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Catalan Professor encourages Kurds to 'keep very firm'

By Rudaw 26/9/2017

Professor Josep Alay believes nations like Catalonia and Kurdistan which seek independence need to "keep very firm" on the path forward. Rudaw's Hiwa Jamal interviewed Alay on Monday in Erbil after millions in the Kurdistan Region participated in a referendum asking them if they want to separate from Baghdad.

Alay had spent the day visiting several voting stations, including Sheikhan, which is in the disputed or Kurdistani areas claimed by both the central and regional governments. Sheikhan was the main voting center in Nineveh Province because it was under the protection of Kurdish Peshmerga.

Alay works at the University of Barcelona and specializes in the history of Asia. He explains, "Everything went very peacefully, democratically. And it was a model for any other model of self-determination which might take place in the world."

The Catalan nation will hold its own binding vote on independence from Madrid on October 1. Many in Catalonia have said they are watching to see how the world reacts to the Kurdish process, which Alay called "an ideal process of self-determination through this referendum."


Buenaventura | 26/9/2017
Dont get confused: few links between Kurdish and Catalonian situations. Do you know that Catalonian President and his party voted against Kurdish referendum just three years ago? All my support for Kurdish people (all, not just KRG).
Sully | 26/9/2017
With all due respect, Rudaw needs to hire better english speaking translators!
Dura Lex Sed Lex | 26/9/2017
Dear Kurd friends, the situation and history of Catalonia have nothing to do with Kurdistan's. Don't be fooled by people who are only trying to find a way to push their own selfish political agenda.
sardar gabor | 26/9/2017
I agree with the professor ,The Kurds must stay firm ,they have the right for their own country ,they have their own languge and culture ,they are not turks or iraqies or iranien,,it was the colonialism power did split the Kurdish people and land among the four dictatoor countries ,
el duende dialectico y eterno | 27/9/2017
as a earthly citizen and a kurd, spain with all of its components regions highs and lows are very dear part of the world. spanish history, social elements, cultural dimensions, spirit (el duende), geography, demography etc are all very compact and intertwined because of spains past and presence and many other aspects which are difficult to describe. unfortunatly there are elements everywhere who are very well educated, very rational and enlightened people but YET FAIL to see the things we have in common (cliche but true) then the ones that divide us. but then again, its human nature i guess, for better or worse. long live spain, visca barca. biji kurd u curdistao :)

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Londoner | 1/13/2018 12:52:58 PM
Do you really think syrian kurds in there? All PKK terorist moved there to be educated and armed by USA. We saw big dream about Kurdistan with...
Murat | 1/20/2018 4:07:21 PM
Thank you Erdogan! Pkk should not be allowed near our borders. Wipe them out!!
Erdogan: Syrian Kurds will be cleared from Turkey’s border
| 18/12/2017 | (9)
Volkan | 1/20/2018 2:42:47 PM
Time to clean up this place from Terrorists. Next is Ayn Al Arab, Munbiç you guys are done!
Wolf | 1/20/2018 4:02:19 PM
Man, we saw Kurdish militants in Kirkuk. Afrin will fall and be cleared of terrorists soon.
Fear and defiance under Turkish bombardment in Afrin
| 22 hours ago | (5)
US Friend of Kurds. | 1/20/2018 3:26:25 PM
I wish my country would stop working with Turkey. I'm sure the people are OK, but they are being led by a psychopathic paranoid. Too bad the coup...
David cohen | 1/20/2018 3:43:58 PM
Thr nazi Erdogan should be dead
LIVE: Turkey launches military operation against Afrin in Rojava
| 31 minutes ago | (5)
Azad | 1/20/2018 3:11:39 PM
I love this picture . Shows how much is Kurds have bee degraded . He didn’t even allow him to sit next to him . But wait guys, we had a great...
Kurdish oil exports must come under Iraqi control, Abadi tells PM Barzani in Baghdad
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