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Kurdish Jews support independence in 'land of Medians, our prophets’

By Rudaw 11/6/2017
Kurds and Israelis in Israel show their support for Kurdistan and Peshmerga in 2014. Photo: Ivan Sindy
Kurds and Israelis in Israel show their support for Kurdistan and Peshmerga in 2014. Photo: Ivan Sindy
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — The Kurdish Jewish Community (KJC) says Jews locally, in diaspora and in Israel welcome the decision to hold a Kurdish referendum on independence citing stateless domination and atrocities faced by nations in the region.

“On behalf of the all Kurdish Jews in Kurdistan and diaspora, we call upon all the free and genuine nations in Mesopotamia, we call upon the significant and distinguished people, we call all the political parties and social groups to put an end for suppression, mass atrocities, displacement, occupation, destroying civilization, history, and our existence, and for the sake of our future generations to serve humanity and live in a peaceful society, let altogether vote and say (YES) for independence of Kurdistan,” reads the statement.

Over the past 100 years, Iraq has been governed through British mandate, monarchy, military rule, the Baathist regime and now a representative republic. In that time span, Kurds and other minority groups have endured killings, forced displacement, and disputes over resources, budget and land.

“After a century of domination and suppression by the regimes and states that Kurdistan had been divided over, which caused death of thousands of people, except the prolonged ethnic cleansings that had been carried out against the Kurdish nation and other ethnic groups in Kurdistan,” the statement outlined.
Muslims, Christians, Jews, and other religious, ethnic, and sectarial live in the Kurdistan Region, which is majority Sunni Muslim.

Between 1948 and 1951, over 121,000 Jews left Iraq and Kurdistan for the Holy Land in the so- called Operation Ezra and Nehemiah as Israel airlifted tens of thousands of Jews following Iraqi government’s intensified persecution of Jews, after the creation of Israel.

“The Kurdish Jews in Kurdistan, diaspora, and Israel iterate our support for Kurdish independence referendum; Kurdistan is the land of Medians, our prophets Nahum and Daniel,” the statement details. 
Some 1,000 Jews still live in the Kurdistan region according to the Kurdish ministry of religious affairs, which in October 2014 designated two people to represent their fellow Jewish citizens in the ministry.

“In order to raise our hand to sky with our own will for independence, we must be united to take the ownership of our soil, water, revenues, and sky within an independent Kurdistan with tolerance, and coexistence,” the statement added.




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Azad | 11/6/2017
The Kurdish Jews should all return to Kurdistan. You are a great enrichment for our country (economically and culturally). We all share the same blood (no matter what religion) and nobody can divide us! Many Kurdish Jews support their home country and their forces to fullest and still have a bond to it. We love you sisters and brothers! Comeback to the lands of your ancestors!
Karwan | 11/6/2017
God bless them and Israel.
FreeSpeech | 11/6/2017
And they ask us why we respect and like Israel and Jews!, which Islamic country had the decency or courage to say out loud that they support Kurdish peoples right for indipendence? If not support us in a time like this then when? when it's all over and we've gained recognition? We will never forget the position of our Jewish brother's and sister's, never.
Baran | 11/6/2017
As a Muslim Kurd I say we Kurds must unite and every support is welcome. Be careful with fake Kurds insulting Islam Jews or others they are not Kurds and want to create conflict amongst us.
dara | 11/6/2017
Thank you! When are we going to see some Turks and Persians give some support? We understand thay the brutal Iranian and Turkish regime will never support Kurdish rights but at least ordinary people can show a little support on social media. Arabs are coming out with statements of support, not all of course but their are voices from certain Arab countries like Saudi Arabia and even some Iraqi Arab figures have taken to Twitter/FB and expressed their support, something we appreciate very much!

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Arjun. | 1/20/2019 1:29:22 PM
Please no. Don’t bring that feminist crap to kurdistan. Feminism is man hating. Look at what’s happening in the west. Feminism is cancer.
Kikan | 1/20/2019 2:49:48 PM
The west have been pushing this agenda for decades and look at the results . Low birth rate , women are more lonely than ever , single motherhood and...
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