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ISIS demands ransom and threatens to kill two Japanese hostages

By Rudaw 20/1/2015
ISIS demands ransom and threatens to kill two Japanese hostages
An ISIS militant threatens to kill the two Japanese hostages.
 LONDON - The Islamic State (ISIS) has threatened to behead two Japanese hostages unless Tokyo pays $200 million ransom in 72 hours, news agencies reported Tuesday.

In a video released on ISIS websites, a masked militant dressed in black stands with a knife between the two Japanese nationals, identified as Haruna Yukawa and journalist Kenji Goto. The masked man threatens to kill both hostages if Japan fails to meet their demand.

In the video, the insurgent says that Tokyo has allocated $100 to the training of “infidels against the Islamic State.”

“A message to the government and people of Japan,” he says in English. “Although you are 8,500 miles away from the Islamic State, you have voluntarily taken part in this crusade against the Islamic State and donated $100 million to the killing of our women and children.”

According to Japan’s NHK news, both Yukawa and Goto were captured by ISIS in Syria last year.

According to NHK, the Japanese government is analyzing the footage and working on the case through diplomatic channels.

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