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PM Barzani: Kurds lost all hope with Baghdad, must protect themselves as a state

By Rudaw 3/8/2017
Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Nechirvan Barzani speaks at a ceremony held to commemorate the third anniversary of the ISIS invasion of Shingal. Photo from Rudaw video
Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Nechirvan Barzani speaks at a ceremony held to commemorate the third anniversary of the ISIS invasion of Shingal. Photo from Rudaw video
DUHOK, Kurdistan Region—In a speech marking the third anniversary of the ISIS invasion of Shingal and the murder and abduction of thousands of Yezidis, the Kurdistan Regional Government’s (KRG) Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani said that the Kurds have lost all hope in living with Iraq and that in order to live in peace and prevent the recurrence of similar tragedies they must decide their own future through a referendum.
“I say this, unfortunately, that we have no hope that Iraq could get better,” PM Barzani said at a ceremony held in Duhok. “We tried every way with Iraq but we have completely lost hope.”
“Our past experience with Iraq has led us to this conclusion that there is no way we could defend ourselves and our rights in Iraq," Barzani added.
“Therefore, in order to maintain and protect our peace and coexistence we will have to show our ambitions to the whole world in a referendum.”
Barzani who said that the ISIS massacre of thousands of Yezidis in August 2014 was “without any doubt genocide” and that “The voice of Shingal in this referendum is very important because it is the voice of the Anfal genocide and the voice of the pains of our people.”
“It will be a call for freedom from subjugation and slavery.”
He added: “And I must say that a referendum by itself is not our goal, it is a means, a tool to a bigger goal. And I hope we can solve all these through dialogue with Baghdad.”
The Kurdish Prime Minister said that the tragedy that befell the Yezidis three years ago is a pain and heartache to all Kurds.
“The KRG still feels the pain of what happened three years ago.” PM Barzani said. “The KRG will do its best to reduce the pain of what happened to our beloved Yezidis.”
“The acts of ISIS went beyond all cruelty.”
He went on to say that all could turn a new white page of rebuilding and coexistence in Kurdistan and Shingal and “erase the black page of ISIS.”
Barzani said that the Kurds had sensed the danger of ISIS and al-Qaeda before it and that they had tried to acquire weapons to face the danger, but that the efforts had failed due to international political obstacles.
“We felt the danger of ISIS and Al-Qaeda in those areas and we tried through various ways to acquire weapons, even though those efforts were conducted in secret, international political barriers always came before our efforts,” PM Barzani said.
“We wanted to have good weapons and a modern defense system to protect our people and country.”
Barzani reminded his audience that it was the Iraqi army that failed the Yezidis and other peoples of Nineveh in 2014 by melting away before ISIS within hours.
“It is clear to all that fighting terrorism and protection in Nineveh was the responsibility of the Iraqi forces,” he said. “They had advanced weapons and all they needed. But when five Iraqi army divisions took off their uniform and ran away they left behind the best and most advanced weapons to ISIS which they used to attack the Nineveh plains and the beloved Shingal region in particular.”
The Prime Minister said that the arms Peshmerga had in possession were no match for the advanced weaponry ISIS had just seized from the Iraqi army.
“When ISIS came with those weapons they were more advanced than our Peshmerga. And with the old weapons they had in their hands there was no way the Peshmerga could defend Shingal.” Barzani said.
“In the meantime, the ISIS invasion was heading towards Baghdad and the Iraqi army was in a state of continued collapse and couldn’t stop the advance of the terrorists with all the advanced arms they had.”
Barzani said that ISIS carried out the 74th Anfal against the Kurds and Yezidis and the Kurds had long feared the repetition of those tragedies.
The Kurdish Prime Minister said that Baghdad discriminated against the Peshmerga and failed its constitutional obligation of supplying them with weapons as part of Iraq’s defense system.
“The Iraqi government never gave weapons to the Peshmerga as part of the Iraqi defense system,” he said. “The Iraqi government was never ready to do for the Peshmerga what it did for Hashd al-Shaabi with all due respect to the Hashd al-Shaabi.”
“We are not against the Hashd al-Shaabi, but we ask why when they fought in the same trenches with the Peshmerga Iraqi government isn’t ready to acknowledge the Peshmerga and their fight against ISIS?”
“This is what makes us lose hope that Baghdad could ever solve the Kurdish issue, this is what makes us not trust Baghdad again.”
PM Barzani said that the Kurds did their “best to improve the situation in Iraq but it only got worse until the arrival of ISIS.”
“The whole situation and the rise of ISIS are absolute outcomes of wrong and failed policies practiced in Iraq since 2003.”


