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UPDATE: Hollande arrives in Erbil to reaffirm France’s commitment against ISIS

By Rudaw 2/1/2017
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region— French President Francois Hollande arrived in the capital of the Kurdistan Region Erbil today where he was received by President Masoud Barzani and other top Kurdish officials, including military leaders on the frontline.


He later visited Peshmerga on the frontlines near Bashiqa with the Kurdish President Masoud Barzani.


President Hollande hailed the "remarkable" cooperation between his army and the Kurdish Peshmerga. 


"The Peshmerga are making efforts and offering sacrifices to further defeat ISIS," Hollande said. 


"The French army will continue with offering training, observation, and advice. It will also provide the necessary materials. This is the reason why I wanted to thank President Masoud Barzani for what he has done here and to tell him the cooperation between French forces and the Peshmerga is remarkable, and the same cooperation exists with the Iraqi forces. Thank you."



President Barzani told Rudaw TV that he had "a very good" meeting with his French counterpart. 

"It certainly was very good. He commended the Peshmerga forces. He spoke highly of the bravery of the Peshmerga. He reaffirmed that he would continue to support the Peshmerga." 



Masrour Barzani, chancellor of the Kurdistan Region Security Council, while accompanying the French president to the Peshmerga frontline at Zerdki Mountain near Bashiqa, told Rudaw TV that this visit is significant for the Region, and that it shows the French appreciation for the Kurdish Peshmerga in their fight against ISIS. 

“This is the second time he visits Kurdistan. The first time he came was when ISIS was very close to the Kurdistan capital. This time around though, ISIS faced a big defeat. This visit is to thank the Peshmerga, their sacrifices, and their role in defeating ISIS and the terrorists, not here alone, but [the terrorists] are a threat to other countries, in particular France which has become their target many times.” 

Masrour Barzani also commented on Kurdish aspirations for independence, and the French role in "past mistakes" against the Kurdish nation.

“France is one of the countries which had a role in creating [the current] borders in Sykes-Picot agreement. We hope for this agreement to be changed now, to help the Kurdish nation more--not to repeat the past mistakes--and compensate the Kurds.”


Former French Consul General in Erbil Frederic Tissot told Rudaw that the main aim of Hollande’s visit is to see and hear the latest about the ongoing Mosul offensive.

Tissot added that Hollande would reiterate France’s support for the Kurdish Peshmerga forces in their fight against ISIS.

“The president will reaffirm the commitment of French forces within the international coalition in the fight against Daesh (ISIS),” said a statement from Elysee palace on Hollande’s Monday visit to Iraq and Kurdistan Region.

This is Hollande’s second visit to the Kurdistan Region since the start of the war with ISIS. His first visit was in September 2014.

France has been one of the main backers of the Kurdish forces in the war against ISIS in the last two years and the country maintains a consulate general in Erbil and a cultural center.

Kurdish political leaders, chief among them President Barzani, and military leaders have also maintained regular visits to the French capital in the past several years.

Barzani last met with Hollande in Paris last September.

The French presidency said in a statement, according to Le Monde: “He will insist on the importance of continuing efforts to ensure a lasting security of the country after the defeat of Daesh and the coexistence of the communities in a united and sovereign Iraq,”

Hollande also visited French Special Forces stationed near Baghdad International Airport. 



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PLINY THE KURD | 2/1/2017
Wellcoming international support to the peshnerga ...but why do they so CAREFULLY add the unsincere words ..".in their fight against the I.S.".Thus, they remind us that there is no committement whatsoever with the plight and the case of the Kurdish Nation .This is the point.
thank you france | 2/1/2017
welcome home president hollande. welcome france.
history loop | 2/1/2017
wasent richard lionheart french?
Dutchman | 2/1/2017
Well done Nr. President. Please visit Kobani too, if you can. The Kurds there are the only effective force against IS in Syria, but now threatened by the evil coalition of Putin, Erdogan, Assad and Khamenei.
New Middel East | 2/1/2017
Iraq has never been , is not and will not be a 'united' country. Those words like united are nice but have no value when looking at the reality. No Kurd want to live in this constellation. People want a Kurdistan to be recognized finally!

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KRG | 8/16/2018 4:47:00 AM
The tribes of Barzani and Talabani that sold half of Kurdistan flee from every battle will also not care about rubbish.
Erbil, Why all the rubbish?
| yesterday at 11:45 | (1)
Shervan | 8/15/2018 9:02:39 PM
Turkey bombed the ezidis in Shingal today. And the KRG calls Turkey a Partner. What a shame.
kaysernas | 8/16/2018 1:28:16 AM
By the Turkish created, materially supported, encouraged Turks. Kurdish Reporters need to reconsider their relations with the Turks and Turkey.
Rudaw hosts first international conference on Yezidi Genocide
| 23 hours ago | (2)
Azad | 8/15/2018 7:22:29 PM
Don't care. These people are members or paid by Haashd al-Shaabi. They work with arabs against kurds in Iraq. Not all but some Yezidis don't even see...
Erhan | 8/15/2018 8:14:01 PM
Local.. Terrorist leader.
Turkey strikes YBS vehicles in Shingal, killing local PKK leader
| yesterday at 06:25 | (5)
Bala | 8/15/2018 5:08:18 PM
Through our the 60's-90's it was done out of sight, there was no internet or media in Iraq. This time it's all documented, the shia theives shouldn't...
Happyman | 8/15/2018 6:53:35 PM
Well done kick out all kurds
Another Kurdish official ousted in Kirkuk, replaced by Turkmen
| yesterday at 07:10 | (3)

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