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Culture & Art

Nine religions break bread around one table in Erbil mosque

By Rudaw 17/6/2017
A joint meal was organized at Altun Mosque in Erbil for representatives of all the religious groups of Kurdistan.

After breaking their fast and saying Islamic prayers, representatives of nine religions ate a meal at one table.

There were Muslim, Christian, Yezidi, Jew, Zoroastrian, Sabeans-mandean, Bahai, Kakai, and Yarsan representatives.

Their message was to sustain the co-existence among them in the Region.
After the meal, rituals of other religions were performed.

The Kurdistan Region is home to many diverse nations and religious sects.

The message they want to spread to the world is that peace between peoples and religions is what forms their identity.


Ashur | 17/6/2017
Erbil the city of Assyrians!
John | 17/6/2017
No atheists?
Enkiu | 18/6/2017
John, why would Atheists be interested in religious ceremonies?
Josh | 19/6/2017
Ashur, you should Thank Kurds to have given you the freedom to expand your churches, practice your religion freely and live in peace. Remember the days of Saddam when most of you were servants, cleaners, cooks in his palaces and were treated like animals.
Chris Gal | 20/6/2017
This is one of the many reasons, as a foreigner, I love Kurdistan!

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