesterday at 10:59 | (6)
steve | 8/14/2018 8:49:23 AM
corruption is EVERYWHERE in the middle east and it always get to a point where people have had enough. NOBODY in America is talking about a war . It...
Iranian | 8/14/2018 9:28:05 AM
@trinity Sounds like Erbillywood script.
Iran's Khamenei: ‘No war, no negotiations with the US’
| yesterday at 03:50 | (5)
JK | 8/13/2018 9:24:12 PM
....but but but ISIS was defeated last year!
Tron | 8/14/2018 9:25:50 AM
yes and 300 million outside while 50 million in nonmuslim countries.
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| 20 hours ago | (2)

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