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McMaster out, Bolton in as Trump's 3rd national security advisor

By Rudaw 23/3/2018
Rudaw interviews US Ambassador John Bolton in 2016.
Rudaw interviews US Ambassador John Bolton in 2016.
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — John Bolton, a vocal supporter of the Iraq war and critic of the Iran nuclear deal, will be the next national security adviser to US President Donald Trump.

"I am pleased to announce that, effective [April 9], [John Bolton] will be my new National Security Advisor," Trump tweeted on Friday."

Bolton, 69, has advocated for regime change in Iran, supported George W. Bush's invasion of Iraq, criticized Turkey after the failed coup, and has supported Kurds' "legitimate aspirations."

“I think the government of Iraq has collapsed. I don’t think it can be put back together. I have said the Kurds in Iraq have demonstrated being capable of governing themselves. I don’t see them ever going back voluntarily," he told Rudaw in July 2016.

Known for his bushy white mustache, Bolton is Trump's third national security advisor, following H.R. McMaster who replaced Michael Flynn.

"I am very thankful for the service of General H.R. McMaster who has done an outstanding job and will always remain my friend," Trump also tweeted.

Trump contemplated tipping Bolton as the next secretary of state, but AFP reported his background would've made a senate confirmation difficult.

During Bush's presidency, Bolton was chosen as the ambassador to the UN, but was unable to win senate confirmation. He resigned after 17 months into the recess appointment.

Bolton expressed in a Wall Street Journal opinion piece on January 15 that US policy should aim depose the Islamic Republic of Iran's regime.

"America's declared policy should be ending Iran's 1979 Islamic Revolution before its 40th anniversary," he wrote.

"Arab states would remain silent, but they would welcome this approach and might even help finance it. Israel can also remain silent but pressure Iran's forces, as well as its clients, in Lebanon and Syria, to maximize the stress on Iran's security assets,” added Bolton.

Amnesty International called Trump's choice "reckless."

"Bolton's influence over national security policy could result in even more civilian deaths and potentially unlawful killings given his disdain for international law and international institutions," Zeke Johnson, Senior Director of Programs at Amnesty International USA, said on Thursday night.


Good Kurd | 23/3/2018
Finally a man who knows the facts on the ground,and who can also restore America's credibility. Of course this package will come with much opposition by pro Ardogan and Pro Ayatullahs hypocrites.
Gunrash | 23/3/2018
Didn't Trump also vow to support Kurdish statehood during his campaign? We all know how much he did once in office. Besides, shouldn't we stop depending our dreams of a state on foreign leaders who might give it to us? What did our own leaders do at our finest hour? October 16th is still all to fresh to start dreaming again and hope for official A or official B to get in office. We need to clean up our house first before we look abroad.
pre-Boomer Marine brat | 23/3/2018
From Ahval News: "John Bolton said on the night of the 2016 coup attempt in Turkey that he would not mourn the departure of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan" ... See this link ...
swem | 23/3/2018
"Gunrash"- no he promised to arm the Kurds as far as I know, he has never come out in support of Kurdish statehood.
Times for arms delivery 40+ years too late | 27/3/2018
90 percent of our enemies weaponry is of American origin or came with their affirmation and no earthly power than that of the US government can tackle those terrorist nations that use them to rob, murder and rape totally unarmed or lightly armed kurdish civilians because there is no government and arms embargoes ever since on the Kurds. Occupiers seem to feel worthless and by humiliating helpless Kurds they might get a boner. Kurds can’t or won’t attack and steal those weapons because their cities and families would be certainly Slaughtered. The us if it likes can fix all those problems easyly but considering what already happened and the time that was wasted it makes it disgusting and a solution is loosing any taste. I fear that the worst is still coming the us has proven to be contradictive and profit oriented and there are also traitors within their lines trying to shift their government policy towards our and their enemies. These traitors getting tons of money and backing. For instance the Turks brought the Catholic Church onto its knees by funding Martin Luther and the Protestant church, and by that preventing the Catholics from collecting money to face the Turks and even more to start a civil war within Europe that was quite destructive for Europe. In the last 20 years they have used Alkaida to bring down the twin towers and made the Americans believe that their government was behind it. Between 2008 to 2016 the us was quite close to a big civil war and millions of fatalities. They have survived but if they keep on wasting time or keep making worthless deals with their enemies the next incident will came soon. By the way guess who is behind the terror attacks in France and rest of Europe. Europe complies with our enemies because our enemie are committing terror attacks when Europe dares to criticize it or not comply with them.

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Nana | 3/21/2019 7:50:37 PM
Don't know how much the trade between Iran and EU is but no matter how much it is, it's dwarfed compared with the trade between US and EU. On top of...
karma | 3/21/2019 8:06:40 PM
Oh this is priceless, he keeps whining about the West trampling on Iran's rights when just a year ago he tried to economically strangle Kurdistan...
Iran leader dismisses Europe trade mechanism as 'bitter joke'
| 13 hours ago | (2)
Elham | 3/21/2019 6:26:10 PM
May god rest their souls. What a tragedy. Peace and love to my maslawi brothers and sisters from an Armenian Iraqi from Basra. We are all with you
Sozan | 3/21/2019 6:57:20 PM
This is very sad and could have been prevented if the passengers wore life-jackets. Ferries should not be operated unless there are life jackets on...
Iraqi leaders demand answers after dozens die in Mosul ferry sinking
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w | 3/10/2019 4:18:40 AM
This article sounds like a commentary on the book of Proverbs, chapter 31, the "worthy woman, aka esheth chayiil"
Engsand | 3/21/2019 6:32:59 PM
In response to Arjun, this is not "feminist crap", as you so artfully put it. It's a concentrated effort to integrate the female population into the...
Rojava women take the lead in every field, not just battle
| 8/3/2019 | (4)
Burhan Elturan | 3/21/2019 6:27:45 PM
The tone of reporting in this article is so pro-Turkish that Erdogan would not mind, giving you a medal. Iraqi military authorities seem to have a...
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