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Backgammon while paragliding? Only in Kurdistan

By 6/8/2017

By Ahmad Sangawi


In a bid to promote tourism in the Kurdistan Region, two brothers are taking a unique approach to an already unique activity.

Several thousand meters above the ground they filmed themselves playing backgammon while paragliding.

While table games may not be for everyone, the brothers hope to encourage others to take up paragliding.

Sulaimani, nestled in the mountains, provides amazing views while in the controlled fall.

They say the weather in the skies of the Kurdistan Region are preferable to those in Oludeniz, Turkey.


Baran | 6/8/2017
So they not just did it for fun but to promote tourism in Kurdistan. Mashallah good work. Why politicians are not so eager for their country?
Salih | 7/8/2017
Looks good

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Do they clean up after their picnic, or leave a heap of garbage behind them, like scavenging coyotes?
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ashoor | 3/21/2019 3:48:06 PM
Happy Iranian New Year!
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@ashoor Thanks Ashoor jan, Wish you health and happiness.
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