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Kurdish President Masoud Barzani pens letter on independence referendum

By Rudaw 8/6/2017
Kurdish President Masoud Barzani pens letter on independence referendum
President of the Kurdistan Region Masoud Barzani. Rudaw photo.

Kurdish President Masoud Barzani hand-penned a statement describing yesterday's meeting with almost all political parties in the Kurdistan Region, which set September 25 as the date to hold an independence referendum for the Kurdistan Region including the disputed areas.

Full translation of President Masoud Barzani’s statement on June 8, 2017:


In the name of the Great and Merciful God,


June 7, 2017 was a historical and important and a valuable achievement for the Kurdistan nation and for the sacrifices made by martyrs. It was also a great pride for all the parties who attended the meeting and made a historical decision to help the Kurdistan nation send out its voice and will through the referendum to the world.


Thanks be to God, Peshmerga and the proud people of Kurdistan. Thanks be to all the parties who responsibly showed their national and historical stance. I hope this step will lead to national unity and harmony between the political parties.


The will of the people of Kurdistan is to obtain their natural rights through peace and away from violence. In this respect, we would want to have the best relations and understanding with Baghdad, our neighbors, and regional countries.


We must never forget that our triumphs and achievements are the outcome of the blood of our immortal martyrs.


Thousands of salutes to the pure souls of the martyrs on the path for freedom.


Muraz Adzhoev | 8/6/2017
Feelings of great pride, sincere joy, huge hopes overwhelm the Kurdish nation, all ethnic and religious communities of (Greater) Kurdistan, especially of course in Southern Kurdistan. God bless the People, the Peshmerga, the president-commander, authorities and all patriotic political parties of Southern Kurdistan!!!
korroj | 8/6/2017
bebegun | 9/6/2017
If he delivers on this he will become historic! And I mean deliver in a way that insures the future of Kurdistan, as in solving the political deadlock and all outstanding issues between the political parties so we have inner stability amd harmony. Only he is in a position to do so and only that will put Kurdistans on the path of a great future vs a future full of instability and turmoil. Please, if you're going to do it do it properly, this cannot be one party dominating and taking credit
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