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Ardian Bujupi talks about his new collaboration with Helly Luv

By Rudaw 28/12/2018
An image from Ardian Bujupi’s collaboration with Helly Luv, ‘Guns & Roses’
An image from Ardian Bujupi’s collaboration with Helly Luv, ‘Guns & Roses’
Ardian Bujupi is a German-Kosovar singer. He was born in Kosovo in 1991 and moved to Germany with his family a year later. 

He and Kurdish singer Helly Luv recently collaborated on a track – Guns & Roses.

The following is an edited version of an interview with Bujupi. 

Alla Shally (Rudaw): Why did you decide to perform a duet with Helly Luv?

Ardian Bujupi: This is a long story. I know the people of Kurdistan. My acquaintance with Helly Luv dates back to three years ago through music. Everyone here knows the story of Helly Luv. Then I realized she liked my music, and we followed each other and the contact continued. We discussed each other’s dreams and thought about performing a duet together. My producer visited Kurdistan and met with hers. Then we met each other. The work was done very quickly and nicely.

Did you have contacts with Kurds prior to knowing Helly Luv?

I was raised in Heidelberg where I had many Kurdish friends. There are many Kurds living in southern Germany. I feel I have something common with the Kurds. I am from Kosovo. We and the Kurds have the same problem. Kosovo was not completely a country six years ago. All my friends are Kurdish. That is why I have picked up words such as choni, bashi, mamo, and chidakay. I have high respect for Kurds.

What do you think of Helly Luv’s voice and style?

Her voice is very special. I didn’t know how her voice would fit with my voice until she came to the studio. It was very interesting. I had time to find out about her musical style. She had not published any music for three years. That is why she too had to find her style and we helped her with this. We finally produced a very good song. Her voice is very attractive. Her voice is as soft as Rihanna’s. I like her voice very much and I love the work we produced together.

You said most of your friends are Kurdish. Have you learned Kurdish?

I have learnt some words like chidakay mamo, bizhi bizhi Kurdistan, slaw bo Kurdistan, choni, and bashi. I know some other words too.

Do you think your video will be well received?

We initially thought about a big project. We wanted the video and the voice to be the best in Europe. That is why we went to Kosta Studio which is one of the best in Germany. We wanted to take her from Kurdistan to a new level. I hope people can feel this. We did our best and I hope you guys in Kurdistan will like it. We ourselves like it very much.

What is the message of the song?

The message of the song is that one can achieve something if he tries hard even if he doesn’t have anything. We both started outside our countries. She started in Finland and I in Germany. I started as a refugee when all my family was living in one room. We were all sleeping on the floor. We want to convey the message that people can realize their dreams if they believe in them.


Gunrash | 29/12/2018
Helly Taramash is in no way, shape or form someone we should be proud of. The girls who died fighting our oppressors are, not this.....!
Concerened Kurd | 29/12/2018
But why the rabic flavor in the song, why not some Kurdish and Kosovian symbolance? What is the meaning of a little Arab guy with a gun or the Harem (or ISIS) wifes covered to the tilt?
z | 30/12/2018
Helly Luv Get it Girl!!! REP that K-U-R-D. Ignore the hatersss!
Pam Prendergast | 31/12/2018
It’s so beautiful that Ardian Bujupi did this duet with Helly Luv to propel her career in Europe. I absolutely love the song and the meaning behind it. How refugees with nothing can go forward, live their lives and make money. Maybe the video has a tad bit of materialism and the gals dressed in black rubbing Ardian’s chest was amusing but then again there is a club scene with a lot of swank so many of those fans find that appealing. All I know is I love Helly Luv for her courage, compassion, beautiful voice and also a magnificent dancer. I loved the duet and actually this really isn’t my genre of music. I do recognize good music in any form and this is quality.
Gast | 6/1/2019
Helly Luv & Ardian Bujupi i Love this song Bravo

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