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Kurdish journalist killed in Duhok, evidence of torture

By Rudaw 13/8/2016
Wedat Hussein Ali. Photo: Rojnews.
Wedat Hussein Ali. Photo: Rojnews.

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – A Kurdish journalist with reported ties to the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) was found dead on Saturday in the Kurdistan Region’s city of Duhok.


“Today, Wedat Hussein Ali, our reporter from RojNews News Agency, was kidnapped by some unidentified persons in the Malta neighborhood in Duhok. A few hours later his dead body was found on the Semel-Duhok road,” read an announcement from the news agency.


According to preliminary investigations Ali, 28, was tortured to death, RojNews said.


RojNews has ties with the PKK.


Duhok police confirmed that an investigation is ongoing.


“[Ali] is from Duhok and 28 years old. On the main Duhok-Semel road he was stopped and beaten. He was rushed to the hospital and died later,” Hemin Atroushi, media officer for Duhok Police, told Rudaw.


Atroushi added that “At the morgue, we have started an investigation into the killing of this young man.”


Safety of journalists is a concern in the Kurdistan Region. While attacks on journalists are condemned publicly, the lack of concrete action in the form of protecting and supporting journalists by the authorities means that such attacks continue with impunity, according to the Metro Center, a media rights organization based in the Kurdistan Region and monitoring freedom of the press in the region, in their annual review of 2015.


The Metro Center documented the violations of the rights of 145 journalists in 2015, up from 107 the year before. The violations include beatings, intimidation, arbitrary detention, and murder.


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Muraz Adzhoev | 13/8/2016
This is an absolutely disgusting crime and dirty provocation. Killers of the journalist must be found by all possible and required means within a short period of time.
narmin | 13/8/2016
Let's not jump to conclusions, let the police investigate first. It might be politically motivated, might be something personal, but might also be a provocation by foreign agents trying to ignite a conflict between KDP and PKK, we just don't know yet. Whatever the reason I hope they catch and prosecute those behind it
duroi | 13/8/2016
Cannibalism is the practice of humans eating humans foe self preservation. During the past century, we have seen many instances of "political cannibalism" among Kurds for self preservation of their party. This political cannibalism and hunger for power has brought nothing for Kurds but weakening Kurds and defeat of Kurds and their parties in all corners of Kurdistan. Let's learn from our past mistakes and put an end to these self defeating forms of political self cannibalism.
Lord Reek
Lord Reek | 13/8/2016
without freedom of the press, freedom of speech and freedom of thought, Kurdistan will never be free.
It is the Turkish.government who killed the Kurdish.journalist

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