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Iraqi court orders arrest of Kurdistan electoral commission members

By Rudaw 11/10/2017
Members and head of the Kurdistan Region's High Electoral and Referendum Commission. Photo: Rudaw video
Members and head of the Kurdistan Region's High Electoral and Referendum Commission. Photo: Rudaw video
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – An Iraqi court has issued arrest warrants for members of the Kurdistan Region’s High Electoral and Referendum Commission on charges of supervising the independence referendum contrary to a decision made by Iraq’s high federal court.
“The Rusafa Investigation Court has issued an arrest warrant for the head and members of the commission who supervised the referendum in the Kurdistan Region,” said Judge Abdulstar Bayraqdar, spokesperson for the high judicial council.

The Rusafa court is located in Baghdad. 
“The verdict was issued after the National Security Council filed a lawsuit arguing that the referendum was contrary to the decision of the high federal court,” he explained. 

Iraq’s National Security Council, under the authority of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, stated on Monday it had put together a “list of names” of “state employees within the Kurdistan Region” who stand accused of holding the referendum. It said they will take “legal measures” against them through the office of the public prosecutor.
Asked whether Baghdad will now issue an arrest warrant for Barzani, who called for the vote, Abadi said on Tuesday, “some names were mentioned within that frame… we are awaiting legal procedures in this regard.”


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mohamad ali | 11/10/2017
What and Which Kangaroo court?
parviz | 11/10/2017
If it was op to the regime in Tehran witch dictate such a nonsense desicion to Baghdad, should many kurdish leaders like Masud Barzani be terrorised and eliminated like iranian intelligent terrorists murdered Abdulrahman Ghasemlu, Sadegh Sharafkandi, Sedigh Kamangar, Farzad Kamangar and many others in Roshhalat and in Suleimaniye, but they should take their wishes to their grave, as long as kurdish nation prepare themselves for the worth. Long live kurdish nations unity and struggle, long live international solidarity
We do not recognize your court! | 11/10/2017
Kurdistan does NOT recognize your law or your court!
Peter | 11/10/2017
war is coming there is no doubt in my mind,, Kurds stop fighting ISIS concentrate on whats yours , unless its strategic terrain
Kawe | 11/10/2017
So.. maybe tomorrow the "court" will order killing of all kurds. And therefore they just following the law..hehe... They think they can do anything they want and hide behind decision of their own corrupted court and law. Killing of Saddam was not correct in the Iraqi law.

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