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Baghdad may lift flight ban, pay audited salaries before Newroz: Abadi

By Rudaw 6/3/2018
Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi speaking at a press conference on Tuesday.
Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi speaking at a press conference on Tuesday.
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Baghdad may lift the international flight ban on the Kurdistan Region and send salaries for the KRG ministries that have been audited before the Newroz holiday, the prime minister announced on Tuesday. 

“Inshallah we will pay the Region’s salaries and re-open the airports before Newroz,” Haider al-Abadi said in a press conference, later repeating, “Inshallah soon, maybe before Newroz.”

Newroz, the Kurdish new year, is celebrated on March 21.

Clarifying that payments may begin soon only in the ministries that have been completely audited, health and education, Abadi said, “The audit will continue but we will pay salaries according to what we have finished.”

Baghdad has stated it would pay the Kurdistan Region’s public sector salaries, but only after the employee lists were audited, citing concern about bloated employee rolls and corruption. 

Abadi said that difficulties arose because the KRG has a separate salary system to the rest of Iraq and Baghdad does not have its own data on the Region’s employees. 

The central government has tasked auditing committees with reviewing the KRG’s payroll lists, gathered through biometric registration, beginning with the health and education ministries. The audits of these ministries are complete and the auditors have stated they have concerns about three percent of the data. 

Speaking earlier this week, KRG Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani pledged to pay public sector salaries whatever the cost.

"We will distribute salaries from the revenues we have and what we receive, regardless of how much it is,” he said.

Abadi said that the central government will pay just a “portion of the Region’s salaries, and they will pay the rest,” noting that the Kurdistan Region exports more than 300,000 bpd of oil, “which is 10 percent of Iraqi oil exports.”

Erbil and Baghdad have each provided different figures for the Region’s oil exports. In January, KRG spokesperson Safeen Dizayee said the Kurdistan Region was exporting an average of 265,970 barrels after losing the Kirkuk oil fields in October. He was responding to an earlier claim by Abadi that the KRG was exporting as much as 450,000 daily in October. 

Oil is one of the most contentious issues in the fractured relationship between Erbil and Baghdad. Relations plummeted after the Kurdistan vote for independence last fall and Baghdad imposed a series of measures aimed at enforcing federal control over the autonomous region, including taking control of the disputed areas. 

A ban on international flights in and out of Erbil and Sulaimani airports was one of the measures that the KRG has described as punitive. 

As talks between the two governments have progressed in 2018, Baghdad last month granted permission for international flights to take off and land from Kurdistan Region airports for those traveling to Saudi Arabia for the Umrah pilgrimage. 

Sulaimani International Airport announced on Tuesday that its first Umrah flight will take off on Wednesday, March 7 with authorization from Iraq’s aviation authority. 

“Other than this we have not received any other decree for other international flights,” a statement from the airport read, confirming that the flight ban remains in place.

A flight from Sulaimani to Jedda is scheduled for 2:00 am Wednesday morning. 

No scheduled Umrah flights are listed on the website of Erbil International Airport.  


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Real Kurd | 6/3/2018
Never trust this Bedouin, he is liar, the biggest liar on the planet after Erdogan. Kurd must unite and declare independent. it will never work with these religious fascists. If her really means it, he can open the airports within 48 hours. Don't fall for his lies. Viva Independent Kurdistan. 93% voted Yes. Kurdistan is a rich region, let's live on little for a few years but let's have the free state is the best solution for Kurdish pride and dignity.
Muraz Adzhoev | 6/3/2018
This is nothing but Abadi’s clearly immoral and insolent mockery, disregard and discriminatory attitude towards the people of Kurdistan and the KRG authorities. For how long are the KRG and the High Political Council of the Referendum yet ready to tolerate this? Obviously Baghdad will continue to grow bolder more and more, if Erbil does not respond immediately and adequately by all means. Erbil certainly can and must respond with the expressed national-patriotic dignity of the convincingly self-determined People, Peshmerga forces, political, civil society of Southern Kurdistan
Boondock | 6/3/2018
I love this guy. Nobody trolls kurds as much as him. Embarrassing the kurds on every opportunity. Dont worry kurds youll be flying all over the world soon ;)
az | 6/3/2018
Lets just hope he is true to his own words this time. He always makes false promises.
Chris Gal | 6/3/2018
Oh darn, he said Inshallah.... Now he has some else to blame.

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Hhsh | 11/15/2018 7:23:15 AM
Wow great move turkey. NOT killing the PKK is one thing but targeting them and killing peshmerga even if by accident BIG MISTAKE!
Turkish airstrikes kill at least 3 people including Peshmerga in Amedi
| yesterday at 09:25 | (1)
The Reader | 11/14/2018 10:34:54 PM
Who can explain why does the USA fear Erdogan? Turkey hates and humiliates the Americans while the US, fearful, bows to Turkey and behaves ...
Tahir Fatah | 11/15/2018 6:09:44 AM
Erdogan, Ottomanism and Turkish nationalism a century after WWI
| 14/11/2018 | (4)
Yassir Fekaiki
Yassir Fekaiki | 11/14/2018 3:37:53 PM
He should contact Bafel Talabany' and his Cunter Terrorists Group who own and use the real $500,000 ones for fun on London streets with Registration...
Saleha Bhayat | 11/15/2018 2:02:12 AM
Well Done on building your super car.
Kurdish chop shop builds homemade Lamborghini
| yesterday at 03:43 | (2)
JamKurd | 11/15/2018 12:43:11 AM
This Daesh SOB should be delivered to the Kurds to be executed with families of the Peshmarga martyred participate in tightening the noose around...
Senior ISIS leader confesses to capturing, parading Peshmerga
| yesterday at 07:14 | (1)

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