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Muraz Adzhoev | 3/8/2017
No discussions, no talks, no negotiations on unity and integrity of the catastrophically and tragically failed Iraqi federation any more, only appropriate terms and conditions of a peace treaty on bilateral relations between independent Southern Kurdistan and new Iraq must be approved and concluded by political and legal means in accordance with the international law, principles and norms of humanitarian values and historical justice. The world community, the UN SC and GA are fully obliged to recognize, protect and respect the inevitable final results of the upcoming referendum, the sovereign will, decision and choice of the free People of democratic, secular, progressive and developing Southern Kurdistan, the Sun-shining country of peace, security, multiethnic and multicultural brotherhood in the Middle East Region. This is not the Kurdish national dream any more, because this is the actual and absolutely justified reality, which has been actively and decisively coming in to be for ever the factor of peace, security, stability and cooperation, the political factor to solve appropriately and peacefully the Kurdish national issues of other regions of geographical Greater Kurdistan in neighboring countries.
Mohamedzzz | 3/8/2017
Kurds are wasting precious time in not declaring independence, once the situation settles, they are going to get the short side of the stick, under Turkey's patronage neighboring countries will join forces against the Kurds. DECLARE INDEPENDENCE 'NOW' before it is TOOOOOOOOOOO late
PLINY THE KURD | 3/8/2017
P.M. Barzani is absolutey right in every thing. Furthermore , Pliny the Kurd is here to remind everyone that the I.S , just like Anfal and the chemical bombardements, came from Baghdad. What else could we, as Kurds, expect from Baghdad ? .This is the language we should use to build our case for independence. We should be frank and resolute in our strife for independence. The Kurdish leadership has the wisdom and the courage , and it deserves all our respect and absolute loyalty .
PAUL DE NOLE | 3/8/2017
The rulers of Baghdad are Arabs and sectarian shia.They deny the existence of the Kurdish nation and they want to enslave, subjugate and arabize the Kurds. The Kurds have never accepted to be Iraquis, they have been always in war for independence. The situation of the Kurds is worse than slavery or colonialism, because the colonial powers recognize the culture and the existence of indigenous populations, and even the slaves enjoy the protection and maintainance from the part of their lords , while the Arab rulers of Iraq deny the existence of the Kurds and wage on them genocide war and destruction. Baghdad will never again threaten the Kurdish Nation once the Kurdish State emerges from the referendum of 25 September 2017. If some world powers do like the Arabs may they deserve to see Arabs killing their citizens on the streets of London and Paris.Let's tell the world that it were Arabs ( and not Kurds) who attacked the twinn towers, Paris ,Nice and London. Europeans we should be grateful to the brave Kurds who are defeating the I.S. in a war that Europe does not dare to fight. Unashamed, some European leaders still do support the nasty Arabs and Turks against the brave Kurds.
FAUthman | 3/8/2017
There comes a point when Kurds need to say to hell with Baghdad and to "dialogue" with Baghdad. We do not know who Baghdad is anymore and whether the deal it makes with Kurds today will be honored tomorrow. All eyes are on Kurdistan parliament If it convenes in August then Kurds will speak with one voice and can face the future united!

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boris fanclub | 11/23/2017 10:30:04 AM
i will not complain as long uk is bitch slappin iranian mullahs left right center. GOD SAVE THE MIGHTY AWESOME QUEEN.
Kurd supporter for a good while longer | 11/23/2017 12:09:17 PM
Boris Fanclub - the Queen is 91 I don't think anyone is going to save her that long. Seriously though nice to see someone NOT criticising the UK for...
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Shkak | 11/23/2017 7:22:49 AM
They are still dividing and conspiring in the search of power and greed. They are traitors.
Discussions | 11/23/2017 7:39:44 AM
The two parties are discussing how to distribute among themselves the benefits of their treason of October 16 .
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Kurdo | 11/23/2017 7:21:23 AM
IranMan why the separist thinking? Joomori eslami e Iran was founded by Israel. They even supported you against Saddam. Mullah Iran is a zionist...
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Outsider | 11/23/2017 4:59:03 AM
At the end of the day... just speculations... if the peshmerger do not want to talk about them.. my understanding would be they know who this group...
dan | 11/23/2017 5:39:38 AM
What group? you found nothing. You have not one shred of evidence. could be aliens, could be germans, could be anything.. we and you will never know...
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