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Gorran calls for abolition of Political Leadership body

By Rudaw 2/10/2017
Gorran has called for Kurdistan Region to strengthen its institutions and urged greater international participation. File photo: Sartip Othman/Rudaw
Gorran has called for Kurdistan Region to strengthen its institutions and urged greater international participation. File photo: Sartip Othman/Rudaw
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Gorran has called for the abolition of the newly-formed Political Leadership of Kurdistan – Iraq, arguing that what the Region needs now is concentrated development and strengthening of its democratic institutions. 

“The Political Leadership of Kurdistan – Iraq should be disestablished and the Kurdistan Region’s institutions should be developed and nationalized instead,” read a statement from Gorran published by the party’s media outlet Sbeiy. 

The establishment of the Political Leadership was announced on Sunday. The body emerged out of the High Referendum Council, which had overseen the referendum process and was disbanded on Sunday, and has been tasked with managing the post-referendum phase. The multi-party Council was headed by Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani. Gorran did not have a representative on the Council as the party lobbied for parliament to oversee the referendum, not the party-led body. 

“Our nation is currently at a sensitive and dangerous phase,” Gorran stated on Monday. “The financial crisis, legal vacuum, and the lack of social justice have put the lives of citizens and social peace at great jeopardy.”

The party blamed 25 years of “failed politics,” since the Kurdistan Region gained self-autonomy, and said that prioritizing the independence referendum ahead of addressing the Region’s problems and “achieving national unity” was a continuation of this failure. 

Gorran said the referendum created another political crisis as the vote has been rejected by Baghdad, neighbouring countries, and Western allies, posing a “serious threat” to the people and the gains Kurdistan has achieved. 

“The citizens of Kurdistan are currently fearful, hesitant and disappointed in the face of an uncertain future,” Gorran stated, outlining steps the party believes should be taken at this time. 

It called on the Kurdistan parliament to form a “discussion body” to engage with Baghdad with UN and international supervision to resolve problems and urged Kurdistan to welcome initiatives presented by the international community. 

Gorran also suggested parliamentary and presidential elections, scheduled for November 1, should have international supervision. 

The party slammed Baghdad for “collective punishment” and said the referendum should not be an excuse for Iraq to renege on Kurdistan’s rights that are enshrined in the constitution. 

It called on the central government in Baghdad to review decisions it made before and after the September 25 vote “and revoke those that are against the interests of the people of Kurdistan and that will cause complications and instability.” 


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JamKurd | 2/10/2017
Goran: you can run in the Nov 1 elections like all other parties. Outline your platform and the people will decide. Stop asking to disband this or that committe and unilaterally try to negotiate with the sectarian Baghdad! You were not brave enough to vote No but went along and voted Yes. And now you are retracting. Shame on you! Steadfast like all Kurdistan!
Muraz Adzhoev | 2/10/2017
Gorran’s “very busy” but changeless and useless “movement” looks and acts like a “windowless-wheelless car” that wants to stand in front of Kurdistan's national locomotive rapidly approaching the main purpose of the final destination of the People, communities, political parties, civil organizations and sovereign authorities of Southern Kurdistan, free, independent, fruitful, peaceful and secured future for the current and next generations of citizens of this particular land, country, which will create great opportunities to resolve peacefully by political, diplomatic and economic means all national problems of the Kurdish people in neighbor countries.
FAUthman | 2/10/2017
The referendum was absolutely necessary and Kurds did an impressive job in conducting it. But seismic repercussions in Kurdistan, in Iraq and the region most observers expected to happen. The good thing is that no action was taken against the referendum while the referendum was being conducted and no violence has irrupted after the referendum, and finally a strong statement by Sec. Tillerson warning against any violence even allusion of may trigger US reaction. US mediation is absolutely essential for Kurds talks with Baghdad to happen and to bear fruit. The key issue today in the conflict is: Baghdad insists that Kurds revoke the referendum results, which is not going to happen! A passive US spells instability and disaster for the region if it occurs. Tempers will cool off after a while and talks may start to resolve differences between Arbil and Baghdad which may lead to independence or confederation. A lot of the political posturing in Arbil Baghdad and Ankara were to influence a local audience.
bye bye | 3/10/2017
can some one please tell who is Goran
Jay | 3/10/2017
Gorran ought to be very careful at this stage to raise sensitive issues as Baghdad and the neighbouring countries will penetrate the political sphere and subdue referendum results. Although their concerns are genuine, they shouldn't ask for dramatic changes, Gorran had so far refused to be part of the deal and now once again pretending to be the only caring party for Kurds welfare.
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