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‘It’s impossible to lower Kurdistan’s flag,’ declares Kirkuk rep

By Rudaw 1/4/2017
The Kurdish flag being raised in Kirkuk last week. Photo: Rudaw video
The Kurdish flag being raised in Kirkuk last week. Photo: Rudaw video
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – The acting head of Kirkuk Provincial Council said that they refuse to commit to the decision passed by the Iraqi parliament on Saturday condemning the raising of Kurdish flag in the city. 

“It is impossible for Kurdistan’s flag to be lowered again,” said Rebwar Talabani.

“This decision is not going to be implemented in Kirkuk. The federal court has decided that decisions made by the parliament will not go into effect. Hence, it will not be implemented in the province of Kirkuk. I therefore give good news to all the social makeup of the city of Kirkuk that executive decisions will not be implemented in cities that make decisions themselves.”

The Iraqi parliament voted on Saturday to repeal a decision by the Kirkuk Provincial Council last week to raise the Kurdistan flag over state buildings in the city. Arez Abdullah, a Kurdish member of the parliament said that almost all the Iraqi MPs except for the Kurds voted in favor of a motion which rejects the Tuesday’s vote by the local government in Kirkuk to raise the flag over the state institutions.

Talabani argued that Kirkuk is authorized under the constitution to make their own decisions.

“The decision made by Kirkuk’s provincial council was based on Articles 115 and 140 of the constitution. According to Article 115, regions and provinces are entitled to make decisions about things which do not fall within the authority of the federal government. Kirkuk is mentioned as a disputed area between the Kurdistan Region and the federal government in Article 140. They are both entitled to raise their flags. Hence, we haven’t exercised any unconstitutional or illegal powers. Out of the 328 MPs of the Iraqi parliament, 107 have voted for the decision,” Talabani reasoned.

“The decision which was made by the Iraqi parliament today is against all the principles of political agreements. It is unfortunate for the speaker of the parliament, who couldn’t balance the decision impartially today and listen to the opinions of other parties.”

“I thank Kurdish factions who were a very beautiful symbol today to all the people of Kurdistan, to their unity on questions which are not subject to negotiation and are paramount to the Kurdish nation as a whole,” Talabani continued.

“Because 107 MPs have voted out of the 328 MPs, we ask the Iraqi president not to sign the decision.”


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Flaminco | 1/4/2017
Ppffffffffffft the "Iraqi" parliament is the joke of the century, they can bark all they day long. And the Turkmen who took such miscalculated anti Kurdish stand will come regret it soon, they're badly mistaken if they think Turkey will come to save them, of course the ones that came out in support of the Kurdish flag are our brothers and will be spared.
guest worker | 1/4/2017
beautiful response , and how the heck can anything pass when only 107 MP's out of 328 vote for it? unfortunately the way rudaw presented the story I truly thought that 'all' the Arabs MP's voted for the motion, I apologize for my angry comment earlier. Can we at least know which parties voted for the motion?
Kerkuk is Kurdish, and the Kurdish flag must flutter high into the Kurdish sky.
FreedomOfSpeech | 2/4/2017
We'll see in the upcoming days how it is going to be lowered fast, also Kurds should be well aware whom they're facing, not just Iraq and Iraqi people but others who are willing to see Kurds vanish. I wish you'd come to your senses and realize that division will only hurt you the most.
Driver | 2/4/2017
@FreedomOfFart, you're truely cluless, the flag is not com8ng down. This issue is Iran vs Turkey, Iran is building a pipeline to Kerkuk, their ally PUK which control's Kerkuk took advantage of the Iranian position and raised the Kurdish flag knowing well that Iran must accept it if they want Kerkuks oil exports. This is the reason why ONLY Turkey and their proxies in Iraq are going mad, only 107 Iraqi MP's out of 328 supported this vote!. Besides farting (like you) there's nothing Turkey can do about it because they themselves raise the Kurdish flag for their own Kurdish ally because of economic interest, Iran can point that out to them. The Kurds have learned the game and become masters of playing the different sides against eachother, that's what bothers the likes of you :)

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KRG | 3/22/2018 12:55:42 PM
Good relations of KRG in the region will lead to fast economic develeoment. It could be a fast growing region again.
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