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VP Maliki tells US Ambassador no ‘second Israel’ allowed in Iraq

By Rudaw 17/9/2017
VP Maliki tells US Ambassador no ‘second Israel’ allowed in Iraq
US Ambassador to Iraq Douglas Sliman [L] meets with the Iraqi Vice President Nouri al-Maliki in Baghdad on September 17, 2017. Photo" Maliki's media office
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – The Iraqi Vice President Nouri al-Maliki has said to the US Ambassador to Iraq, Douglas Sliman that they will not allow a “second Israel” to be created in northern Iraq.
The two met on Sunday in Baghdad to discuss a number of issues including the Kurdish independence referendum, a statement from Maliki’s office on his official Facebook read.
“We will not allow the creation of a second Israel in northern Iraq,” the statement quoted Maliki as saying to the US Ambassador.
It said Maliki asked Erbil to cancel the referendum as it is neither in the interest of the Iraqi people, nor that of the Kurdish people.
The White House demanded on Friday for the KRG to call off the vote on independence while calling for having talks with Baghdad.
Maliki is also a former Prime Minister under whose term the Kurdish and Iraqi relations reached its lowest point which eventually resulted in Maliki deciding to cut the Kurdish share of the Iraqi budget in 2014 over Erbil’s plans to export oil to the international market.
Kurdistan does not have any direct diplomatic relations with Israel, but the two nations share historical relations.
The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu earlier this week said that they support the establishment of a Kurdish state.
The Kurdistan Region is heading to polls on September 25 to decide whether or not they will leave Iraq, despite the opposition from the Iraqi government.

The US embassy in Baghdad has not published a statement on the meeting. 

Maliki is the head of the ruling Dawa Party who fills the position of the Iraqi prime ministry. 


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Kajik | 17/9/2017
Remember the 6 day war? Idiot!
Itay | 17/9/2017
Now you feel how the Jews feel... We support you from ISRAEL and hope you will establish your country on your land. If you were Anti-Semites like the Arabs Germany, France and the outhers in the EU were fight for you. But you dont, so, I hope that Trump and israel will do it. Never forget it! There is no iraqi people or syrian people, this countries were invented at 1916 by France and Britain in Sykes-Picot Agreement. But there is a kurdish people that this land belong to them and thay never will Give up! Never forget! Among all the crazies in the Middle East, you have very good friends in Israel.
Azad | 17/9/2017
Britain and france which divided Kurdistan are the biggest supporter of Israel. Israel is also supporting Turkey with modern weappons supply and blacklisting PKK. Israel enemy of Kurds and always supported Turkish nationalisim and army with full force. What did you do for Kurdistan except for words tobrainwash Kurds? Where are the weappons you give to Turkey to kill Kurd. Why you dont give them to Kurdistan?
second_iran_second_turkey | 17/9/2017
i do not what is wrong with seconds Israel. what world should be scared of second iran, second turkey, second Afghanistan or second Saudi Arabia. kurds are demanding have their own country like other nations.. but thing is iraq is really 2nd iran now. they are followers of that pro Shari-law Iran mollas. if maliki want to stay united, Amrica shoud think about new scenario. when sunnis have 20% of polulation, they ruled all irqa easily. kurds also make up 20% population, so let them capture all iraq territory and assimilate all arabs to kurdishness. kurds shouls rule bagdad and basra also. in this way, one state remain united, may it name change then to Big kurdistan.
Rawan | 17/9/2017
Oh maliki, you mercenary and puppet of Iran! Do you really never get tired of barking? Everyone one who stands in our way will get his punishment! If you want war, fine! It's the perfect opportunity to take back Mosul, south Şengal, Mendelî, Badrê, Cesan and the Hemrîn mountains! The enemies of Kurdistan will be crushed away!
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