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‘Let ISIS see we do not die’: Yezidis repair their temples

By Rudaw 4/6/2017
BASHIQA, Kurdistan Region – Members of Sheikh Hassan temple in Bashiqa have begun work to repair the Yezidi place of worship. 

Five families, “servants” of the holy site, have raised funds to repair the temple in Bashiqa, northeast of Mosul, that was destroyed by ISIS when the extremist group carried out genocide against the Yezidi people. 

“Let ISIS see with their eyes that we repaired it in even a more beautiful way,” said one volunteer. “Our domes are always beautiful, but it has become more attractive than before. Let them know we do not die.”

ISIS destroyed twenty temples in Bashiqa and Bahzan. The cost to repair all twenty temples is around 450 to 500 million Iraqi Dinar (380 - 420 thousand USD).


JamKurd | 4/6/2017
Dast Xoosh. Yezidis are alive and well. Dash are destroyed and in Hell!
Lao in | 4/6/2017
Good bless them!
aryan blood | 4/6/2017
ezidi religion is the true faith of all kurds.same nation same language(standard kurmanci).isis is the same arab invades in 7th century.

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The Turks are now behaving like the Nazis of the years 1935-1945. The Turks want to exterminate all Kurds just like what the Nazis did to the...
Joe Vito | 1/20/2019 3:22:31 PM
The Kurds are God's war heroes, they are the only foot soldiers on the ground fighting Isis in Syria. They saved countless Christians and Yezidi's...
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Arjun. | 1/20/2019 1:29:22 PM
Please no. Don’t bring that feminist crap to kurdistan. Feminism is man hating. Look at what’s happening in the west. Feminism is cancer.
Kikan | 1/20/2019 2:49:48 PM
The west have been pushing this agenda for decades and look at the results . Low birth rate , women are more lonely than ever , single motherhood and...
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