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ISIS leader among militants killed in Mosul district

By Rudaw 20/11/2016
ISIS leader among militants killed in Mosul district
An Iraqi military vehicle shoots at the positions of ISIS militant in Mosul's northeastern district of Tahrir on Friday.
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – An ISIS leader was among militants killed in Mosul by Iraqi Counterterrorism Forces (ICTF) on Sunday, as troops conduced house-to-house searches in areas of the city they have liberated.

“The counterterrorism forces killed a wali (governor) of ISIS, the criminal Marwan Hamid Salih al-Hayali, and a number of terrorists in the Aden neighborhood on the left bank” of Mosul, the Iraqi War Media reported.

Earlier in the day, Rudaw correspondents in Mosul reported clashes between advancing Iraqi forces and ISIS militants in the city’s Intisar and Aden neighborhoods, as the Iraqi  troops carried out house-to-house search for remaining militants and explosives in liberated quarters.

The ICTF had reached the edges of the al-Qahira and al-Zuhur neighborhoods in northeastern Mosul by Sunday morning, Lt. Gen. Abdul-Wahab al-Saadi, a commander of the forces, told Rudaw.

He added that “coalition aircraft carried out airstrikes and killed 15 ISIS militants.”

Iraqi forces have liberated several eastern districts of the city which lies on the left bank of the Tigris River that dissects Mosul but are facing stiff resistance as they try to push deeper inside. 

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