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Baghdad must compensate victims of Saddam’s Anfal campaign: PM Barzani

By Rudaw 13/4/2019
As many as 182,000 Kurds were killed in the Anfal genocide. File photo: Farzin Hassan / Rudaw
As many as 182,000 Kurds were killed in the Anfal genocide. File photo: Farzin Hassan / Rudaw
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Nechirvan Barzani, prime minister of the Kurdistan Region, urged the Iraqi government on Saturday to carry out its “moral” duty and compensate victims of the former-Baathist regime’s Anfal campaign. 

Sunday marks 31 years since the conclusion of the slaughter, which killed more than 182,000 people.

“We are once again after more than 30 years, commemorating the victims and families of the brutal campaign of Anfal, a campaign which did not care about any limits, as what mattered [to them] was the elimination of women, men, children and the elderly. What mattered was the destruction of life in villages, towns and cities in this part of Kurdistan,” Barzani said in a statement Saturday evening.

“The racist policies of the Baath regime towards our nation, in addition to the intimidation, destruction and the imposition of the draconic authority of Iraq, ended the lives of 180,000 people with heavy weapons and deadly gas and chemical bombing from the skies of Kurdistan,” he added. 

The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) deputy leader said the remembrance of Anfal victims is not enough.

“We have to fully assist their families, reconstruct their area and improve their living conditions,” Barzani said.

“This is a moral and historical responsibility” on the part of the Iraqi government to “heal the wound of Anfal and compensate” the family of victims.

Also marking the anniversary on Saturday, the Kurdistan Region’s deputy prime minister, Qubad Talabani, shared an emotional poem on his Instagram account.

“What to recount for you?! How to tell one’s crying, how to write down one’s screaming, how to read juniper” Qubad said of Anfal victims’ final moments.

Ceremonies are held each year on April 14 to mark the anniversary of Anfal.

The Anfal campaign took place over eight phases – beginning in 1986, reaching its peak in 1988, and culminating in the closing weeks of the Iran-Iraq war.

Anfal, the eighth sura in the Quran, was the codename used by the Baathist regime for the slaughter.

The KRG has provided assistance for Anfal survivors and their relatives including tuition fees for studies and housing. 

Erbil has also made efforts to secure global recognition of the Anfal as an act of genocide, and to return the remains of victims from mass graves in Iraq’s southern and central deserts for reburial in the Region.

Anfal ceremonies are scheduled to take place in Garmiyan, which saw some of the worst atrocities of the campaign.

“The KRG has made preparations to mark ceremonies for the remembrance of Anfal... it will be held in Garmiyan and it will be held on a high level as leaders, figures and organizations from all parts of Kurdistan will be there,” Baravan Hamdi, the deputy minister of Martyrs and Anfal Affairs, told Rudaw

Other activities marking the anniversary will take place in Chamchamal, Erbil, Duhok, and Soran, including panels and conferences at local universities.

“It is a national question and every Kurdish individual should know about this history,” Hamdi said. 


Arzi | 14/4/2019
What a dark days of our memories of those days as a survivor and a child at the time I still have nightmares of those days . In Bahdinan Metina Region of Kurdistan Anfal started 28/08/1088. Please Rudaw don’t credit KRG for helping victims of Anfal. The victims of Anfal who happened to be in Iran and came back to Kurdistan after 1991 uprising got housing and financial help but the ones went to Turkey and came back have gotten zero help I hate to say it but because we are neither Barzanis nor Talabanis. Some of our relatives who went Iran and came back got money and housing in Duhok but those of us stayed in Turkey and came back got nothing. Go and ask the people please themselves the real victims
Renas | 14/4/2019
It’s your responsibility to prevent this kind of crimes against your people ”PM” Barzani, it’s your duty as leader, instead of being some kind of maffia in Kurdistan. It’s your duty to replace your militias with an army, it’s your duty to unite intelligent services in Kurdistan. But of course it is more important to send money to banks in Switzerland, isn’t?!!
Jagerxin derashy | 19/4/2019
Hmmmm I’m 39 years and living in UK for 20 years now,I’m still having nightmares of dohuk castel (قلعة دهوك) every time someone mentions anfal that not to mention the torture and beating we suffered at the hands of evil Iraqi army and police in akrey castle and then to bahrkey camp near erbil, son after we had run for our life’s this time to Turkey!! At times I thought only death could stop the sufferings!
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oil covers less than 50& of iranian income. majority comes form drugs smuggling
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