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UN: Kurdistan does not immediately declare independence after referendum

By Rudaw 23/5/2017
UN: Kurdistan does not immediately declare independence after referendum
The UN Special Envoy to Iraq, Ján Kubiš. Photo: Video grab
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – The UN Special Envoy to Iraq, Ján Kubiš, has told a Security Council meeting in New York on Monday that the Kurdistan Region does not seek to declare independence following the much-anticipated independence referendum to be held in 2017. Additionally, the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres says Kurdish President Masoud Barzani in March expressed "the intention to hold a referendum on the status of the region in 2017."

Addressing the Security Council on the situation in Iraq, Kubiš said that the lack of dialogue and progress between Erbil and Baghdad, especially with respect to the functioning of the federal system and the future of disputed areas claimed by both governments, is expected to create more problems.
He said that senior officials from the Kurdish region have expressed their willingness to hold the independence referendum in 2017.
“Senior officials in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq have declared the intention to hold in 2017 referendum on the future status of the region. They stressed the objective of the plebiscite would be show to the world the will of the people rather than to immediately declare independence,” Kubiš said.

Barzani informed Guterres on March 30 in Erbil that the Kurdish government will hold the referendum “at the earliest time.”
The Kurdistan presidency confirmed in a statement then that the issue had been raised during the meeting.

“About the future of Kurdistan Region President Barzani emphasized that in the near future, a referendum will be held so that the world will be aware of the wish and the decision of the people of Kurdistan regarding its future,” read a statement issued by the Kurdish presidency at the time.


The UN Security Council was briefed on the meeting between Barzani and Guterres.


"On 30 March, during my visit to Erbil, President Barzani stated the intention to hold a referendum on the status of the region in 2017. He added that while the aim was not to immediately declare independence, the result would show the world the will of the people," read the quarterly Secretary-General report to the UN Security Council.


Rudaw's Majeed Gly spoke with Kubis after the session about what to expect after ISIS is militarily defeated in Mosul.


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The Kurdish Boy | 23/5/2017
We are getting sick .Enough is enough.hold referendum in july and declare independence immediately.
Muraz Adzhoev | 23/5/2017
"Not immediately" does not mean in "long term". Independence of Southern Kurdistan from Iraq will be declared in short term after the referendum. It will take reasonable period of time, most likely 30-60 days, not more to go through formalities.
PublishMeFam | 23/5/2017
Funny thing is , there were so many referendums and nothing came out of them. With such divided political system, ferociously rivaled parties, how can one achieve independence? Kurdistan is politically deeply fractured and will never function as a whole united body.
FAUthman | 23/5/2017
Very good news. First show the world the Kurds in Iraq want independence then you can postpone or drop the subject if relations with Baghdad truly improve. If not then you have the world sympathy to seek independence and you would have more than a 50% chance you would get international recognition as a sovereign state and more important Turkey and Iran may then be supportive. One careful step at a time as President Barzani has said and seems to be following, is the way to proceed!
FAUthman | 23/5/2017
One more comment on this since I lived in West Beirut for three years and had visited the Christian enclave of East Beirut many times. Lebanon was a disaster until it was Physically if not constitutionally partitioned and the Christians achieved then a bit of safety. When people cant get along and are killing each other it is best to separate them and if that results into partitioning an arbitrarily created state, be it. The world is replete with functioning partitioned states some working well others not so well! Of course you may then be under the mercy of your neighbors but that is the chance you are willing to take.
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