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Fmr US Ambassador: Will Kurdish independence be better than Kurdistan now?

By Majeed Gly 13/7/2017
A career ambassador in the US Foreign Service, James Jeffrey, sat down with Rudaw's Majeed Gly to discuss the Kurdistan Region's 2017 referendum on independence. Jeffrey most recently held the posts of Ambassador to Iraq and previously the Ambassador to Turkey.  

The former diplomat sees the referendum similar to the 2005 vote with the same large support for the referendum; however, the conditions for achieving independence, Jeffrey believes, are different questions to be addressed. He re-iterated the "fixed" US position of a unified and federal Iraq being the best solution for all Iraqis including people in the Kurdistan Region. 

Pragmatically, Jeffrey said it is difficult for the United States to change its policy of the break-up of its allies. He did note that if Iran's influence continues to build in Iraq, resulting in chaos similar to Syria or Lebanon, then the United States may have to reconsider its position on an independent Kurdistan. Jeffrey's question is: Would an independent Kurdistan actually be a stronger, safer place than it has been since 2003?


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FAUthman | 13/7/2017
Very important interview. Listen to every word until the end. Very useful info such as : Under what circumstances would US support independence for Kurds in Iraq?, But according to amb. Jeffrey Kurds are not there yet, referendum is one thing, US does not object to, but independence needs to be carefully thought out or you would lose what advantages you already have. But if Iraq descends into chaos with Iran projecting more influence in the country, the independence option, the US would consider. Pretty much the US view to be expected on the issue!
commie bastid | 13/7/2017
trump better listen and adhere to this gentlemans every word very very carefuly.. every word coming out of this mans mind is worth gold. good interview with the limited resources rudaw has. he is a true friend of kurdistan. god bless americans like this friend
commie bastid | 13/7/2017
dont forget iranians are ready to pay millions to defame and bash ppl like ambassador jeffrey and john bolton...and that other guy cant remember his name...jay crocker...john or ryan crocker...something like that.....great patriot.
SuperJC | 14/7/2017
During Saddam hussein kurds massacre.....then where's the United States? Never ever bid Kurds lives on someone's mercy.
A Kurd in exile | 14/7/2017
James Jeffrey is a part of the same U.S. State Department diplomats who still live in the Stone Ages and are afraid of any and all changes in the world. For them preserving the status quo is a security blanket and like children they do not want to give up that blanket at any price. The Kurdish political leadership should ONLY listen to their own people and no one else. We the Kurds want to have FREEDOM an INDEPENDENT country of our own; and we want it sooner rather than later.

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Ghjk | 9/22/2017 8:44:08 PM
The website is not working.Says under maintenance!!!!
Sanan Yusef Rahim | 9/22/2017 9:46:53 PM
Ja ich stimme zu به كوردي به لي
Kurdistan drops ration card requirement for diaspora e-voters
| 18/9/2017 | (8)
Kurdish State | 9/22/2017 9:25:08 PM
Bravo Barzani, great leader . Barzani from birth he was bound to give the Kurds their state.
Voting | 9/22/2017 9:36:41 PM
The time has come for Kurds to decide on their future and reverse by their vote what the wicked and criminal British and French diplomats did one...
Barzani: On Sept 25 the choice is between subordination and freedom
| 9 hours ago | (5)
MKAA | 9/22/2017 8:17:35 PM
why can we not register our names? what is the Problem. we want to vote from Germany
Hussein | 9/22/2017 9:13:18 PM
Yes to fredoom
Referendum e-vote registration begins for diaspora
| 31/8/2017 | (18)
duroi | 9/22/2017 8:18:29 PM
"High Noon" in Kurdistan. For their election campaign, other nations in the past have used the poster of Gary Cooper with a ballot in his hands...
Sabir | 9/22/2017 9:09:08 PM
How come to vote for referendum on U.K. Let us know please. Thanks
First vote cast in Kurdistan independence referendum
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