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Three Kurdish villages say they face eviction in Kirkuk

By Rudaw 10/7/2018
A general view of the Hanjira village, Kirkuk. Photo: Facebook
A general view of the Hanjira village, Kirkuk. Photo: Facebook
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Some 600 Kurdish families from three villages near Kirkuk allege they are being forced off their land. 

Residents of Hanjira, Choplija, and Bajwan villages say they have received eviction notices from the North Oil Company (NOC), a state-owned entity. 

"Our village had in the past fallen within the working area of the North Oil Company. In 2003 we visited the Kirkuk governorate. They compensated us with the place now we are in and we reconstructed it in 2005," Nuraldin Saadun, chieftan of Hanjira village, told Rudaw.

The former Iraqi regime’s Arabization policy was brought to an end in the new Iraq after 2003 and the new government took efforts to make reparations for the regime’s policy. 

After October, fears of Arabization returned when Kurdish forces withdrew from the disputed areas – ethnically mixed territory claimed by both Erbil and Baghdad – and Iraqi forces assumed control. 

Villagers say they have received warnings from NOC to leave the area and police have asked them to attend court to formalize the process. 

Saadun said NOC should offer compensation because residents had built the new villages themselves. 

Some have declared they will refuse to abandon their homes. 

"This is the land of our ancestors. We are being pressured to leave it,” said Mohammed Ali, a resident of Bajwan. “We will not abandon it for anyone.”

The chieftain of Bajwan village echoed the sentiment that this decree is an attempt to revive the Baath regime's rulings.

"These three villages have been reconstructed by the Kirkuk Provincial Council and Kurdish sides and they compensated us for our lands. They did not allow us to build houses in our original places because there were oil wells and gas pipes, thus, they gave us this place as compensation," said Fathulla Saed.

Bajwan village had an agreement with the oil company on where they could build their village. 

"They advised us that we could build houses behind the fences. We signed pledge forms that we would not transgress the fence's limits,” Saed explained. 

He thinks the new eviction notices are “the implications of the October 16 events as Kurds lost administrative and military authority over Kirkuk."

He alleged that former Baathists are now working in the Kirkuk administration and asked why Arab villages in the area have not received similar eviction notices. 

"We have promised we will not abandon our homes, even if they destroy them on top of us,” said Saed.

Kirkuk police and administration within the city did not respond to requests from Rudaw for comment. 

Kirkuk’s former suburban police chief, Brig. Gen. Sarhad Qadir, said they were aware of attempts being made by the Kirkuk police to forcefully evict Kurdish villagers from their homes.

Kurdish parties and MPs are in contact with local authorities to resolve the matter, Qadir added. 


Hama | 10/7/2018
This is the situatinn for kurds under arab rule. Only KDP and certain elements within PUK have shown any interest in protecting kurds from arabization. Selemani opposition have not even mentioned arabization. They don't care about kurds. All they care about is attacking KDP and to some extent PUK at any cost. Gorran are happy that Kirkuk is under arabs and arabization is happening again. They do absolutely nothing to stop it and even support arabs in widening the zone of arabization by constantly undermining KRG. Go talk to Gorran and they will say situation for kurds in Kirkuk and disputed areas are normal. They will say kurds are treated well under arabs. Reality is very different.
Muraz Adzhoev | 10/7/2018
Anti-constitutional military occupation and forcefull arabization of so called “disputed (Kurdish) territories (cities, districts, provinces)”, unlawful sanctions against Kurdistan (autonomous) Region undertaken by and according to criminal orders of the Iraqi authorities (Government, Parliament and silent President of the Iraqi federation) actually show and prove that ruling Iraqi arab (and some other pro-Iranian factions) elites are preparing to the partition of the failed Iraqi federation, but with much territorial benefits for themselves at the all-embracing expense of the sovereignly and legitimately self-determined People (the Kurdish people, other ethnic-religious communities) of Southern Kurdistan. Iraq (Baghdad) has been at aggressive cold and hot war with Kurdistan (Erbil). This is the fact that must be admitted officially.
Ke | 10/7/2018
Resolve what? the Shia Arabs are on the offensive and trying to evect Kurds left and right since Peshmerga abandones it, with every mean while Kurdish MP's keep running to Baghdad begging this and that Shia official to intervene. These people don't understand this kind of language, talk and negotiate until you're blue in the face, in the end they will try to take your land and you will have to fight them, as have happened over and over in the past.

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Pliny The Kurd | 12/8/2018 10:28:46 PM
People like Nabaz make the nation. Science, fine arts, literature and philosophy constitute the soul of the nation. Just an example : Amédée Xani...
Chia | 12/9/2018 4:46:28 AM
I am so sad and sorry to hear this news.Hi is the father of Kurdish nationalism and unity and movement he was very smart he really cared about...
First publisher of book on physics in Kurdish Jamal Nabaz passes away
| yesterday at 01:48 | (2)
Gunrash | 12/8/2018 9:40:15 PM
Bla bla bla bla... this is ALL pointless!! We fought and repelled ISIS in Kirkuk too, remember? And we sacrificed warriors while doing so.. what good...
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pre-Boomer Marine brat | 12/7/2018 8:01:06 PM
"Both sides reaffirmed their resolve to fight terrorism.." --- Except that each side defines terrorism differently. Washington knows that and...
FAUthman | 12/8/2018 5:49:04 PM
What counts is not what comes out as public statements from these US/Turkey meetings. Erdogan had said US needs to make a choice between YPG and...
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Ahmed | 12/8/2018 9:22:02 AM
With pkk and their affiliates you can forget. The only way to gain autonomy and federalism in Rojava is to first change its name to Regional...
Hama | 12/8/2018 4:35:07 PM
guest2002 Yet another jealous PKK cult member attacking KRG. Listen kid noone is saying it's perfect but it's the only proven model that works,...
Can the KRG model be replicated in northern Syria?
| 7/12/2018 | (7)

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