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Senior commander of anti-Iran PDK found dead in Raniya

By Rudaw 7/3/2018
File photo shows Qadir Qairi, commander of the Iranian Deocratic Party, speaking to Rudaw. Photo: Rudaw TV
File photo shows Qadir Qairi, commander of the Iranian Deocratic Party, speaking to Rudaw. Photo: Rudaw TV
SULAIMANI, Kurdistan Region — A commander of a Kurdish party opposed to the Iranian government was found dead on Wednesday in a village of the Kurdistan Region near the Iranian border. His party says he was "assassinated.”

Qadir Qadiri, the deceased Peshmerga, was a commander of the Kurdistan Democratic Party-Iran.

Ibrahim Zewayee, the head of the PDK foreign office, told Rudaw that they found Qadiri’s body in Hartal village, located in Raniya district of Sulaimani province, about 79 kilometers east of Erbil city.

They have opened an investigation, Zewayee added.

Qubad Talabani, deputy KRG prime minister, extended his condolences the family and relatives of Qadir Qadiri, as well as the party. He pledged his government would pursue the matter.

"We as the Kurdistan Regional Government ensure you that we have assigned all security units to arrest the perpetrators as soon as possible and hand them to court so that they are legally prosecuted,” he stated.


The party revealed in a statement that the commander was on a visit to the “Balisan-Chwarqurna front,” on Tuesday night with his personal car.

The commander was taken out of his car, and shot 20 times, the statement detailed.

“We hold the Islamic Republic of Iran and its mercenaries responsible for the assassination of our brave comrade,” the party said, adding that they see it as a continuation of a series of “terrorist acts,” carried out against Kurdish parties opposed to Iran.

Raniya police said that they found the body in a “grave yard” in Hartal shot 21 times with a Kalashnikov weapon. They identified him as an Iranian citizen and a PDK commander.

The police said that they retrieved the Kalashnikov that was left at the crime scene, adding that they have opened an investigation into the incident with the approval of a judge.

He resided in Koya where Kurdish armed groups from Iran are headquartered.

The party lost five members in a bombing in December 2016 that they blamed on Iran. A court in Erbil ruled on March 1 to release three suspects of the bombing after investigators failed to provide evidence that they were involved.

If the “assassination” allegation is confirmed, it would become the second such targeting of Iranian Kurdish parties in one week. 

On March 1, a bomb attack targeted two Peshmerga fighters of the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan (PDKI) in Bnaslawa. One of them lost his life

The PDK splintered from the PDKI in 2006, but have pledged to establish better communications and a united front in 2018

Most of the opposition Kurdish parties have their headquarters in the Kurdistan Region, an issue that was raised during a high-level meeting between Iranian officials and the visiting Kurdish Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani in Tehran earlier this year. 

PM Barzani said at the time that they don’t allow any Kurdish party to stage attacks against Iran or any other neighboring country.

Last updated at 10:16 p.m.


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delshad | 7/3/2018
i guess our enemies are in a rush to finish us all , when our leaders going to figure it out only kurdish united is a formula.
Farzad | 7/3/2018
Sounds like internal terrorist civil war. Stop accusing Iran with no evidence Rudaw.
Outsider | 7/3/2018
Isn't it interesting... Iran kills 'Iranian Kurds' ... and the YPG is kissing the Mollahs b@!t to get Shia Militia support in Afrin... up to everyone to make their own conclusion...
Mama risha | 7/3/2018
PDK, PDKI and PAK should be togehter again for the right cause. Its because of ther breake up it is not a strong way anymore in Rojhelat that relly fight for the people. PJAK is nothing in rojhelat and have no power. And they go the way the wind is blowing. Komala is to little now in these days. The leaders most start think like in the good old days and be togheter for the people and not for the popularity and money.
Esther Haman | 7/3/2018
Nothing can be further from the truth. Kurds are %100 Iranian/Persian and for Iran who is and has fought the Arabs/Saddam Hussain of Iraq and the ISIS to free these people these accusations are plain Zionists propaganda. Whoever wants to side with them is a traitor to the Kurds and their own heritage, plain and simple.

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Freddy | 12/13/2018 3:37:56 AM
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guest2002 | 12/13/2018 3:24:42 AM
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Imagine being a sunni and nominating a shia after all the death and suffering that shias inflicted on the sunni population. These are not "sunnis"...
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